Saturday, March 10, 2012


i'm loving texas! houston! katy!!!! i'm just lovin' it!!!!! i haven't taken many pics cuz i've been so busy just goin, goin, goin!!!!! and i haven't had my phone on me at all!!! i like it that way actually :) so i'll just do a bullet point thing of activities. taryn has been taking some good pics, videos, AND our engagements so that's what i'll post later :) right now it is 7:30 AM. i CANNOT sleep in. i am so used to waking up early for work and always being awake and not wasting a minute of my time because my to-do list is impossible to conquer........ so here- on vacay with everyone (but caleb) sleeping forever..... it kinda stinks cuz i could use more sleep but oh well :) i like spending early mornings with caleb. right now he is setting up one of our fav board games (survive) so i gotta go and play that with him. here is a pic we just took of us early morning birds catching worms!!

our life in chronological order
*chase and i on a plane (no snakes)
*taryn picked us up (adventures of her getting lost, wrong terminal, scaring each other, etc.)
*snuggling with mom immediately and laughing our heads off
*taryn taking some of our engagement in fulshear
*caleb had a school program (ppl watching 4th graders on bleachers = hilarious)
*played games
*my dad took off work! awesome!
*delish dad breakfast (dad wasn't the ingredient. he was the chef)
*took more engagements! obsessed!
*went and impersonated joni's stepdaughter to get the discounted photoshop for t (it's confusing)
*bought a meal for a homeless man and it touched our hearts
*laughed our heads off all day (they're loving chase!)
*watched what would you do (a utah mormon version: all the scenarios were so mormon-esque.
ex. son coming out to his dad that he is gay in a public restaurant and dad freaking out
fiance breaking up with his fiancee very rudely because he found out she's not a virgin
dad meeting his white daughter's black boyfriend for the first time and freaking out
yeah you can see how they're trying to paint us in a bad light. but it actually made us look very loving and great for the most part....... except the super old ppl who were grumpy and close-minded! hahah)
*drive to drive to grant's soccer game. thunderstorm canceled it
*game home and played bastkeball in the rain
*went to Logan's (best restaurant on earth. tied with zupas)
*came home watched footloose (again)
*played games (yes!!! love that fam habit!)

and now it's the crack of dawn! gosh i'm loving life!!!!!!! just what i needed- a stress free wonderful time!!!!

some pics! more funny stories later :)

good ole slc airport

chase shocked by the mini urinals at caleb'ts elementary school! this was a good moment..... when they almost didn't let us in the school and i soiled my new clothes! close call! hahahah. tmi.

and i quote "did you take the pic in the middle of me chewing?" hahahahaha

i cannot wait for another beautiful day here in katy!!!! my home is heaven on earth :)

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