Sunday, January 8, 2012

a lot of life

umm..... why? only in provo. that's all. just starting off the post with a befuddled stupor!

so this weekend had it all! laughter. craziness. tears. happiness. spiritual feasts. etc. 
let's break it down!
friday was a busy day! like every day. i have mastered the ways of micromanaging and effectively using every second of every day. i have to. with a job, school, a boyfriend, and other things to succeed at.
friday, chase got to meet one of my very best friends. amanda wilder!! from good ole kentuckiana was in town. that was great! lunch date!
then later that day i picked up chase from work and we went to a wedding expo. well, chase accidentally kept chad's keys in his pocket so once we were at the point of the mountain, chad calls chase and we're miles away now! so chase dropped me off at lauryn's and turned around to give chad his keys. lauryn and i enjoyed the expo together and yet i felt overwhelmed. i felt like i was back in asia at a shopping market where people are haggling, hustling, and shouting at your to come to their booth! i have no preference!! i was only there to check out the photobooth/guest book idea and scope out some videographers. you see my priorities!! chase showed up a little later and it was amazing! it was weird to hear someone say "who's the bride?"
waoh! i'll be a bride this year. i can't imagine me looking serious or poised enough to be in a wedding gown. hahaha. but i am excited to become mrs. anderson.
it's an incredible feeling. i had some nerves when i poured my soul out to God and really pleaded for him to let me know if Chase and I were right for each other. I was afraid I would get a no! but i got a yes :) i've gotten it a lot! while chase was gone, i always had a feeling from the Holy Spirit that i should support him, love him, and write him. but when we were actually reunited in person- that's when the real spiritual confirmations occured!! i am truly nauseatingly happy (no literally- i've been throwing up a lot lately- i'll be going to a doctor sometime soon!)
yes yes. nice jawline! my own channing tatum!
outside the salt palace after the expo. don't i have one good-lookin fella! ps thanks laur for capturing this sweetness! 
hahaha on the way back to the car. we got locked out of the normal entrance to the parking garage. so we frightenly walked down (aka ran down) the car ramp and almost got hit.... twice. hahaha 
chase: "oh this is way safer than anything in brazil!" 
lauryn was freaking out. and i was turning my back against traffice snapping pics! we are a wonderful crowd!

so after the wedding expo (ps thanks julie for getting me in for free!) we went to to sis lj's reception! ali and bri!!! congratulations!!! i was so happy to introduce chase as my boyfriend to my beautiful trainer!!! its nice to prove to people that he actually exists!

then we went to kelly and lance's. watched inception. aka i fell asleep and fell in the cracks of the cushion. i hate that couch!
they were nice enough to let chase crash there since it was lance's 30 bday bash the next day!!!

also, chase and i have made a goal to go to the temple every week. and his stake president encouraged us to do every ceremony and partake of every ordinance in the temple. so saturday morning, we went to the provo temple and did sealings! it was one of the most incredible mornings. when the sealer announced that we are saviors upon mt. zion when we help others in the temple- that was a special moment! there were so many special moments! it was my second time doing sealings (first time with my dad.) and i have a strong testimony and love for the sealing power!

then....... like i said- LANCE'S 30TH BDAY SHINDIG!!! i really need some sleep. so i'm going to literally copy and paste kelly's post about it (because i'm printing this off in a book and i want it in my records and i'm lazy and it gives you an opportunity to see more of my little goddaughter) so credit to kelly. and if it's in weird third person or in kelly-person. hence!

Time to celebrate!

It's Lance's birthday week! And not just any birthday. He's turning 30 on Tuesday. Wow. I married an old man! Just kidding. It's a good thing I'm so mature for my age :). Anyway, to kick off the birthday celebrations, we went snow tubing yesterday with a bunch of our friends. I love snow tubing; it's one of my favorite winter activities. (So much better than sledding because you get pulled up the hill!). Last year we couldn't go because I was pregnant. But this year my newly RM friend Annie was willing to babysit so we could go!
We were joined by...

Marissa and Chase

Christine and Ken
and Becca and AJ

Going up the "lift"

Action shot! Chase, Marissa, me, and one of the workers. 

When we got home, we had cupcakes and hot chocolate.
See how Reagan is acting totally uninterested? Don't be fooled. When Lance leaned forward to blow out the candles, she grabbed one of the cupcakes.
Lance immediately took it away, but then she stuffed her frosting-covered fist in her mouth before we could wipe it off! Well played, Reagan. Well played.

In other news, Reagan utilized several of her new Christmas presents today. First, her ducky bath:
She loves being able to sit up like a big girl! 

