Friday, April 27, 2012

last friday night

last friday night (not the song) but the phrase I'm saying..... this is the last friday night before i am Mrs. Anderson!!
Here I am missin' the heck outta this big guy!!!!

He is working hard while I'm babysitting hard. I'm up in Ltown babysitting Reagan and missing Chase. Reagan is sleeping peacefully and I'm "watching" aka reciting Gilmore Girls and missing Chase. I am so happy I'm marrying him in 6 days. I know people say being engaged is hard for a lot of different reasons- sexy time isn't our problem- it's more of all the stress and tension and us always being in the spotlight that is driving me crazy! i'm so ready to enjoy the wedding and start married life. quite, secluded, private, lovely married life!! there is so much to look forward to! my family bridal shower is tomorrow and i'm so stoked for that! then we're meeting with the stake pres for our sealing recommend sunday. my mom, taryn, and shelbs are coming in town monday.  i have a beautifying day. bridals shoot. my dad and brothers fly in. hiking the y. more of the wedding party fly in! setting up the reception and the WEDDING day!!!! man oh man i cannot wait!! 
 i love family!
speaking of family- pls keep chase's grandma hanks in your prayers. she is in the hospital, having surgery, and doing her best. the andersons have had a funeral right before a wedding before but not this time! grandma hanks is gonna be lovin may 3 and looking beautiful! pls keep her in your prayers.

charlotte and millie bonding and loving the hospital and the big windows
angel baby sleeping beauty
i miss her, too, now. all alone with my gilmore girls. eh who am i kidding- that's a great night!

p.s. chase and i have been having a lot of "discussions" of how intense, organized, "controlling" (his words not mine), planned, anticipationer, efficient, and productive woman i am and 
then he says, "you're like hitler! stalin! and clinton! all rolled into one!" 
he's such a sweetheart to me, that one! i get to be with him forever! i love him so much!!!
poor clinton- he's categorized with them. oh chase is a loyal republican.  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the bridesmaids


most of them will just be flattered because these are from their profile pics. aka they must think they look hott in the pic and why not? THEY ARE!!! smokin' hott wedding party coming your way!

This is Annie Clark. Annie not Anne. Oh hello beautiful RM that just got back from England and also is dating up a storm with her beau! She is a harp genius- hence the picture! She has great hair and a burning testimony. She is from California! We have been roommates/ besties since my very first minute on campus summer term of freshman year! She has been a big part of my BYU journey and has been with Chase and I from the beginning! She is classy and she is the kindest! Annie Clark!

the one and only sister of mine :) Shelby Loud! I couldn't find a single picture of her by herself- so hence! But these are two babes that I love!! She is a nurse living in California with her beautiful family! She is older and wiser than me and I have been blessed to have her as my older sister! She has gorgeous hair and the best smile! She looks like my beloved mom and I like that :) She is the best mom to her two babies and a very smart woman! She has been with me since I can remember and still sticking by me! We talk everyday on the phone almost and I love her to bits!! Shelby Loud!

this is Jessica Anderson! My future sister-in law! She is married to one of Chase's older twin brothers! She is beautiful and gives redheads a beautiful name! She is a hardworker and lives in Vegas! She has the most precious son. She has a great sense of movies and tv shows! We bond over mystery, homicide, thriller type shows! She helped me feel welcome to the Anderson family immediately. She is a Ute fan but I don't hold that against her! She has a rockin' bod and a rockin' soul, too!! Jessica Anderson!

this is Amanda Wilder. she is from Indiana! she's the best friend i needed and loved when I lived in Indiana. Imagine your favorite super hero.... then mix that with Jim Gaffigan and Bryan Reagan and a little bit of the controversial bad hardcore dixie chics..... and that will get Amanda! she is amazing and flying all the way out from Indi for the wedding :) Let me tell you a little bit about her. She is gorgeous, works at my old Elementary school, has an equally smokin' hott bf, has a great huge wonderful family that is like my second family, and loves adventure! Amanda Wilder, ladies and gents!

