Tuesday, February 14, 2012


i had a beautiful day. a beautiful valentines day. i wasn't expecting anything considering chase and i never see each other on tuesdays. well except tonight i'll be up in that valley cuz i have a mini baby operation thing tomorrow- it'll be fun! cuz me coming off drugs and anesthesia is always fun to witness and experience! anyways. so i got a beautiful surprise with this on my doorstep this morning before 7 am!! that's impressive :) good thing dave drives down to byu every day and dropped it off. what sweeties!!!!

and oh look.... chase sent a pic message. he was cutting meat and got crafty!!
hope y'all had a happy valentines day and felt lots of love. happy valentines day from me to you :)

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Kelly said...

i did, thank you. did he was his hands from the raw meat before taking a pic?