Thursday, March 29, 2012

i am the babysitter!

i swear i'm not baby hungry! yet my life is centered around these little beauties!!

i'm sitting in french class right now. yeah sorry for the bad example, but i'm passing and getting my moneys (my isn't the right word) worth!
but i need a little break because my brain is fried.
so what better relaxing activity than to blog! and tonight, when i'm with chase- he won't get annoyed that i'm bloggin' around him! two birds!

speaking of chase-time tonight....... i'm excited to babysit the children in a couple hours with chase :) they are such a hoot.
also i'm excited to have a late lunch with lauryn, too! it's been too long and it's going to be a little longer till we actually can have an evening to ourselves! but this lunch will hold me over.
so when chase and i babysat this last tuesday, we got the cutest footage! hence.
she was lovin this game and i'm not gonna lie- so was i!!! she is seriously the cutest!
millie has been learning sign language at her daycare and it's the cutest thing.
this is her trying to do the sign for "more."
she was getting quite upset that we were ending 'swinging time' and trying to take her in the house for dinner. she squirmed, wimpered, and repeatedly did the "more" sign. hahahaha. 
who could say no to that? i didn't. i let her have more!!!! so we swung for another 30 minutes! the days have been so beautiful lately and seeing a baby child happily playing- can't resist!!!

this is chase trying to wipe her nose. she can be a strong little fighter!! hahaha.  ps yes that is a jacket he is using.

she's a happy little clam again! getting her way! ps that swing has to be pushing on her stomach but she's oblivious!!! what a baby babe! 

oh buddy this gets me excited to babysit tonight!!! 
i'm also excited to babysit tomorrow night. yeah it's what i do. i'm just charitable like that! tomorrow i get to babysit this angel while the parents go on a much-needed date aka to the hunger games! 
oh this baby! 

oh hunger games!! loved it! want to see it again. chase isn't into seeing movies again and again like me- this calls for a lauryn date i'd say!!! anyways. 
then after the babysitting date, the next day k, l, c, and me are gonna party at lagoon minus the infant!!! happy almost birthday kelly! aka tomorrow!!!! 
you're welcome for your present ;) you'll see tomorrow!!! and for watching your most prized possession (except lance and your testimony) aka your child!!! when you go on your birthday date and you trust me with your child, i promise to paint her nails, pierce her ears, and read bedtime stories to her!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

camping, reading, babies!

 oh  this has been a good week. unfortunately and fortunately, i haven't babysat much this week- which has freed me up to do other things. i miss mills and elsie though. some beautiful adventures this week!
spent some time with mary and myles. it's truly funny how once your friends have babies- you don't take pics with your friends anymore. you just take pictures with their babies. it was so great to visit with mary. we talked and i just felt so much love, support, and help from her. she's a ruby! and her baby boy myles is so cute. he entertains himself and smiles so cute!! i gave all the bridesmaids their outfits now! the wedding is really coming together!
on friday, we had some double date plus baby time with kelly, lance, and reagan! we had dinner and toured city creek! it was amazing! this is chase dancing with reagan in h&m!! she was giggling her little bootie off! they are both so cute!
oh you know. just having one of our heart to hearts! she's a good listener! she doesn't say much- just sucks on her thumb and gives a shoulder to lean on! love my goddaughter!
this picture is just to symbolize spring! exhale!!! i hope it stays this nice :) esp for may 3!! i'm waiting for chase while he is in a job interview!! i love doing hw out in the sun! it makes it enjoyable! 
my beautiful mother ordered me some killer books on amazon and mailed them to chase's house. literally killer books! i love this pic of him. his pants hiked up and his cradling of the pillow! chase is deeply engrossed in "the stranger beside me" ted bundy book! i read it while he was on his mission and i'd write about it some in my letters and he has been anticipating reading it ever since! i get ignored a lot because he's hooked- but reading is a good addiction i believe!
last night we slept on the back porch. aka our version of camping in march! i was actually WAY comfortable. in between two warm men and on the cushion! poor chase- he was not on a cushion. i switched spots with him just from sunrise till about 9 am and my back was killing me! what a sacrificing sweetie. in my "lds marriage and family" class, for homework in our reading i liked this quote "all great love is built on great sacrifice!" 
this is me HOOKED to another killer book. well not exactly killer but just as disturbing. jaycee dugard's "a stolen life." it's VERY real and explicit. if you can get pass the first two chapters, you're past the worst of it- but still. it's quite gruesome. i justify reading it because it's a true story, but honestly it's so disheartening and damaging. i'm half way done and i started yesterday. i'm hooked, too, i suppose!
this was how i was awoken this morning! under the open sky to a beautiful sunrise over the east mountains!
we were tired! funny how this is our "early morning" face. sometimes, we are the same. i used to think me and chase were identical but the more we get to know about each other- impossible! hahahah but we are very similiar!
and most importantly this week- i must show you this beautiful baby. is that aubrey? no! it is her younger brother, andrew penn loud!!! on thursday, shelby and josh added this new beautiful bundle to their family and my family!!! I LOVE getting new pics via phone every few hours!!! andrew is so handsome!!! i'm loving being an aunt! and it instills in me that me + chase will equal babies with full heads of hair, too!!! andrew's little face melts my heart! i can't wait to meet him in 5 weeks and 4 days!! no wait! even sooner cuz they're flying out a few days before! 5 weeks and 1 day!!!
happy sabbath! we're enjoying it!!! 

