Sunday, February 12, 2012

Engaged! February 11th!

There is nothing more to really say but then again..... be prepared. for the longest post of your life!!!

Let's clear a few things up!
1. Chase David Anderson is amazing. Period. He is incredible!
2. No girls should have this upcoming story as their expectation. I didn't.
3. Julie Anderson is a craft genius and loves me and Chase. She made two visions come together.
4. Dave Anderson is one man!
5. This is in no way to boast. But just to share with all those I love! Chase outshines any of my wildest dreams!

Here we go :)

Tonight was definitely one of THOSE moments of my life. It's hard to say if it was the best because that airport day of him returning was quite amazing, too.
So this evening, we went to meet Cody (Chase's cousin) and some people to go sledding down in Payson. We went to Salem High School parking lot- Chase sped like a crazy demon to get there by 7 pm.
I was thinking "Chase chase chase!!!!.... Cody will understand if we are a few minutes late....." hahahahah. So we get there and call Cody. Cody says his girl has to take her mom somewhere and he's gonna be there in 45 minutes. Well I thought that was a bit odd and rude considering Chase and I drove an hour to get there and Cody lives up the road.... did he not know beforehand and couldn't give us a heads up? But I'm not too high maintenance. I was just starving so I told Chase I couldn't wait 45 minutes to eat. He normally takes me to get food immediately when I whine like this because I throw up if I go too long without eating. Well.... he acted like he didn't even hear me. humph!!
He said "oh remember that lake we went to the second day i was home after we went to my grandpa's grave. we took a bunch of pics with the lights and on that bridge."
and i said yes! i was excited to go see that place again- so i forgot about food for a second. it's all mental anyways. It was beautiful there and a beautiful memory.
so we get a little lost driving to the lake but Chase ends up parking and we start walking through someone's yard. i thought that was a little odd but I HAVE NO CLUE at this point because Julie and Chase (now I know on purpose) have been letting me overhear and even my cousin overhear about proposing next weekend when we're going to visit Chase's brother, sis-in-law, and nephew in vegas. so that's why i got my hair did today and scheduled to get my nails done next wednesday before we left for vegas. i was convinced i was so sneaky and on to him! it was going to be in vegas!!!! hahahahaha classic girl!!! well anyways. back to the story.
So Chase and I are walking around the lake and I see a paddle boat tied up.
I point and say "during the summer we should rent one and paddle out."
he said "let's just take this one now."
and i reply "no chase! i'm freezing. and i'm not going to jail like in gilmore girls."
he continues to argue with me. "chase, we are over 18! we can't act like kids. i'm not going ot jail tonight! do you wanna spend this night in jail?"
he says we do adventurous stuff like this all the time. he tries to literally pick me up and put me in. i flee. he promises me we won't get in trouble. i tell him to stop making promises he can't guarantee.
then after 10 minutes of this bickering and debating he just says "marissa, i planned this."
and i say "oh now you're going so far as to say you planned this just to get me to take this boat on a joy ride!"
and he said "no i really did."
i heard his tone. i saw his face! LIGHT BULB!!! i say "you promise you planned this?"
he said "yes!"
that means something- when chase says he promises.
i start thinking like such a girl........ i didn't do my hair. i didn't do my make up. i'm wearing forty layers! i thought we were going sledding! i didn't prepare for this. what had we been talking about down here? i spent the whole car ride showing him songs by kellie pickler, taylor swift, etc. that had to do with their personal relationships! hahaha. we talked about how if i die first i want him to remember me in the sunshine and when rain is on his face. and if he dies first he wants me to remember him when i hear a joke or have my toes in the sand. hahahahah what?? just seconds before we pulled up to the lake, i said "the lake would be such a great place to propose" even though i knew it was going to be in vegas!!!!!!! what was happening? i didn't see this coming!
i asked "are we still meeting up with cody later?"
he says "nope. get in"
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it hit me! but i tried to remain cool, calm, and collected. but i couldn't really contain myself completely. (wow "c" alliteration!)
and i jumped up and down and jumped on him. he helped me in the boat and we started peddling!!! ahhhhhhhhh. so he pulls out ciara's itouch and starts playing "kiss the girl" from little mermaid. oh man!!! he's going all out- i thought! we kiss here and there as we paddle out to the middle of the lake. he reassures me there are no creatures in this water that could attack me when i start getting paranoid. this isn't texas full of gators. when we get to the middle of the lake- he opens this hatch! inside was a professional lantern- like from tangled!!! he opens it up and i grab the torch lighter thing. i try to light it! chase is now playing the tangled song on the itouch!! it was super windy. i couldn't get it lit. so chase told me to hold it and he'd try to light it. he hands the lantern over and i'm holding it open when RIPPPPPPPPPPP yes..... the tissue paper ripped off because the wind was howling ferociously. there goes the lantern into the lake with me holding the wire and wick still.......... any other time i might get emotional about it but i knew this was my engagement night! so i wouldn't get upset! so we just start cracking up. like big bellowing laughs!! then i made some snide comment about how we are just like ben and his dates on the bachelor because "we can have a good time and show each other that we can get through the trials."  hahahaha. oh that show!! it was a good moment!!! then chase tells me to start paddling to the light (aka candles in a bag and a flashlight like a beacon) on the other side of the lake. we start paddling fast and get there in a half second!!
he helps me out of the boat, ties it up to the post, and i see the most beautiful set-up in front of me!
