Tuesday, March 13, 2012

rodeo trip endin'

no time to talk really but always time for pics! they can do the talking for me! today is my last day in texas and that is tragic :( last night i was thinking "i really don't wanna go home!!!!!!" but a few things help me want to
*this sweet baby!
*my bridesmaid outfits are waiting for me in utah!
*seeing kelly's new moved-in settled house!
*watch the bachelor finale
*kiss laury laur
*get the semester over with and getting my married life rollin
*audrey's bridal shower, my bridal shower(s), and the mountains

yep yep there are some inspiriations. but not much. i have had the best time here! laughing, games, trampoline, hot tub, rodeo, family parties, games, games, wallball, basketball, missionary pday, engagement pics (more coming), shopping, out to eat, church, and just great family time! i love seeing chase as my family here :) love it!
p.s. this cutie keep shouting to all pedestrians and out into the texan air "yeee-hawwww!" and "howdy" and "yes ma'am, yes i did, ma'am!" hahahahahaha. he's lovin' his texan experience.

starting the rodeo fun!!! carnival time!
rollercoaster waitin'
yeah we all had mad skill and won a basketball each!!!
chase's first rodeo :) houston rodeo is the best. good intro!!!

rodeo concert! they know how to do it right. impressed to have fireworks in an enclosed stadium. 
LOVE zac brown band :)!!!!! colder weather (is where we're heading to soon)

this is my impressive drawing for my friend on the 'draw something' app. this was drawn when grant, tar, chase, and i were up till 1 am laughing our heads off- so you can see a little bit of loopiness and clever wit was put into this 
having a nice pacman breakfast
grant and i excited for hot tub time :)
we love this strong man!!
doing the chase face

p.s. at church sister peterson (the bishop's hilarious wife) is up at the front of the chapel and waving trying to get my attention. i see her and wave. she holds up a paper and it says "10" on it. i was confused and getting up to go talk to her then i realized she was calling chase a "10"!!! oh everyone loved him and kept saying how good we looked together. "i would look good with you"!!! i do look good with you!!!

and this was this lovely morning!!! came back from the bathroom and chase was snuggle in my bed. then we dog piled. caleb's toosh front and center!!!
i like my manly friends
a sneak peek! next blog post= all about the engagement shoots!!!!


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Is your hair darker? It is soooo cute! We are so sad to have to miss your huge day in May, but we're having fun following your preps!