Tuesday, February 28, 2012


i haven't felt this violent in probably three years or more! honestly!! i really don't have to explain myself except for this line
"i was parked legally and byu parking did this" and with these pics, you should feel violent, too!! your blood will boil. but let me go on to explain the story because it gets you more and more fired up!

well thank you for all the kind warnings..... when i was walking up to my car and saw the fifty flyers on every window.... i thought it was just some past creeper boy who left me weird love notes (my car is very noticeable and distinguishable)..... oh no.... these were not inappropriate love notes. they were inappropriate parking tickets. 
now i have been known to park illegally. esp freshmen year- i never got caught so i made it a bad habit. byu parking is ridiculous anyways (was my justification) ANYWAYS. and this story proves that it is-i get screwed when i park legally! so my freshmen year.... this sorta comes into play later in the story.
so i am soooooooooo livid because it was actually a miracle i find my car when i did!! my 1:30 class was cancelled. it gave me just enough time to go home, switch a load of laundry, and grab millie's carseat. it would make my life easier when i bolted from my class at 6 and had to be at her daycare by 6:30 tonight........ so i go to my car at 1:30 and well.... you know what i found....... so i call parking and they say they can't tell me anything over the phone and that to get help i need to COME UP TO THEIR OFFICE (which is up the worst RB stairs- if you are a cougar- you know what i'm talking about) and i already walked up that way three times for work and class. ugh!!! so i have to walk up there and then walk back down with the person to unboot my car WHEN i don't even think any of it is validated because i am registered for "Y" parking lots. but that can't tell me any info over the phone without photo id to look at. i tried to spout my ssn, my user id, my birthday, etc..... no bueno. um........ are you serious???? so i walk up there and had enough time on the way (because it's forever away) to call Chase, my mom, and Shelby and get mad about the situation. passerbyers prolly thought i was crazy cuz i was so animated and shouting with fury! I get to the office and i have to go see TERRY........... if you ever had to talk to her. you know she is quite horrible.  read on to know why.

so i go back there. i'm not smiling or being friendly but I AM biting my tongue so that's good. it' all i could manage was just to keep a straight face and keep all my profane words tucked into my mouth. so she turns her screen to me and asks me "what do you see?" 
and on her screen are parking tickets from me and my sister (that have been paid mind you) from my sister's freshmen year which was what...... 2002? 2003? and 
i say "well those are my sister's parking tickets not me." 
she says "i know. i see a pattern here. of dishonesty in your family." 
oh yeah shelby, it just got personal!!! did she seriously just start off our conversation with that accusation? i have NEVER wanted to punch a 60 year old woman so intensely before in my life. 
the reason it is good my 1:30 class got cancelled is that if i woulda gone after my 6 o'clock class, the office woulda been closed, i wouldn't have been able to remove the boot till 8 am the next morning, millie woulda been crying at daycare since i woulda had no way to pick her up, elsie would get home from ballet alone and scared, AND i woulda got an overnight fee for being parked in that parking lot overnight!!!! that is the ONLY silver lining to me noticing that boot (at 1:30 pm!) oh my word!!!!
then TERRY says "oh yes we know why you've gotten three tickets in the past week." oh HAVE i now??? ps i've been parking there since november and this past week is when the 3 tickets showed up boom boom boom! i know chase got one a couple days ago and i got one today..... but 3? what??? i told her i'm very busy and since nothing can be done over the phone and i don't have much time to come in person i was planning on a friday. fridays are my only free days and last friday i had 2 doctor's appointments. she says "are you justifying? sounds like dishonesty" TWO TIME TWO TIMES she used my name and dishonest references in the same idea!!! i don't wanna be a murderer but um hello!!!!!! and ps if she knew it was a mistake that i was getting them (the problem was instead of writing my license plate number 1234567 i had written 1235467 in the byu database) and they had traced it to me and knew this the whole time!!! so when they gave us tickets they knew it was a honest mistake!!!! i only really knew about the 2!!! but they still booted me!!! and a boot you cannot appeal because it's permanent and with the state of utah or wtv garbage she was spouting off. 
anyways. as you can see- this woman was either crazy, socially impaired, or satan. i'm voting for the latter. she had that "i'm a witch" look in her eye but not the "i'm insane" look. and i find out later she's worked there for 25 years so she can't be too socially impaired. so process of elimination: satan. i feel like she picked her target and that was me and ripped me a new one!! like i don't have enough uc bleeding problems if you know what i'm saying! if that was my father or chase or any male or a huskier looking woman, guaranteed she wouldn't talk to them that way! dishonest, mocking, brings in my family!!! the nerve!!!!
so i walk my little hiney over to the appeal office and fill out my complaint to reduce the charges or take them away all together and the student employee at the desks asked if i just talked to terry. i said yes. 
and she said- i can always tell by how pissed someone is if they talked to terry or not! and then GET THIS she says "at least she didn't call you dishonest!" and i practically scream "SHE DID!" and the fellow sympathizer laughed and said "yeah i hate her (strong words that i normally don't approve of but this time.... meh!) i know i shouldn't say that since i work with her but i do. she calls me dishonest weekly!!! because i get a drink from the drinking fountain when i'm on the clock and she's serious!" 
oh man!!!!!!!!!! then she proceeded to distract me and said "ian is really nice though. he'll help you. oh when did you get married?" as she stares at my ring! oh i love wearing my ring! we proceed to talk about me being engaged and her getting married last september and blah blah blah! she really calmed me down and helped me be more sane when i talked with ian! he couldn't remove all tickets but did what he could...... because #1. terry already processed the irreversible ones #2. booting really cannot be removed once they boot............. well at least the HUGE fine got reduced but still!!! 

just tack it onto the most expensive chapter of my life!!!! what a day! what a day! well i better pay attention in my class and try to repent for my evil thoughts towards terry and put this whole mess behind me!!!


taryn said...

hahahahhahahahahhahaha i am dying right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karin and Ben said...

Euw I hate Terry for you! I vote for satan.

Melinda said...

ummm that is ridiculous!

Phil, Lacey & Gabe said...

This whole story makes me sick! So sorry!