it was a gazebo with a fireplace, a table for two, and many tables set around and decorated!!! there was a picture frame of us. a table of fondue and desserts to dip. a table with a beauty and the beast globe/rose in it. a single red rose. a bucket of fortune cookies. and other decorative beauties!!
he pulls out my chair for me, we sit, and start munching on dessert. i could hardly eat from excitement and the fact that my stomach was churning from serious meal hunger!!! it was absolutely perfect. he still gives me butterflies. so we eat here and there. chat a bit. the itouch is still playing princess songs. he tries to open the bottle of sparkling cider. it's impossible. i finally suggest he bang the top part of the bottle against the brick and it's okay if it's broken a bit. he does...... it didn't just break a bit........ it shattered. cuts his hand. gets glass in his finger. but the bottle was barely enough in tact to have a drink each! it was delicious! these little moments of laughter and fondness made the night that much better!!! the night was so perfect! it had it all! romance, suspense, jokes, seriousness, playfulness, spiritual confirmation, friendship, kissing, and everything I could ever ask for in an engagement!
we start roasting marshmallows by the fire. then we start slow dancing!! after a little bit of that and some smooching, he says "you need to sit hear now, please." i sit down! he puts his hand on my knees and gets on one knee. i slip off my wooden ring that i wear on my middle finger on my left hand (i needed it to be totally free and perfect). he reaches into his pocket!! he says something like this "marissa, last night i was up all night thinking of the perfect thing to say to you. I want to portray perfectly how perfectly I am in love with you. I love you with all my heart. I will always take care of you and protect you. Just like all the songs and examples of tonight, you are my princess. I will treat you like the princess that you are, every single day. I love you.
Marissa Jean Schroedter, will you marry me?"
I pause. I remember to breathe. I smile from ear to ear!
I say "Yes." I throw my arms around him, kiss him, and tell him "I love you." it was absolutely magical. it felt like we were the only ones in the surrounding area (we practically were because Salem is a small town and it was the middle of February)! But the weather was perfect, the fire was warming, the love was strong, and the engagement was official!!
it wasn't the best lighting to get the best look at my ring so we walk over to a light post and i fall in love with my ring!!! i then tell chase i am so impressed he picked the ring out all by himself and how i'm totally in love with it. also that it's the SAME ring as my mother except hers is gold and mine is white gold. he had NO idea!! that's a great coincidence to me! i love my ring! i love that he picked it out! i love that it reminds me of my mother! i want a happy, forever marriage just like her and to be married to an amazing man just lik her :)
We then sat back down and he pulls out a bottle. It has paper in it. He pulls out a piece of paper for me and a piece of paper for himself. He says "on our five year anniversary we'll come back here and dig up this time capsule. write me a letter. tell me everything you are feeling tonight." so i do!! i can't wait to go back and dig that up!! we roll up the paper. tie it tight with plastic rings and ribbon. seal the bottle up..... chase can't find the shovel. we look everywhere. so we improvised. we found a stick and started digging. we buried it sans shovel!
then we get back to the table and he pulls out a bucket. it has about 30 fortune cookies in it. he tells me to open one. i do. it says "i love you marissa schroedter" and then he tells me to open them all ( i didn't eat them. just opened them and saved the cookie) and they all said the sweetest, most personal messages!
we take a few pictures of the ambiance.
my phone had 8% battery in the car ride down so i just left it in the car cuz i thought we were taking a short, brisk walk! because i figured "eh we're just going sledding with chase's cousins. i don't need my phone and i forgot to charge it anyways!" I NEVER DO THAT! it's actually still dead right now in the car as i'm blogging. i probably should go get that! but if you know me at all it's SOOOO not like me to have no phone and have it be dead.
but it was actually kind of nice. it really was just chase and i!
and his phone took a few pics!!!
and as we're leaving i notice the single red rose. he remembers. he picks it up.
he gives me a serious look and asks "marissa, will you accept this rose?"
and i say "of course i will." as i give him a simple peck and back-pat! hahahaahhhaha classic
then his car MAGICALLY appeared on the other side of the lake where we had our fireplace beautifulness! we walk to the car and he says he has one more stop!
we go to dinner in provo at a delicious restaurant on center street called Little Italie. He had reservations. our table had candles, flowers, and another bottle of delicious sparklingness. We got stares from other customers at why our table was so fancy but I loved every second. We ordered the gnocci. Split it and the starter salad and loved every bite. It was so delicious! I'd recommend it. The service was great and the food hit the spot! I didn't know they all knew we had just got engaged but when we walked out they all gave us a "congratulations."
I cannot utter to you how amazing tonight was! I'm still in shock! I was in shock from the moment it clicked that the boat was for me!!!!
I really truly do feel like chase's princess and I am so excited to start yet another chapter with Chase!!! It took that boy 1.5 months! He is impressive! As one of his fav companion RMs said on the phone tonight "you sure fulfilled that commandment!" hahahahahahahah. what a blessing!!
So after our alone time was officially over I proceeded to make calls and text! His family were all in on it and in my family only my dad really knew. I called my mother first! obviously! then other calls after that! I stopped by and harassed kelly until she answered the door! then i got a returned call from lauryn and sped up to tell her the story, too. I have told the story five times all the way through!!! It's my new favorite story!
six times if you include this blog :)

