Sunday, February 26, 2012

check list!

i feel like you could cut the stress in my life with a knife!!! but it's okay! it's great!
some unstressful things this week- two trips to zupas :) once with jess and once with laur and kell!!! also survivor parties are back on at my house wednesday nights if you're down- come on over :)
so this week i have gotten a lot checked off my check list for the wedding! and let me tell you- it's pages long! so it's nice to see things get a dash typed through (i'm glad computers have that app. is app the right word? psh idk. idc)
what has been checked off up to now? how much mula has been spent? i shall only reveal the first question.
wedding shoes
underclothing for dress
wedding DRESS!!!!
reception venue
temple sealing time and date
chase's wedding band
music sound track!!!!

this week on my list of to-do's is
register for wedding
bridesmaid outfits
sign for our NEW apartment that we found :)!!
sell my old ap't contract
get nephew and nieces outfits
book honeymoon cruise
officialize texas openhouse

oh i'm feeling more in control and on my way to just enjoying the engagement rather than planning planning planning a wedding.
2.5-month engagement has its pros and cons :) way more pros though. lookin forward to being Marissa Anderson.
this isn't the dress i picked. this isn't even the store i got my dress from!! but it captures the experience and laur is so crafty and awesome to make it look at mysterious and blurry!!! oh my heavens i love the dress!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! makes me even more excited for may 3rd :)
so i had a great saturday. as you can see!!!! chase and i wrapped up our FULL day of studying, homework, and midterm preparations at around 7 pm. 
headed to the mall and did some bridesmaid shopping. i found the PERFECT outfit. oh man i tried it on and was in love!!! however, eleven bridesmaids is gonna be harder than i thought. there were only 6 skirt bottoms in the whole state!! i will have to go for the on-line method. but i see such a vision now and i cannot wait!! 
then chase was going to stab himself in the eye so we just made two more store stops and i found my wedding shoes and purchased those beauties! i was gonna post them but i think less pictures shown is for the best!!! you'll just have to come May 3 and look rockin' yourself and party with us!!!!

well i'm all ready for church! we're watching breaking dawn (chase's first viewing- he's loving it!)  
well, you know how he feels about me blogging when he's near me to cuddle. hahaha so i better scurry off! later gators!!!

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