Saturday, March 3, 2012

some neices

some neice time :)
this week has been crazy. i have needed to babysit my neices more than my usual 2 days a week because..... that's what family does! we are there for each other. it's been great and i am grateful for all the lovin' time and laughs with my neices! And for Chase's hilariousness with them! They love him!
So here are just some vids and pics for your enjoyment and for my personal history!!! 

well i must be off! it's a busy day today! helping kelly and lance move up to layton! AND chase and i have the privilege of speaking at someone's baptism today. the missionaries have been working with ____ (we don't know their name) for a while and the bishop asked us to give the two talks. it was unexpected to be asked but i am so supportive of this amazing decision for them to come closer to God and I'm stoked to share this day with them!! after today, i hope to be bosom buddies with them! i'm teaching them about the gift of the Holy Spirit!! i'm making it personal and doctrinally juicy!! of course i would accept this request and pray hard for the Spirit to be present as I teach about the Spirit! I'll let you know how it goes!

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