Saturday, March 17, 2012

baby break

takin a baby break from my homework mountain this sunny saturday. i need to go for a walk in this beautiful sunshine!

first i just want to say- the temple is wonderful. sad to say i hadn't been in over a month- i'd always end up pushing it off, something would come up, or i'd prioritize something else! and last night i finally was determined to go! i'm getting married in a beautiful temple- i want it to be part of my life- not just a one time sealing session! i did and it made a massive difference. it meant everything! came home with a happier persona and then played night games! my point- go to the temple! it's not a magical building but it has a magical (miraculous) impact!!! the church is true :) the book is blue :) and jesus was a mormon. ok that's just a funny phrase i heard. ps jesus was a jew- i know that! but i still believe my last jingle was true.

ps i got these pics from the great taryn's blog! oh texas was great!!! the most delicious corn dogs ever! and the most hilarious looks were given when people saw our sky-ride passenger :)

ok another random story before i show my last group of photos. lately chase has been making an honest error...... let me give you an example.

he needs my help and says "hey, MOM, can you...... ope i mean, babe."
he is talking to his mother, "hey BABE, when you're at costco...... ope i mean mom."
he runs over to me "MOM, I was....... oh no....."
his mom walks in the door "oh glad you're here BABE, I....... i meant mom! dang it!"
um......... i don't know what this means. but it's hilarious!!!

and as promised. here are some of my fav engagements :) oh it was such a blast taking these pictures with taryn and chase (and even my dad was there for one photoshoot) hahahahaha! and the results are so fantastic, too!

so much love. nothing more right than being engaged to the man of my dreams, the man of my choice, and the man God has given me. 


srichards said...

Great pictures. You look beautiful!

Allison said...

Haha I love the he is mixing up mom and babe. I always do that to my little brother! And then if Nick is annoying me I always am like "Richard stop it! Oops, I mean Nick." Haha and your engagements are so cute! I love all the color! So Marissa :)