Sunday, March 18, 2012

technology is scary

today has been an interesting day to say the least.......
reader's digest version of how today started out. a man calls the anderson's land-line because their home phone number has been showing up on his wife's cell phone bill and his wife has been texting back. um...... excuse me?? so it turns out I AM THE ONE consoling him on the phone and explaining that it's a land line and it's impossible that it is us and that it could be from or some other weird internet site where you can make it look like it's from any random phone number to get them off your tracks. but it's so strange and i can't believe the phone bill wouldn't say anything more detailed. and we cannot text from their home phone.
there is more details to the story but that's enough for the blog!
i really feel soooo sorry for this sweet man. he was bearing his soul and hurting about how his life is falling apart. keep him in your prayers, i am!
how sad! and bizarre!
oh boy is technology scary! yes i do know this man's name. yes i do know his wife's name. and his cell phone provider. and his emotional distraught. and his personal life! and way too much! i'm just a young engaged woman with bright hope for my future and in the sanctity of marriage!! yikes!!! i want to help him! but how?! oh technology is scary!
and during a skype session today, my dad shared with me this article in the ensign this month! very relevant!

then chase spoke with a high councilman in another ward today and his talk was beautiful. it was on humility. he talked about Victor Garcia (tsquare sisters know the one! yah for a good example of how humility makes a difference and a differnece in your testimony. and he also was encouraged to tell the old folk to be more humble and serve missions! listen to the brethren! the Lord needs more senior missionaries!!!
then the high councilman that spoke was interesting.... he was condemning ppl BY NAME from the pulpit in the stake and in the community and just going on tangents and it was great- but not in a good way really. but i did feel the spirit during the instance when he was talking about the special spirit you feel when you are living an obedient life. it's so true! the spirit of obedience is powerful!

and then we had a nice beautiful sit down meal after church and i just skyped my family in texas. oh happy interesting day!
oh another exciting fact- my sister is having a baby this week!!!!!! i'm excited!!!! good luck shelbs! and josh too!! and aubs! and little pencil aka andrew!

now some pics for your delightment! i have been able to get some good school work done and relax a lot because practically EVERYTHING for May 3 is done :) all i have left is to get my invitations and stuff 'em and send 'em out!!! oh now i can truly love being engaged!

yesterday we had a fun spontaneous date with L&D up in salt lake. we went and snooped at the new debut City Creek Mall!!! and then actually went into the Harmon's. I was blown away! I'm so excited to go to the opening weekend premier next weekend! And hunger games! And tour the Masonic temple! And go to Audrey's bridal shower! Holla!
Ciara had prom this weekend. As you can tell.
hand on the trigger. serious. you're welcome, kelly.
tyler didn't even know what to do with himself when he drove up to the house! he handled it fairly well! what a cute couple! fun night for them!
It's pulling teeth to get this man to take a serious picture!! 
oh good!! love this fiancé of mine!
pretty much silhouettes but The Garden was delicious! best artichoke/spinach dip ever! and best company! spent all dinner talking about ted bundy and other disturbing killers/perverts. how nice on temple square!
well i was in slc.... so had to go to uptown cheapskates of course. what does this mean to you? free parking, right?! well i put my card in just to make sure and when i put my card in it said "free parking." so we went shopping and came back with a big fat pink ticket on my wield shield. at least it wasn't from byu otherwise there'd be helk to pay! but still..... not ANOTHER parking issue! the office isn't open till monday but boy oh boy will they get a mouthful.... from chase. they always listen to men more!
the craft i impulsively thought of this weekend and made! it took only like 4 hours from buying the materials to the finished product! i love it! goes well with my blog title i believe :) chase didn't wanna be photo'ed so he just held it up for me to snap the pic!!!! it's gonna look so cute in our new house in a couple months!! :) less than a couple months! how long exactly?
6 weeks 4 days :)!!!!!!!!!!

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Karin and Ben said...

I love you guys. And you, mostly. And I am so excited for you and your beautiful wedding!!!!!!!

Haha I also LOVED your comment on my blog about being a domestic beauty . . aren't I? Aren't I?! Okay enough.

Love you.