Sunday, February 12, 2012

when i can't sleep, i love on my ring!

can't sleep!!! wonder why???
so i've been spending the last hour searching for pics of my mom's ring on past photos!!! i cannot find any! barnacles!!! these are the best i could come up with!!! i tried to zoom in on all of them but it doesn't show much!!! so i'm just posting them anyways!!!
do you notice a pattern of these pics??? me bugging my mom! one normal family one- i was too far away to bug her. and one where she's holding aubs and i wasn't even in the same state to bug her! hahahaha. i just miss her so much that when we reunite!! i go crazy! less than a month till i can burrow into you, mamma!!!!
oh it's only 8:13 AM!!! i only slept for 4.5 hours!! oh well! today will still be the best day!!!!

here are some pics of my beautiful ring. it's white gold. has a main diamond. then four rows. two on each side that make a diamond look. each side has a row of crushed up diamonds and a row of baguette diamonds. i don't know much about ring terminology. all that i just said kelly told me!!

ope i'm a genius! i just remembered an app that would help me clarify photos!!! here are some better photos of my mom's ring. they aren't identical but i like how they remind me of one another! esp because the other day i was guilt-tripping my mom about how she should just give me her ring, i'll dip it in white gold, me and chase can save money, and dad can buy her a new ring. two problems: 1. she said no 2. she can't get it off her finger. BUT HEY!!! it all worked out even more perfectly than my guilt-trip scheme!!!! oh everything looks more vibrant! the world has more color! and the beauty is more prominent :) what a great morning already!!

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