Wednesday, February 8, 2012

little moments

this song... love it!!! you can press play and just listen to it as you read this post. i love it! if my blog wasn't titled what it is... it'd be love don't run :)
i'm not sure about the music video but i'm definitely sure about the song :)

so just some little moments of my life this week.
ps i've realized that i've been having a lot of stress for this most recent chapter of ma vie not because i necessarily have too much on my plate.... but that i'm missing key dishes on my plate.
for example.... before my reunion with chase i was consistent at going to the gym, reading my scriptures deeply daily, and going to the temple every single week.
well a lot is crowding me and pushing these three keys out!
these are three stress-relievers and important factors that make me ME! i'm rededicating myself to this trio :) i know it will help. i've been divinely given these solutions through the power of prayer! it won't remove the load but my load will feel lighter.... esp as my back is strengthened!

been spending some good time with my rae rae ;) i know you love that kelly. hahaha jk. spending some good time with my reagan bear snuggly face pumpkin dear!!! i didn't even tell her to smile. she is a smart, photogenic princess!!!!

i love having class with sis lj aka not her name anymore aka ali adamson :) 
multicultural education class. i'll keep my thoughts of that class a minimum for now. i'm trying to give it a chance but it just seems a little bit of you know.....brainwashing weirdness. 

the andersons are still remodeling but we take time to treasure the little things. 
as we're hugging chase says "look in the reflection. you are so little. i love wrapping you up. you are so little!"
guys don't really know how much of a compliment that is to most girls :) thanks chase! 
so i interrupted the moment, grabbed my phone, and snapped a pic!
chase took such good care of me! as we went to the doctor and i was super sick all day. i love that.

oh this goober lovely is all mine :) what i don't get to come home to quite yet but soon!

ps amanda- why did we not take a hot tubbing pic yesterday? barnacles!! ps you are in my prayers this weekend!!! xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox. love you

ps more pic messaging back and forth. i don't really take myself this seriously but chase likes this face. he likes my each every different face. hahaha my "i'm serious kissy" face. 

ps ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!! the beautiful ciara anderson had her first kiss tonight and i'm ecstatic about that!!! to the beautiful nathan who i support. i won't put last names because i don't know his last name and don't want him googling to find this. ahhahahahahahahah. get it cici! i will end the blogpost with this fact because it's a life-changing, great, most important daily fact!!!

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