Monday, March 19, 2012


now i'm not talking emotionally. apparently physically. i went to my last fitting for my dress today- everything was supposed to be perfect and fit like a glove. literally! it's mermaid and slim-fitting.

well i'm in the dress and getting zipped up. she gets stuck at the bust. no matter how much i suck in, arch my back, or raise my shoulders- that baby is not zipping up. now thank heavens i weighed myself yeserday and actually went down a pound and knew i hadn't gained. BUT i just tried this dress on 2 weeks ago? why wasn't it fitting? what the flagnard? i was trying to hold myself together but i was losing it. she said it wouldn't be a big deal to take out a 1/2 inch in the bust. what??? i've never been told that before. now i'm not looking to boast here or get compliments about how thin i look. but i am scared!!! she said it seems my boobs have grown and asked me if i started birth control recently! oh no! i hate that myth. but i can't deny that the facts. why hasn't the scale increased then? no woman just gains in her chest and not in her face, thighs, or stomach- no matter what they say! unless it was from the hands of a surgeon! i don't believe in women becoming "the victims" of birth control. i wouldn't have it. in fact the past couple weeks i was noticing myself always being hugnry. always. but i just went hungry because i knew physically i just had lunch an hour ago and wasn't malnutritioned or starving and was just fine.

i know it's faux-pas that chase was with me and seeing me in my dress but thank goodness he was with me!!! she said to give her some time and we could go play pool upstairs while she took out the bust. we walk up the stairs and around the corner. then i fell to the couch and start sobbing! chase didn't understand. maybe no one does. all he heard was that my chest was now bigger. he didn't see the downside. i know i'm a big baby and other people have real problems but it was hard for me to swallow. chase just reassured me (but of course he has to say i look bangin' because otherwise he'd be in the doghouse) but i'm glad i know now that my body is susceptible to some serious changes (in just two weeks!!!!) before i lose control of my shape! i called whining to my mom and she just said "you always wanted bigger boobs. this is a good thing." thanks mother dearest.

however, i vow now to be on a strict excercise regiment and food portion scrutiny and other weight watching ways!!! oh my word!!!! it's a good thing i already have a Turbo Kicking session with Annie this evening or i'd be even more paranoid and critical!!! hormonal. very hormonal.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

technology is scary

today has been an interesting day to say the least.......
reader's digest version of how today started out. a man calls the anderson's land-line because their home phone number has been showing up on his wife's cell phone bill and his wife has been texting back. um...... excuse me?? so it turns out I AM THE ONE consoling him on the phone and explaining that it's a land line and it's impossible that it is us and that it could be from or some other weird internet site where you can make it look like it's from any random phone number to get them off your tracks. but it's so strange and i can't believe the phone bill wouldn't say anything more detailed. and we cannot text from their home phone.
there is more details to the story but that's enough for the blog!
i really feel soooo sorry for this sweet man. he was bearing his soul and hurting about how his life is falling apart. keep him in your prayers, i am!
how sad! and bizarre!
oh boy is technology scary! yes i do know this man's name. yes i do know his wife's name. and his cell phone provider. and his emotional distraught. and his personal life! and way too much! i'm just a young engaged woman with bright hope for my future and in the sanctity of marriage!! yikes!!! i want to help him! but how?! oh technology is scary!
and during a skype session today, my dad shared with me this article in the ensign this month! very relevant!

