Thursday, February 9, 2012

some of my favs

i am about to embark on some serious homework time so i just wanted to blog first, of course!

some random things that have come to mind today. some of my fav things.

*having a hairstylist you love! i can't wait to go to eliza's with annie on saturday.

*being able to go on dates whenever you like with the one you like.
planning a nice one-on-one date with chase this friday :) i officially asked him out. he said, yes.

*when you are on byu campus and you see two puny-looking freshmen walking around all in love....  like she'll still be there in two years.... that's cutesy.

*getting a good night's sleep

*wearing some of my mom's vintage jewelry. i've swiped random pieces over the years. pearl ring. her granmother's stone ring. these earrings. you know! like a good daughter.

*looking back at old pics of chase and i [pre-mi] and realizing: WOW! i found someone who let's me change and grow and loves me even more for it!

*the fact that there are great doctors available and i have the money and insurance and means to get the best help that is out there

*the fact that television is aired online. genius.

*being on the ward's basketball team. game tonight at 8pm.

*the love i have for myself that helps me love others.
i love surprising chase every single day and letting him know i love him more and more. he said one of his fav things about me is the way i show love so immensely! he saw it from the start and it's continued!

*my eternal marriage and family class. i learn a lot. the spirit teaches me tons. and i also have a gay-ole-time hearing others' comments and dating issues.

i could go on but i really have to take these quizzes and go to the bathroom. i'm grateful for that ability of mine :) it keeps me thinner than i deserve!!! and indoor plumbing is on my grattitude list! hahahaha tmi!!! ok laters pepes!


Kelly said...

Um. The girl should never ask the guy out. It's totally going to freak him out and he'll stop wanting/chasing (pun intended) you. You better back off, quickly.

taryn said...

if those earrings end up missing this summer.. don't blame me.