Wednesday, January 4, 2012

some reagan time!

i love babysitting reagan. i love it. in fact, it's lance's bday party this weekend (the big 30!!!!) and i am so tempted to stay with reagan while everyone else goes out to party!! she is sooo adorable!!!
today i had the surprising pleasure of babysitting. i was chatting mc chat chatting with kelly and she got a call! lance had a flat. needed more equipment and kelly was off to save the day! that left me and little reagan alone to bond!
she first enjoyed herself on her jumping swing.
then she showed off her skills of psyching me out to crawl. she is so close!!!
i went over to kelly's after a nice-needed nap!! reagan was napping, too :) she's a beautiful pea in my pod!
sleepy heads!!
ps cutest pants ever!
will she crawl??? so close!
nope too exhausted!!
take a break! you deserve it!

ps funny how all my pics are with reagan now. kelly has been replaced in her own house!

work went well today! a lot to do after three weeks of piling up from vacay! worth it! i love my job!
class went well, too. i know some rm's in my french class! that should help! i think i can handle it! i know i can get a good grade....but will i absorb all i need to? that's the question!!
it was a fun surprise to see chase on campus when i got outta class! walked over to dave's office and got to kiss chase! i used to gripe and moan at all the couple-action at byu. ope i stand corrected! nothing better than walking hand-in-hand with chase on byu campus!! it feels perfect! he has a hard time trying to embrace byu but i LOVE embracing him at byu :)
we came to my house, i made us lunch (i can be domestic! he was impressed i'm sure!), and we watched The First 48. I knew he'd love it! He loves creepy, chill-filled, eerie, freaky shows!!!
I drove him to class, missed him badly, then napped!!! Oh what a beautiful day!
ps if you have instagram you should follow me- i'm not very good at it yet but i'm trying!

oh how i love this boy!! laughter constantly when we're together!!!

so we have this broken, ghetto vespa outside our house- it's been there for a couple years apparently. chase's grand idea is to fix it up. i'm skeptical. he's motivated. we'll see. hahahaha.


Kelly said...

you are a good friend to babysit my little booger with no warning

taryn said...

that vespa will be mine if he does fix it!!!!