Tuesday, February 21, 2012

little hearts, big love

Today, it was weird to be back in the swing of things. The three day weekend was too wonderful. The stress and to-do's came back like a freight train piled on and full-throttle and any other imaginative descriptive phrases you can think of!! 
But it's okay! I'm happy to be planning such amazing events and exciting days! Today, while Chase was at one of his classes, I popped in to see Kelly- can you please check out this diva of a daughter she's raising? hahahahaha. 
Also got to babysit Mills today. I'm back to a weekly babysitting sesh with her! It's something I don't mind adding to my plate. I love that family so much! Millie and Elsie are sweetie-pies! Chase came with me today and the girls warmed up to him quite nicely! What little kid's dream isn't to climb all over and play catch with a 6'6" big friendly giant?? He's such a stud!

But they didn't run to his arms the second he entered the door. He can be intimidating to their little statures. Hence.... when Chase walked into the kitchen as I was throwing bread at Millie (yes like a bird).... she froze, dropped to the ground, and did this......... Chase retorts, "is she playing dead?" hahahahahahaah it was the cutest thing. she wasn't even crying or whining. just lying perfectly, silently still. oh kids do the darnest thing!!! she did this lying-perfectly-still-on-the-kitchen-floor thing for a good five minutes. hahahah. long enough to snap many pictures!!!
but pretty soon she was grabbing her bottle and blanket and climbing into his lap! 
And before Millie warmed up to us completely.... Elsie came home from ballet. 
Millie scooted up this chair and just watched Elsie for a while. It's adorable how much of a shadow Millie is to Elsie!!! They are beautiful sisters!!! Instead of playing with her awesome aunt and uncle.... full on crawling on the ground making animal noises and pushing baby carriages....... she'd rather watch someone else play video games. oh this generation!
Then it was bath time!!! She loves the water and is so darn cute!!
and then......... the inevitable!!!!!!
She POOPS in the tub! oh crap!!! i cleaned it and drained the water. cleaned her. and refilled the tub. idk if i shoulda fully cloroxed the thing- considering she kept sucking her hand....... but i did the best i could. hopefully ecoli was avoided!!! oh man! 
it's like she was waiting to relax in the tub to relieve herself! once kristi came home, she said she does that sometimes and she lifts her and puts her on her mini-potty in the nick of time! i didn't even think to look out for that! hahahah. i took some pics of the floating critters but i thought that would make me look like a bad aunt. to be taking pics rather than cleaning her..... but now you know i took them anyways so it's a sunk cost. hahahaha not a proper use of that word, i know kelly! hahahaha.  
the guilty face! she was confused why i was shrieking and laughing at the same time!!! and of course chase got out of cleaning duty because elsie all of a sudden needed a partner to play catch. classic.
today was a good day! i love millie and elsie time! ps she's wearing her cute nightgown we got her for christmas! hard to tell but i know it's cute :) what a lil schroedter!!!! 


Melinda said...

HAHAHA! I am literally laughing! This is so great! Kids are so funny. hahahaha

Lauryn said...

Oh my. She looks so old in these pictures! Just growing up so fast. Such a doll. The playing dead picture? Rolling. Hilarious.

Mom said...

You are a good aunt!!