Friday, January 20, 2012

he needs me

today was going to be amazing going to a live sesh at the salt lake temple. chase and i drive all the way down there..... the temple is closed! crap! i really wanted to do a live sesh this week! and i was already stressed about how much gas money i'm spending these days. prideful!! oh my slc temple. i feel so bonded with you! xoxoxoxoi was in a sad mood. but then changed my attitude and we went to a sesh at the draper temple! it was beautiful! i am excited to go to a live sesh once the slc temple opens back up!!! oh yes siree! today was just a good day. chill. productive. full of beauty!

life is good!!! this is such a good life! ugh chase is whining- i better go give him some attention. boy, i love that boy!

oh dang. today is my dad's birthday! i didn't forget but i was going to write a whole blogpost about just his amazingness..... but i can't right now becuase chase is literally being so annoying singing this: "i'm all alone. no one is here to console me. you'd rather blog than hold my hand. and tell me everything is going to be okay. i'm gonna sleep alone. i'm gonna wake alone. i'm gonna cry all day alone." hahahahahahahah i'm literally typing this as he's singing. he has no idea. " i'm gonna feel alone and be alone while i'm alone. because they like the blog. the blog is the devil. while we go down to the river to blog. da da da da that good ole blog. and all night blog. i tell my stories to my blog. but don't worry about chase. he's all alone. he's alone and i'll blog. chase is alone. he's all alone. but it's okay cuz i'm blogging. i'm not even listening to chase's song because my fingers are blogging. my blog is so great. i think i wanna marry it. i hope the blog puts a ring on my finger. blog blog blog. i'm a big fat blog. i like to talk about marissa's blog. i have a hundred followers and they all are creepers because they follow my blog. people love my blog because i talk bad about chase and because he sits there all alone. my fingers type on my blog. blog blog. i'm dreaming of a time when i'm not alone. when marissa doesn't need to blog. this time will be so amazing because someone will love me instead of an internet program called a blog......" hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah you see what i mean. i cannot breathe!!! this whole song has been switching to different popular toons! hahahahahahahahahahahhaha. gotta go.

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Kelly said...

hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha please tell me you showed him this.