This is Kina Anderson. She is married to the other brother of Chase that's a twin. She is a babe! Kina was one of the best writers to me when I was on my mission. I'll never forget that! Kina is the most nice angel and really inspires me to be nicer! She is one of the strongest people I know and I truly feel unconditional love from her. She works for the church and has an awesome attitude and job! She works out like a body builder and has the prettiest face! She has a beautiful favored daughter and she loves the outdoors! I first met Kina when we all went camping and she helped me have such a good time and find my place with the Anderson fam! She is a great blogger and a beautiful friend. Kina Anderson!

This is Taryn Farrell! This picture says it all! Stylish sexy mamma! She is not a mamma yet but she will have gorgeous plump children that thin out beautifully! She is like a sister and another member of the Schroedter family. I met Taryn when she got baptized almost two years ago! She is from Texas and will soon be joining me in Utah for school! She is a talented photographer and also loves to read- she's introduced me to some of my favorite books! She took my engagements and will take pics for my bridals and wedding, too! Taryn and I have made so many memories in a compact time! She inspires me and has a strong diligent testimony! She has some pretty strong feelings for my cherished brother Taylor and I like that :) She will be the one kissing the cardboard cut out at the wedding! Taryn has great style and a great closet! She is great with children and she is someone everyone should get to know! Taryn Farrell.

This is Heidi Hansen! Soon to be Heidi Alatorre. She was my third companion at Temple Square and truly sent from God! She is a nurse and from California! She just got engaged and will be marrying her pre-mi lover too! He is in the army so she'll be a traveling machine! I cannot wait for her wedding at the end of the summer. She has a great family and a great sense of humor. She is a great missionary and a greater return missionary. She is selling in Texas this summer so she'll be fallin in love with Texas soon! She is beautiful with stems that touch the sky! I'm excited to see her next week! Heidi Hansen!

This is Kelly Brunson. She has been my best friend since freshman year at BYU! She has taught me what an unconditional, hilarious friend is! She, too, was an anchor during, before, and after my mission. Her letters and jokes always made for a great read and boost of happiness! She has a great extended family and a great new-ish (happy 2 year soon) family! Great husband and perfect daughter! Kelly is a great mom and domestic provider. I aspire to be as wonderful of a wife and mother as her. She is one of the smartest people I know, but very humble and downplays all her knowledge! I like that! She has helped me a lot prepare for the wedding, find good deals, and be organized with starting my life with Chase! She is always a text and phone call or hour drive away! I need that! She is always there for me and doing a great job at being a bridesmaid. She threw me a wonderful bridal shower and already let it slip what wedding present she bought me! She is beautiful, constant in the gospel, and loving life always! Kelly Brunson.

This is Ciara! My favorite sister of Chase! She is absolutely hilarious. When she tries to be funny, she succeeds. When she doesn't try to be funny, she succeeds in being funny! She is a great friend and sister. She is beautiful! We have so many memories together and so many pictures! Being with her while Chase couldn't be with me was vital!!! We snuggle. We laugh. We dance. We jazzy. We rock! She has a great sense of style, hair, and make up! She has many boys and I like that! She works hard and plays hard! She does great in school and is a BYU fan! She has a great life and is a grateful person! I am so happy to be sealed to her in 9 days! I love Ciara! Ciara Anderson!

This is Lauryn Koski. My cousin and best friend! This is the only pic that wasn't a profile pic of all these bunches!!!  but she had no single profile pics because she is so beloved and popular that everyone has to be in her profile pics. (well she did have one where she was fishing but i like this pic better) I love fishing with the Ross fam! Anyways- this is a picture of her engaged and happy. She now is married and she, too, has helped me prepare and head into marriage more confident and excited! I love her husband who now is also my cousin! She lives in Utah and I like that! She has always been a blessing in my life and I like that! We have been through it all. the woods! karaoking! four-wheeling! accidents! tanning! tacobell runs! dancing! roadtrips! rollercoasters! etc!! If you want to meet the nicest precious soul to walk the planet- find her at the wedding! We are a great pair and I'm sad I missed her wedding (4 week period of the MTC of course!) but I'm glad she is here for mine! She is a great game player and we dominate together! I love our date nights, movie nights, eating nights, and talking nights! She truly was a rock and let me be the crucial third wheel for those two years! I love her to pieces and am excited her finals are over tomorrow so we can play! Lauryn Koski.