Some things I figured out after the fact:
  • chase asked my dad on February 1..... Chase had been thinking it over for a couple days and while at work, he just decided to get it over with and call my dad. They are good friends and it's cute that Chase was even nervous. Chase calls and says "Hello Mr. Schroedter" hahahah and asks "How are you? This is Chase." my dad says "Hi Chase. Good. It's 2:30 AM here in Japan....." hahahahah "but don't worry. I just got off the phone with Michele and am reading a book." hahahaha idk if that's true or he just said that to ease chase's nerves about calling him at 2:30 AM! hilarious!
  • dave and julie set the whole thing up and took the whole thing down. i KNEW it had a trace of julie. it was so beautiful! they said as they were setting up across the lake they heard me shouting NO that i wouldn't get in the boat. hahaha. also, they said they could hear us laughing on the lake as the lantern broke (that chase paid $20 to ship extra quick to get there in time. ope! valiant effort!) but they didn't know why we were laughing so loud. they then saw us speeding towards the dock and they took off running. they weren't around for the actual time we spent in the gazebo! well dave thought chase woulda forgot to tie up the paddle boat so he did slink down to check (we didn't even see him) and then they also did pull the car around to magically be waiting for us. but pretty much they made themselves scarce. also funny tidbit: dave had already dug a pre-4 feet deep hole for our time capsule with the shovel sticking out so we would notice it........ hahah we obviously didn't get that hint. then they saw the broken glass everywhere and put two and two together and also saw the lonely wire from the lantern in the boat and realized why they never saw it take off into the air. hahahah.
  • chase told me he didn't sleep all the night before. ope.... i slept from 9 pm to 8 am. 11 solid hours.
    I was actually a little upset because i planned this great picnic elaborate date on friday where we were going to make homemade tangled lanterns.... but chase squashed that date as soon as he realized what i had planned. i was hurt that he wouldn't let me do my date for him..... but now i realize. hahahah bad timing! so i actually went to bed a little early friday cuz i was a bit frustrated! we saw the vow friday night with l&d though- that was super good!
  • he's had the ring for weeks! man he is so much better at secrets and patience than me!
  • getting my hair done today and being out of the house from 8 AM- 3 PM was actually PERFECT. i didn't even tell chase i was doing that until last night but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise cuz it helped him work out all the kinks for tonight!
Chase told me he'd read over this (in the morning!) he's exhausted and finally can relax and get a good nights sleep. he's passed out snoozing. hahaha. and he has the whole evening memorized because he went over it in his mind so many times. so if i forgot anything he'll let me know :)

tonight was perfect!!!!! i am so grateful for my fiancé! i love him!!!
it was so personal. so secluded. so lovely!
so of course that's why i'm sharing it detail-for-detail on my public blog!
and now. to finish off strong with some pictures. you know why they are this quality- but at least it's something. we took all these photos after he proposed and we were leaving the lake!


srichards said...

So awesome marissa! Congratulations. You are beutiful and y'all make such a cute couple!

Kelly said...

don't you think you are moving a little fast?

Jamie Larsen said...

Wow, he really went all out! That's awesome! What an amazing night for you both! So happy for you! Congrats! :)

Lauryn said...

Wonderful. I could read this over and over.

steffany said...

this is the best ever. soooo happy for you!! one more year and i'll have hopefully as cute of a story as this! <3

Melinda said...

umm okay!! this is the cutest story I think I've ever heard! I'm so excited for you! We'll talk more if I see you at home! haha Congrats!!

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

Woohoo! We are so excited for you guys!!!