Sunday, March 25, 2012

camping, reading, babies!

 oh  this has been a good week. unfortunately and fortunately, i haven't babysat much this week- which has freed me up to do other things. i miss mills and elsie though. some beautiful adventures this week!
spent some time with mary and myles. it's truly funny how once your friends have babies- you don't take pics with your friends anymore. you just take pictures with their babies. it was so great to visit with mary. we talked and i just felt so much love, support, and help from her. she's a ruby! and her baby boy myles is so cute. he entertains himself and smiles so cute!! i gave all the bridesmaids their outfits now! the wedding is really coming together!
on friday, we had some double date plus baby time with kelly, lance, and reagan! we had dinner and toured city creek! it was amazing! this is chase dancing with reagan in h&m!! she was giggling her little bootie off! they are both so cute!
oh you know. just having one of our heart to hearts! she's a good listener! she doesn't say much- just sucks on her thumb and gives a shoulder to lean on! love my goddaughter!
this picture is just to symbolize spring! exhale!!! i hope it stays this nice :) esp for may 3!! i'm waiting for chase while he is in a job interview!! i love doing hw out in the sun! it makes it enjoyable! 
my beautiful mother ordered me some killer books on amazon and mailed them to chase's house. literally killer books! i love this pic of him. his pants hiked up and his cradling of the pillow! chase is deeply engrossed in "the stranger beside me" ted bundy book! i read it while he was on his mission and i'd write about it some in my letters and he has been anticipating reading it ever since! i get ignored a lot because he's hooked- but reading is a good addiction i believe!
last night we slept on the back porch. aka our version of camping in march! i was actually WAY comfortable. in between two warm men and on the cushion! poor chase- he was not on a cushion. i switched spots with him just from sunrise till about 9 am and my back was killing me! what a sacrificing sweetie. in my "lds marriage and family" class, for homework in our reading i liked this quote "all great love is built on great sacrifice!" 
this is me HOOKED to another killer book. well not exactly killer but just as disturbing. jaycee dugard's "a stolen life." it's VERY real and explicit. if you can get pass the first two chapters, you're past the worst of it- but still. it's quite gruesome. i justify reading it because it's a true story, but honestly it's so disheartening and damaging. i'm half way done and i started yesterday. i'm hooked, too, i suppose!
this was how i was awoken this morning! under the open sky to a beautiful sunrise over the east mountains!
we were tired! funny how this is our "early morning" face. sometimes, we are the same. i used to think me and chase were identical but the more we get to know about each other- impossible! hahahah but we are very similiar!
and most importantly this week- i must show you this beautiful baby. is that aubrey? no! it is her younger brother, andrew penn loud!!! on thursday, shelby and josh added this new beautiful bundle to their family and my family!!! I LOVE getting new pics via phone every few hours!!! andrew is so handsome!!! i'm loving being an aunt! and it instills in me that me + chase will equal babies with full heads of hair, too!!! andrew's little face melts my heart! i can't wait to meet him in 5 weeks and 4 days!! no wait! even sooner cuz they're flying out a few days before! 5 weeks and 1 day!!!
happy sabbath! we're enjoying it!!! 


Kelly said...

She is a good listener, isnt she.

come real camping this summer with us for reagans birthday.

Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

Marissa, if your and Chase's babies look anything like you did as a baby (sorry, Anderson babies just aren't that cute...) they'll be winning every baby contest from here to Timbuktu!!! I wants me a brown-eyed niece/nephew, so you better deliver!!! :D Oh, but Anderson babies do grow up to be pretty hunkie; wouldn't you agree!?!