Thursday, March 29, 2012

i am the babysitter!

i swear i'm not baby hungry! yet my life is centered around these little beauties!!

i'm sitting in french class right now. yeah sorry for the bad example, but i'm passing and getting my moneys (my isn't the right word) worth!
but i need a little break because my brain is fried.
so what better relaxing activity than to blog! and tonight, when i'm with chase- he won't get annoyed that i'm bloggin' around him! two birds!

speaking of chase-time tonight....... i'm excited to babysit the children in a couple hours with chase :) they are such a hoot.
also i'm excited to have a late lunch with lauryn, too! it's been too long and it's going to be a little longer till we actually can have an evening to ourselves! but this lunch will hold me over.
so when chase and i babysat this last tuesday, we got the cutest footage! hence.
she was lovin this game and i'm not gonna lie- so was i!!! she is seriously the cutest!
millie has been learning sign language at her daycare and it's the cutest thing.
this is her trying to do the sign for "more."
she was getting quite upset that we were ending 'swinging time' and trying to take her in the house for dinner. she squirmed, wimpered, and repeatedly did the "more" sign. hahahaha. 
who could say no to that? i didn't. i let her have more!!!! so we swung for another 30 minutes! the days have been so beautiful lately and seeing a baby child happily playing- can't resist!!!

this is chase trying to wipe her nose. she can be a strong little fighter!! hahaha.  ps yes that is a jacket he is using.

she's a happy little clam again! getting her way! ps that swing has to be pushing on her stomach but she's oblivious!!! what a baby babe! 

oh buddy this gets me excited to babysit tonight!!! 
i'm also excited to babysit tomorrow night. yeah it's what i do. i'm just charitable like that! tomorrow i get to babysit this angel while the parents go on a much-needed date aka to the hunger games! 
oh this baby! 

oh hunger games!! loved it! want to see it again. chase isn't into seeing movies again and again like me- this calls for a lauryn date i'd say!!! anyways. 
then after the babysitting date, the next day k, l, c, and me are gonna party at lagoon minus the infant!!! happy almost birthday kelly! aka tomorrow!!!! 
you're welcome for your present ;) you'll see tomorrow!!! and for watching your most prized possession (except lance and your testimony) aka your child!!! when you go on your birthday date and you trust me with your child, i promise to paint her nails, pierce her ears, and read bedtime stories to her!!!

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Kelly said...

oh good. ive been meaning to take away her agency.