then chase spoke with a high councilman in another ward today and his talk was beautiful. it was on humility. he talked about Victor Garcia (tsquare sisters know the one! yah for a good example of how humility makes a difference and a differnece in your testimony. and he also was encouraged to tell the old folk to be more humble and serve missions! listen to the brethren! the Lord needs more senior missionaries!!!
then the high councilman that spoke was interesting.... he was condemning ppl BY NAME from the pulpit in the stake and in the community and just going on tangents and it was great- but not in a good way really. but i did feel the spirit during the instance when he was talking about the special spirit you feel when you are living an obedient life. it's so true! the spirit of obedience is powerful!

and then we had a nice beautiful sit down meal after church and i just skyped my family in texas. oh happy interesting day!
oh another exciting fact- my sister is having a baby this week!!!!!! i'm excited!!!! good luck shelbs! and josh too!! and aubs! and little pencil aka andrew!

now some pics for your delightment! i have been able to get some good school work done and relax a lot because practically EVERYTHING for May 3 is done :) all i have left is to get my invitations and stuff 'em and send 'em out!!! oh now i can truly love being engaged!

yesterday we had a fun spontaneous date with L&D up in salt lake. we went and snooped at the new debut City Creek Mall!!! and then actually went into the Harmon's. I was blown away! I'm so excited to go to the opening weekend premier next weekend! And hunger games! And tour the Masonic temple! And go to Audrey's bridal shower! Holla!
Ciara had prom this weekend. As you can tell.
hand on the trigger. serious. you're welcome, kelly.
tyler didn't even know what to do with himself when he drove up to the house! he handled it fairly well! what a cute couple! fun night for them!
It's pulling teeth to get this man to take a serious picture!! 
oh good!! love this fiancé of mine!
pretty much silhouettes but The Garden was delicious! best artichoke/spinach dip ever! and best company! spent all dinner talking about ted bundy and other disturbing killers/perverts. how nice on temple square!
well i was in slc.... so had to go to uptown cheapskates of course. what does this mean to you? free parking, right?! well i put my card in just to make sure and when i put my card in it said "free parking." so we went shopping and came back with a big fat pink ticket on my wield shield. at least it wasn't from byu otherwise there'd be helk to pay! but still..... not ANOTHER parking issue! the office isn't open till monday but boy oh boy will they get a mouthful.... from chase. they always listen to men more!
the craft i impulsively thought of this weekend and made! it took only like 4 hours from buying the materials to the finished product! i love it! goes well with my blog title i believe :) chase didn't wanna be photo'ed so he just held it up for me to snap the pic!!!! it's gonna look so cute in our new house in a couple months!! :) less than a couple months! how long exactly?
6 weeks 4 days :)!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

baby break

takin a baby break from my homework mountain this sunny saturday. i need to go for a walk in this beautiful sunshine!

first i just want to say- the temple is wonderful. sad to say i hadn't been in over a month- i'd always end up pushing it off, something would come up, or i'd prioritize something else! and last night i finally was determined to go! i'm getting married in a beautiful temple- i want it to be part of my life- not just a one time sealing session! i did and it made a massive difference. it meant everything! came home with a happier persona and then played night games! my point- go to the temple! it's not a magical building but it has a magical (miraculous) impact!!! the church is true :) the book is blue :) and jesus was a mormon. ok that's just a funny phrase i heard. ps jesus was a jew- i know that! but i still believe my last jingle was true.

ps i got these pics from the great taryn's blog! oh texas was great!!! the most delicious corn dogs ever! and the most hilarious looks were given when people saw our sky-ride passenger :)

ok another random story before i show my last group of photos. lately chase has been making an honest error...... let me give you an example.

he needs my help and says "hey, MOM, can you...... ope i mean, babe."
he is talking to his mother, "hey BABE, when you're at costco...... ope i mean mom."
he runs over to me "MOM, I was....... oh no....."
his mom walks in the door "oh glad you're here BABE, I....... i meant mom! dang it!"
um......... i don't know what this means. but it's hilarious!!!

