Monday, February 27, 2012

game night

last night was pretty funny! and what i mean is absolutely funny! we played hide and seek in the dark. that was a lot of fun! the best hiding spots??? chase up on the ceiling beams. me in the dryer. us all in the car tricking chase in the garage while he searched forever!!!
then we played "the game of things" and then pictionary.
what i want to share is the "game of things"
some funny lines......
what should you never do with a baby?
"give it to ciara" -bryton. hahahahahaha
what would you take on a deserted island?
"maxi" -ciara. hahahah family inside joke!
i wrote "channing tatum." nathan says, "i don't even know who channing taylom is" oh my!!!!!!!!!
things you should never say to a cop
"a kidney punch to the face" -nathan. hahahah yeah we'll pretend like that makes sense. that's why he and ciara date!!
also trying to teach ciara how to play pictionary with all the details of sounds-like, syllables, number of words, tallies, etc.
ciara: "what's a syllable?" then she says "oh claps!" and has to clap her hands to count syllables and throughout the whole game claps as she reads the word she is to draw. hahahahahahahha. i love the andersons!
yesterday we came home from church and were talking about making  another choreographed dance all together and chase, bryton, ciara, me, and JULIE are in the middle of the living room just booty shaking!!!!!! hahahahahahahah. it was a sight that i needed video recorded.... but it was too spontaneous. i for sure will rewatch that when i watch my life-video in heaven. hahaha.

ok well bachelor is on!!!!!!!!!! i love this show!!! it's priority!!!!! it is my fhe (just like that byu daily universe article criticized!) it's a family affair here. kina, julie, chase, chloe, charlotte, and i!!!!!

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Melinda said...

hahaha oh I love this! sounds like you're marrying in to an awesome family!