Friday, February 3, 2012


This week is HONOR week at BYU.
Whatever that means. Literally??! I'm confused. Aren't we all about the honor code 24/7 and Christ-like Saints 24/7?? Hahaha. But it was nice! I got a free shirt at work with "Honor. There's never a finish line." Amen.
And there have bee motivational quotes all over the office this week! I feel uplifted.
Anyways. on to other matters of my fascinating life. 

church ball!!! it got serious! some nail scratching and butt-bumping! ps smallest court ever!! i loved it!!! i realized i don't play the "under the net position" but play the "middle of the court defending" position. that is all i really took away and learned about basketball terminology last night!!! it was great. i can't wait to go next thursday! loved that the whole anderson fam came to watch me go up in flames.... but luckily i didn't bomb too bad!! love me some fans! come join the fans every thurdsay if you want. hahha. remember how one of the ladies on my team has 11 great-grandchildren..... it's an older family ward. hahahahahaha. feisty firecrackers!! also, i was talking at work today about my game and learned that there are LDS regional finals for sports...... get real!!! hahahahahahahahhaha

serious about this!!! time out! jesus keeps us friendly enough on the court!
loved coming home from basketball and seeing julie in my spot. hahaha yes i claim a spot at the andersons. too comfortable there probably! it's my spot just out of habit. i almost didn't realize her great parking job skills..... why did i not realize immediately? because i'm a woman driver and bad driving portrayals are second nature to me. hahahahah

this morning chase asked me what i wanted for breakfast. i said a peanut butter sandwich with no crust..... he proceeded to BITE off all the crust...... that's pleasant! hahahah it was delicious nonetheless. what a sweetie i have!!!!

 Some pictures with honorable co-workers! we all have such high spirits on Fridays :) 
yah weekend! bring it on!!

fav part about this pic was ken: "i can't believe you are making me get down here with you. this feels so stupid." me: "but it looks great!!!" and then he knocked me over and i swallowed my gum!! i haven't swallowed gum in probably 15 years!! it feels weird. i swear it's causing blockage in my throat!! haha i love my job and those i work with! 

 ok well i have homework to get done before i party at the brunsons tonight :) holla!!!


Kelly said...

hahahah the sandwich. classic.

taryn said...

ahhahahah the sandwich! that's a good one! not chase, i'm talking about the act. ok ok. i guess chase is good too.

Melinda said...

hahaha Marissa I love your blog! It helps me know 1: you're alive and 2: what you do!! I'm glad we're roommates!