and as promised. here are some of my fav engagements :) oh it was such a blast taking these pictures with taryn and chase (and even my dad was there for one photoshoot) hahahahaha! and the results are so fantastic, too!

so much love. nothing more right than being engaged to the man of my dreams, the man of my choice, and the man God has given me. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

cute two-second story

my brain hurts. just spent 2 hours straight throwing money at wedding expenses. and now need to take a 20 minute power nap and go do our gift registry and other wedding errands!!! i am set on being done with practically everything by this weekend. i wanna enjoy being engaged more :)

but just a cute second-long story

early wednesday morning (the morning after chase and i left) my mom hears caleb come downstairs and come into her room. she can feel him standing at the edge of her bed staring at her (waiting for her to wake up.) she reluctantly opens her eyes and sees her son's eyes filled with tears.
"what's wrong, caleb?" she asks.
"i miss marissa." he sniffles.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww tender and cherished story my mom told me today. she followed that story with this one

caleb and i were heading out the door for my morning walk and caleb accidently step on a gecko. later on the walk that poor gecko is brought up.
caleb says "i bet he went home and told his mom some giant named caleb stepped on my back and i'm hurt and need to go to the doctor."
my mom says "well i bet his mother replied to him by saying they'll wait a couple days to see if the back starts feeling better (aka my mom's doctor philosophy)"
and then caleb retorts "classic!"
hahahahahahahaha my mom thought "OH NO! marissa has rubbed off on him too much!" hahahahah

i miss my family <3 i'm excited for my sister to birth my first nephew (well i count preston but my first schroedter nephew). and i loved running into garrett and millie yesterday as i was leaving the mall!
and i feel bad that half of my family is melting in the texan heat on their pioneer trek this week for their spring break. and i'm slightly jealous that i never went on trek! we are all pioneers marking our own new trail through life! you're welcome for the profoundness and for blogging when i have zilch time! ok i'm skipping the power nap and just gonna get in the car and go. that's not too wise but sacrifices sacrifices!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

rodeo trip endin'

no time to talk really but always time for pics! they can do the talking for me! today is my last day in texas and that is tragic :( last night i was thinking "i really don't wanna go home!!!!!!" but a few things help me want to
*this sweet baby!
*my bridesmaid outfits are waiting for me in utah!
*seeing kelly's new moved-in settled house!
*watch the bachelor finale
*kiss laury laur
*get the semester over with and getting my married life rollin
*audrey's bridal shower, my bridal shower(s), and the mountains

yep yep there are some inspiriations. but not much. i have had the best time here! laughing, games, trampoline, hot tub, rodeo, family parties, games, games, wallball, basketball, missionary pday, engagement pics (more coming), shopping, out to eat, church, and just great family time! i love seeing chase as my family here :) love it!
p.s. this cutie keep shouting to all pedestrians and out into the texan air "yeee-hawwww!" and "howdy" and "yes ma'am, yes i did, ma'am!" hahahahahaha. he's lovin' his texan experience.

starting the rodeo fun!!! carnival time!
rollercoaster waitin'
yeah we all had mad skill and won a basketball each!!!
chase's first rodeo :) houston rodeo is the best. good intro!!!

rodeo concert! they know how to do it right. impressed to have fireworks in an enclosed stadium. 
LOVE zac brown band :)!!!!! colder weather (is where we're heading to soon)

this is my impressive drawing for my friend on the 'draw something' app. this was drawn when grant, tar, chase, and i were up till 1 am laughing our heads off- so you can see a little bit of loopiness and clever wit was put into this 
having a nice pacman breakfast
grant and i excited for hot tub time :)
we love this strong man!!
doing the chase face

p.s. at church sister peterson (the bishop's hilarious wife) is up at the front of the chapel and waving trying to get my attention. i see her and wave. she holds up a paper and it says "10" on it. i was confused and getting up to go talk to her then i realized she was calling chase a "10"!!! oh everyone loved him and kept saying how good we looked together. "i would look good with you"!!! i do look good with you!!!

and this was this lovely morning!!! came back from the bathroom and chase was snuggle in my bed. then we dog piled. caleb's toosh front and center!!!
i like my manly friends
a sneak peek! next blog post= all about the engagement shoots!!!!