And second her new dress and cowboy boots!
This outfit lasted about 3 minutes. We didn't even make it out the door before she spit up peas on the dress and pulled off the boots to chew on. Silly girl.

ok!!! back to me. this is marissa. ps yes i did wear an awesome hunting one-piece suit!! thanks, lance! i was toasty warm!
another pic of some of us playing games!! and kelly nursing in the corner! lovely!
so ready to tube! reagan was frightened by my get-up! if only they were overalls- chase woulda been in heaven!
yes! finally i am part of a couple, too!
it's so good to have annie back! xoxoxoxo
after the temple! chase is so good with his little goddaughter! kelly officially asked chase to be reagan's godfather!!!
aka don't say that i said anything but chase is baby hungry! it's frightening. i love little kids a lot. prolly more than the average 22 year old. but i don't love the idea of having a kid within the next two years. maybe even three. hahahahah. he is quite eager!!! easy tiger!

so after the bday party- all saturday night- i did homework!!! i finished (well finished working on it. didn't finish all that i had assigned) at around 9. 
chase was tired and just wanted to go to bed. that was early for me but we had a full day and i was tired, too. so we were going to sleep when disaster striked. it wasn't that disastrous..... but it was too me. i won't go into detail. but basically- i got my feelings hurt. chase didn't realize the severity. he goes right to sleep and is knocked out. and i'm left alone..... to pout. i'm quite good at that. many people can attest to that. i tried to fall asleep. i couldn't. 
so i decided i'd go for a drive. i drove to the oquirrh mountain temple and just looked out at the city lights. on the drive there, i just started balling! i ended up calling my mother like a baby child and just got some clarity! you see, things are great between chase and i! they are literally just how i want them to be. better than i ever dreamed! BUT that doesn't mean two years of baggage doesn't linger over us. or that our communication skills are off since we've just written letters for the past two years that took weeks or got lost all together. or that i am the perfect girlfriend. or that he is the perfect boyfriend. or that there is a lot of adjusting from going to single to all of a sudden someone's everything. or from going to having all these people to talk to to now it's really only appropriate to talk to chase and keep some things just between us. 
but it was a really spiritual night for me. as i'm up on that hill, i reflected on the whole day. especially the sealings that very morning in that holy house of God. well i got perspective, softened my heart, and drove back. i had left my waterbottle in lauryn's car during the expo so i went to get it. [i am creepily attached to my water bottle. you could prolly go back to many posts and see it lurking in every pic. it's good for my uc and good for anyone's health to drink lots and lots of water.] 
anyways.....ended up staying and laughing my head off with lauryn and dallin for hours! THEN i went back home (aka to chase's). i felt better. and i fell right to sleep!
then this morning, chase and i went to my mission president's farewell talk at the temple square sacrament church meeting at 7:30 am! oh boy it was cold! 14 degrees! zoo wee mamma! it was, again, another great opportunity to introduce chase to so many of my beloved sisters, friends, and President and Sister Holmes. the spirit was so strong. pres and sis holmes served three amazing years at tsquare!!! and i was so grateful for my own opportunity to be called to temple square and serve with such love and happiness! 
on the way home- i told chase all that had happened the night before while he was peacefully in a deep slumber (men! they are so simple. i'm a little jealous.) 
and we had it out. it was ugly. i looked ugly. it took a while.....but it turned out beautifully! stronger. happier. better!!! 
i'm not trying to share too many personal secrets or make chase and i look bad- i'm just sharing it because it's life. and even though it's not always pretty- it can be happy!!! it shows that relationships are real. real challenging. real happy. real beautiful!! i hope we can all do better at our own relationships and help the world believe in the principle of love lasting and relationships enduring and enjoying forever!!!
then went to another block of church (aka my records are at chase's home ward now. that's exciting. i really am a fan of family wards) and just had a great sabbath!!! 
watched The Other Side of Heaven (way to go Disney and Anne Hathaway to just be lovin' on a mormon story!) and now i'm here. back in ptown! exhausted! should be sleeping! and writing the longest blog post you've ever seen! 
well once i found out this could be made into a book by simply paying this website $50 and giving them your blog url..... well i'm more dedicated to blogging because it's literally going to be my hardbound blog/scrapbook/journal/heritage!!!
i am so grateful for so many things! mainly all that i'm learning, all that i know, and all i that i have! I have a strong love for God, a strong sense of why I am here and what will make me truly happy, a great man who loves me and will take me to the temple, many families and friends that have changed my heart and blessed my life, a lot of education under my belt and more ahead, and a strong passion to share all this happiness with all those i see!!!
well to start and leave you, i believe it's best to leave you with another couple of disturbing photos that cause a little discomfort! don't judge- it's not good for your complexion!!! 
i love ciara-chase-bryton moments. unfortunately bryton was mia but we captured these beauties!!! 
good night!! come again!


Lauryn said...

After you left Dallin says, "Wow. Marissa is truly hilarious." You made our night.

Still scared of walking in the Downtown exit parking tunnel.

Mary said...

I can't get enough of your stories and experiences. I really miss you! Will you please come see me & the baby when he decides to show his precious face? Also, I realllly want to meet the love of your life. You are so real and I just love that about you!