Thursday, January 26, 2012

white-field provo

this week. it was a bad week. a bad one. i don't wanna recap it because i don't really wanna remember it. it's resolved for now and i'm moving forward! i don't wanna turn into a pillar of salt!

so this week was bad. but this evening was amazing.
why? i went out with the sister missionaries. yeah, i was excited to see what being a provo sister missionary would be like, too!! and let me just say- it was awesome. it's already dear to my heart! and it's going to become a habit to tract with them, go on splits with them, and serve those beautiful provo sisters!!!

so many people to visit. so much progress. so much work to be done! there is so much work right outside my front door!

it motivates me to be a better missionary every day even in PROVO!!! (and not just for people in the temple!) but for people kickin' it right here in utah with their hearts still beatin'!!!

so i picked up sis quennily (we went on splits) and we went to our first appointment. to elliot's apartment. he's been investigating for a while. i was excited to hear what the Spirit would have us say. As we're driving, sis q is telling me some about him..... wait what?? where is he from? SINGAPORE!? you gotta be kidding me! what are the odds. what an IN!!
so that was cool. i told him about some of my LDS singaporean friends at byu (he's met them all a couple times but he seems pretty shy so it didn't blossom into much of a friendship. i'll fix that! i know just the guy to bring elliot under his wing!!) and it might be good for elliot to have a singaporean sit in and help answer some of his q's too. the conversation was going pretty good.... but there was a spirit there. a spirit i was very familiar with.... esp because of temple square. the "anti" spirit. unfortunately elliot has been learning A LOT about mormons from non-mormons. not the best idea. but we won't give up. we might have to have the faith to drop. but i know he is here AT BYU OF ALL PLACES for a reason. he is a bright young man! and he'll def be in my prayers tonight!

then we went to the next appointment..... idona! where is he from? haiti?! what does he speak? FRENCH and creole!!! i got to use my French and it was just another amazing experience. fortunately, this one had the right spirit- the POWERFUL Holy Spirit!!!! Idona is getting baptized this Saturday evening!! I'm invited- I don't think I can go but I fully support it. It was amazing being a part of his journey even just for one night! His testimony is strong! He has such support from the ward already (ward missionary is a RM from West Indies French speaking!) His neighbor Coleman served in Haiti. His brother got baptized last year! It's just a great support group! And i loved hearing creole- I could understand it! maybe that's what portuguese speakers feel like when they hear spanish!!

i loved utilizing my french, my experiences in singapore, and my testimony of the gospel tonight! the field is white and already for harvesting! even in provo!!!

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