Sunday, February 19, 2012

vegas president's day weekend

Chase and I have been in Vegas the past couple days! It's been a pleasant vacay break! Much needed :) Today I've been sicker than a dog but the sunshine, sabbath, delicious food, and family time has made it all better! Chase takes such good care of me you see! And I FINALLY cracked and took some ibuprofen (even though i've been banned!) hahahah it's been worth it.

Just wanted to blog a little bit about our trip.


Lovin the introduction to his first nephew!!! What a cute uncle!

When we went to a farmer's market, we saw a competition of kids holla-hooping.... so of course we joined. it looks like i am better. 
but i wasn't. chase actually rocked it!! me..... i've lost my touch.

we watched paranormal 2 last night. it was frightening. tonight we are watching #3. why do i do this to myself? because i love being scared and then cuddling with chase through it all and after!

awwww. the reason we came!! preston! baby p!

having a good time playing frisbee golf! my first time! loved it.

until chase lost his frisbee in a pool. at the BOTTOM of a pool. and being the nice fiancée I am..... i hopped over and soaked myself going to get it. it's warmER here in Vegas but the water was still freezing. 

but we did take an intermisison for a little photo op <3 practicing for taryin to take our engagements!!! i'm so excited! love you, chase david. 

p.s. happy president's day weekend! 

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