Monday, January 2, 2012

homecoming talk

yesterday was such a beautiful day!! it was chase's homecoming talk and party! he did so well!!! i've never heard the three little pigs story told so spiritually!!! his testimony is so strong and i felt so grateful for all the love and eye contact from that man!!!!
i didn't take enough pictures will all the people there. 
sidenote: it was nice to spend the weekend with annie!!   
my friends and i always take turns being third wheels. we've mastered it!
my stone cold chase!!! 
he said if i was this tall he'd love it ;) legs to the sky!
ha psych- he said he'd never have given me a chance. i'd have to be 7'4" to be this much taller than him! 

fun time of food, ping pong, games, and socializing afterwards!! and of course an anderson gathering wouldn't be complete without a byu vs utah argument/scuffle!!
thanks for all those that came and all those that have supported team chase and me for so long!! we love you!! ha "we".... he has no idea i'm even writing this. so i better just say i love you :)
i can't believe school starts wednesday!!! what a blurry joy of a christmas break!!! best christmas ever! 
some christmas miracles:
  1. chase home
  2. chase enrolled at byu
  3. the birth of christ
  4. so many reunions with beautiful people
  5. warm winter- i did wish i had a sledding op though
  6. chase home
  7. a feeling of family even though i missed my family

hope you have a great 2012!!! i loved my new year's kiss with this babe!!

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Michelle said...

WooHoo!! He must REALLY love you to enroll in BYU!! I'm so happy to see you so happy!