Friday, January 13, 2012

good intentions

so i have a ridiculous morning story for you. but let me first recap the past 24 hours!!

yesterday i had work, school, some perscription errands, gave some blood-testing samples to the doc, and other things.
then chase reported his mission to the high council! that was amazing!
i realized last night that 2 years ago at 7 pm he got set apart as a missionary. January 12, 2009 at 7 pm. Then on January 12, 2011 he gave his report to the high council! EXACTLY two years later!!! so cool!! it was such a special night! i feel so blessed to be able to share and participate in them with him.

two years ago at this very second..... i was driving from bdale to provo to drop chase off at the mtc with his fam! weird!

anyways. back to last night.......
after the high council meeting, we then had some spectating moments of church ball.
oh man! i think it's a little blasphemous that they allow such ill-feeling basketball games in a dedicated chapel.
in our ward, they have a team where only "old" men can play. literally. chase wasn't allowed to play. it's all 40 year olds to 90 year olds. or whenever you croak! it was hilarious. i've never seen grown men act like such babies!
some highlights: the fact that they had 2 refs (in legit outfits- after how outta hand things got, i wish they had had more refs!!), number 11 constantly yelling at the ref, an angry player kicking the basketball, and dave getting elbowed in the face. good times!
chase has a game saturday night- so that oughta be great to watch him lose his temper for once. hahahaha.

Chase and me watching the game. He is practicing braiding and fancifying my hair. He actually did a pretty good job. The little 9-year-old girl next to us complimented his skills!!! hahaha

I love the Andersons! Every time I see Ciara- we do this. She grabs my phone. Takes 10 pictures of herself and then to not seem so vain, she asks me to be in one or two. hahaha. love this baby cake!! she is such a sincere, hilarious sweeti cookie love!!

ok so my story that inspired me to blog............ i have been very sick lately. blah blah blah. we all know that. i'll give you some deets...... even though i'm warning you- it will be TMI. so i have ulcerative colitis (aka uc aka google it) and lately. aka two days before chase got home i started throwing up. i thought it was nerves because i was about to see his beautiful face after two years! but then it continued. 
so i've chalked it up to be becuase of stress. 
there is only one other time in my life this has happened this way. when? my mission. i had never been happier but never been more stressed. i didn't feel stressed but it was there beating down on me unknowingly..... apparently . just like now. 
i have never been happier but i have never had more on my plate and more future plans to feel the pressure and stress of. the only thing that scares me more than getting married is NOT being married to chase. anyways. i am so happy and excited about the past, present, future. that's clear i hope!! it's all worth it because the mortal body isn't perfect and we're here to find joy in our trials! done! i am very truly happy! 
so i've been throwing up a lot. after i eat, when i haven't eaten at all, four hours after i eat, in the car, in my sleep, in a movie, in the middle of class, etc..... you name it, it has been happening. so there isn't much of a pattern or a reason for it. a couple weeks ago it got worse. i started throwing up blood and then last week.....chunks of my guts! oh great!!! that's just great! that's just my day!
so i went to the doctor. 
they explained it to me in two ways. 
  1. either i have a stomach ulcer that is non-related to my uc. 
  2. or i don't have uc at all and i actually have crohn's. 
oh GREAT!!!!!!!! i'm praying for the first reason. just a stomach ulcer from stress. so anyways.the doctors gave me some MORE medicine. thank you- i was feeling a little un-diagnosed!
and i took some of the medicine for the first time this morning..... this is where the real story begins!!!!  i took it at 630 AM (on an empty stomach an hour before i eat- which is what the bottle said to do) and then at 730 AM i ate a piece of an apple and drove to work.
well.............. i'm driving to work and i was feeling nauseaus before but once the apple hit my stomach- i thought i might die!
i pulled over. if you saw a cute girl looking fine in an adorable suzuki.... puking her guts out on Geneva Rd............ that was me. it was bad. it was horrifying. it was one of the worst vomit-sesh times i had ever had.
well of course it makes sense then that at that exact moment a lovely looking fella about my age pulls up to me on his bicycle. (dear fella..... if you're reading this. thank you. but unnecessary!)
i am sitting on the edge of my car. holding my hair. and throwing up everything that used to be apart of my stomach...... at 7:45 AM
"Hey are you ok?"
I just look up at him with my head down still spewing.
"Can I take you somewhere?" only in provo would i assume he was being serious and not intending to throw my body into a river.
i just thought to myself .... what on your bike? you don't even have a basket for me to fit in!! then i guess he read my mind because he said....
"Like I could drive you somewhere. wherever you need to go" ope!!!! here are my keys, buddy! good thinkin'!!!!
Um......i still don't answer but just shake my head becuase MIND YOU my throat is still releasing my insides. what is he expecting me to do? talk as i'm puking?
then he says "Well maybe i could get your number to make sure you make it home okay?" he is a persistent good samaritan!!!
hahahahahahahahhahahahaha is he trying to pick me up when i'm in this state? does he thinks its normal to ask that question at a moment like this???
finally a few seconds later i use all my energy to close up my throat and control my guts. i look at him, wipe my mouth, step back (my breath was rank i'm sure), and say "thank you so much. it was really nice of you to see if i was okay. i'm okay though. really. thanks. have a good day"
and i drive away. quickly.
i made it to work only a few minutes late. and went on with my day.
hahahahahahahahahahhaha what the???? oh provo. oh my life. classic!

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