Sunday, January 29, 2012

new passion: BMX and ghost hunting!

So this weekend has been great!
I didn't get as much homework done as I'd like but I got enough done to consider myself a good student. And i have planned a great week to execute the rest!
It's already 10:30 pm and I need to sleep! So let me just quickly recap :) pictures and videos tell the story the best anyways!!!
Friday night, chase and i spent time with laur, dall, and nick! we stayed up till 1:30! laughing, talking, playing, watching tron! it was much needed! my life is starting to feel like one complete fitted happy life! 
one big happy family! us all are about to be sealed soon! weird!!

so i'm not used to staying up so late...... so i got some nice sleepy sleep sleeping in time saturday and then it was straight to homework and other pressing matters. after most of my to-do list was done..... i found myself partaking on this adventure.
sorry the video is sideways!
ps i'm sooooooooooooooo impressed, shocked, and elated that chase actually assisted me and taught me how to become a BMX lover! he's so overprotective with my safety sometimes!!! but this lovely afternoon- i got to be adventurous!!! i caught on pretty quick.... if i do say so myself! i had a lot more victorious runs than disastrous runs- but i opted to show the funny, more precarious moments!!! (ps on the second try... i did take off but there was one problem.... chase didn't tell me how to stop. so chase forgets the video and chases me down the street FREAKING OUT and shouting instructions at me on how to stop!! hahaha too bad he didn't get the whole thing on video. as you can see- he didn't care about videoing and just took off after me!!!!!
then later that night (to say thank you for our brian reagan outing and all they do for us- chase and i [with the help of chad, kina, bryton, ty ty, etc]) planned a beautiful romantic evening for dave and julie! fondue dinner! a delicious sauce with chicken, steak, and shrimp! and for desert- chocolate fondue with apple, banana, rice krispie, and donut slices!!! chase and i were doting waiters. complete with refills, music, picture-service, valet, candles, etc!!! 
after they were done chase and i got to partake of the left overs and left over romantic ambiance! it was such a success!!!
then we left the lovebirds alone for the night and took the kids out with us!!!
all is well and beautiful in the world!!!
so to leave them in peace..... we were off to our next adventure for this pack-full saturday! we took bryton, ciara, and nathan to the haunted old abandoned insane asylum in the outskirts of tooele. no one knows about it. pretty sure it's trespassing. and its absolutely terrifying! i was afraid the andersons (who are hard to scare and freak out) wouldn't be scared but they were absolutely freaked out of their minds!!! oh man!!!!! it's hard to explain how absolutely mortifying this place is!!! but if you're into that stuff and ever in town- i'll host you on this adventure, too. oh man!!! we are walking through this abandoned building with broken windows, glass everywhere, furnaces that want to eat you, every shadow that looks like a ghost, and etc.... i am BEGGING to leave and chase just tells me to hold on to him and close my eyes. i do that for about 10 minutes (eyes shut tight and just crunching on broken glass) and finally i can't take it anymore! i beg him to take me back to the car. then VERY unselfishly, i say that if ciara stays in the car with me with the doors locked, the boys can go back in for TEN MINUTES max and then i'm driving away with or without them. do you know how terrifying it is to sit in a car alone in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere!! man that was nice of me!! so we sit there and try to think of happy thoughts! the boys go back and get some more chills!!  almost poop there pants. come running back to the car (which was terrifying to see in the rear view) and we drive away almost crying from horror!!! 
hahaha what a successful night! chase loves being scared! halloween is his favorite holiday- yeah sorry jesus holidays and birthday- you can't compete with halloween with chase! and he even loves walking outside at 3 in the morning alone just to get that prickly feeling up his neck! yep, i'm in love with a disturbed weirdo!!! but he's my disturbed weirdo :) hahahah nonetheless- i was proud that i held true to my word that this place would be absolutely worth it to drive out there!! and that even CHASE would feel eerie, frightened, and spooked out!!!! i don't disappoint :)

ah what a beautiful saturday!!! now to today!
after church, chase and i were discussing how amazing ward conference was! then ciara came into to chat with us! sometimes as we chat with people, we start kissing..... ciara captured the moment. that's nice.

then for the rest of the day!!! as we worshipped and kept christ in our hearts all day! like we do every day :)...... we also found the time to watch two movies, took some food and bathroom breaks, but really just cranked out this HUGE project as we watched movies.......
it's such a huge task organizing all my letters but it's joyful! i'm quite the writer and two years can really pile up oodles and oodles of letter!!s
i kept chase's letters organized throughout the two years BUT missionaries cannot keep massive binders all in order with all the other priorities they have and boys are not quite as organized and the same kind of planners that girls can be! hey, at least chase kept all my letters safe! 

oh what a great weekend!!! now onto my intense week!!! i'll be begging for the weekend this week but it will be great!!! never had such challenges with focusing on school- it's hard when school isn't your first priority ;)
i'm grateful for my education and my personal life and my work and all things God has provided!!!! 
one great thing about Chase being home..... I can call him or text him or see him whenever I want! Chase sent me these two pic messages this week!!! Oh how beautiful to have an unconditional, fulfilling, thrilling, amazing love!!!!!


taryn said...

hahahah is that the haunted place you want to take me to? yeah right! looks like my point is proven!

Kelly said...

the hospital was mortifying?