Monday, February 20, 2012

back home

Six hours later and back in Utah! Which is apparantely my official home. I mean let's look at the facts. Where do I go to school? Where am I getting married? Where will I start my newlywed life? Where do most of my family live? Where did I serve my mission? yep that proves it. 
But I'm accepting that fact.
I wanted to blog a lot right now but..... my fiancé is convinced I love my blog more than him. He makes references to it a thousand times a day. So to prove my love. i will cut this short and leave you with these pictures.
having some fun at the park!
getting all our energy out before being trapped in a car forever!
one last pit stop before we head home.
hilarious that some ppl actually took this seriously on fbook.
I really feel oh so blessed!! I could fly from so much uplifting love!! bahahah. i'm serious.


Kelly said...

remember when i called you?

srichards said...

York's parents, the day before her missionary farewell, eloped to a little vegas chapel and got married. She honestly thought she was going to come back and still go on her mission.