Thursday, March 15, 2012

cute two-second story

my brain hurts. just spent 2 hours straight throwing money at wedding expenses. and now need to take a 20 minute power nap and go do our gift registry and other wedding errands!!! i am set on being done with practically everything by this weekend. i wanna enjoy being engaged more :)

but just a cute second-long story

early wednesday morning (the morning after chase and i left) my mom hears caleb come downstairs and come into her room. she can feel him standing at the edge of her bed staring at her (waiting for her to wake up.) she reluctantly opens her eyes and sees her son's eyes filled with tears.
"what's wrong, caleb?" she asks.
"i miss marissa." he sniffles.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww tender and cherished story my mom told me today. she followed that story with this one

caleb and i were heading out the door for my morning walk and caleb accidently step on a gecko. later on the walk that poor gecko is brought up.
caleb says "i bet he went home and told his mom some giant named caleb stepped on my back and i'm hurt and need to go to the doctor."
my mom says "well i bet his mother replied to him by saying they'll wait a couple days to see if the back starts feeling better (aka my mom's doctor philosophy)"
and then caleb retorts "classic!"
hahahahahahahaha my mom thought "OH NO! marissa has rubbed off on him too much!" hahahahah

i miss my family <3 i'm excited for my sister to birth my first nephew (well i count preston but my first schroedter nephew). and i loved running into garrett and millie yesterday as i was leaving the mall!
and i feel bad that half of my family is melting in the texan heat on their pioneer trek this week for their spring break. and i'm slightly jealous that i never went on trek! we are all pioneers marking our own new trail through life! you're welcome for the profoundness and for blogging when i have zilch time! ok i'm skipping the power nap and just gonna get in the car and go. that's not too wise but sacrifices sacrifices!!!

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Melinda said...

haha that's so great! kids are the best