This is Mary Moody! She is a rock! her testimony. her body. her friendship!! I love this girl! She is a beautiful mother, wife, and best friend! She became my other half when I moved to Singapore in 5th grade! She had history in Texas at the same time as me, too! She is a great dancer! A beautiful photographer. A poetic writer. and a BYU graduate smartie! She has so many talents and keeps developing new ones, too! Mary and her family are priceless to me and have been apart of my life the moment we met! There is something special about our friendship and nothing fades it! She made such a beautiful bride- as you see! and she will be a beautiful bridesmaid! Mary Moody!

Yes there are 11. But they are each vital, important, and cherished by me! I am so lucky to have such a beautiful bridesmaid clan! They will make my special day even more special and memorable! Thank you, babes, so much!


one of the best decisions i ever made was to not plan my wedding the day after finals were over. i now have had 2 full weeks to relax, go to work, and do whatever i need to prepare and de-stress! it's been glorious! and i have another week to do the same. i thought i might be anxious if i gave myself too much downtime before the wedding but that's just not the case! this great time has felt like a vacation. it has caused my eyes to lose the dark circles and bags. my spirit to have a lot of time to feast on the good word. my skin to get back to normal. my eating to get healthier. and time to primp and beautify! my sleep to get caught up and stocked up! it has been a good decision all around! it has caused for 2 things: no internet access at our new abode that we're moving in and settling in and also not much to actually blog about because my life has been so chilled out! oh glorious! but i am sooooooooooooooooo excited that in less than 9 days i will be getting married to that boy worth the wait!!! it's gonna be even better than the dreams and daydreams that bombard me! get excited with me!!! and don't forget- come may 3 :) if you didn't get an invite and want one- i'll see what i can do but they are all out and the ones that have come back- i've been able to fix and resend!!! oh the wedding. oh summertime. oh how wonderful it is to me!
get ready to be slapped with color! it's gonna be legit!

driving has become even better! always lifts my spirits :)

i love house guests!
yesteday garrett and becca were two that came over (@diff times) and kept me company while garrett was at work. i also walked to becca's- aka five seconds away! literally not even a block away! i can see her complex from my house!! 
and this lovely pic is from a while ago but needs to be recorded. i was talking about bowels and what not and lauryn conveniently caught a pic at this exact time! it is amazing!

as the relaxing has taken effect i've gotten into gilmore girls....again! started with episode one season one! now on season two and i'm loving it. i'm reminded why i've been such a gg fan all these years!

this was just a little mock set up for the reception in the kitchen i was trying out- but i actually think i might make it a permanent set up in the kitchen. i like it :) one of the perks of waiting for two years- lots of proof of love letters :) worth it!

some vainness! everyday i do this- and send it to chase when he's at work. it's normal. 

and he send me gorgeous ones like this! he wins!

this lovely game carried on over three days. there were real fights and pouting that occured but plain and simple- chase won. i was set up to win but he's more strategic, mean, and better. 

and a triple date that happened friday night! it was suh-weet! then the next night nick's bday shindig at buffola wild wings. delish! i love ufc fighters and how the guy knocked out wins.....

and i can't get this to flip but we love croquet. and so will our wedding guests :) shelbs had it at her wedding, too!

ok well that's enough blogging. better get back to relaxing!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

almost final free!!!!

i am almost free!!! well i don't think i'll actually feel free until my mom and taryn are in town to carry my burden and the wedding is fully happening- it's a week long event :)!
but i am pretty much practically almost free! today has been a busy day. in fact this whole week has. studying for finals. moving chase into our house. moving 90% of my crap precious possessions to our new house. making big purchases to fund, settle, and stock a new house. oh boy oh boy!!! and this morning me and chase woke up at the crack of dawn and came to campus! chase has taken a final, wrote a 6 pg paper, and is on his 10 page paper. i have taken 2 finals and in 45 minutes am taking my last scheduled final and will be done done done with all 5- check!!! be excited because i am! i am almost free!!!!

but loads has happened since i last blogged- and i like it  that way. so much has happened that i am wiped out. i am in the wilk basement by the computer lab on my labtop and, i kid you not, i could probably lie down on this tile in the middle of passing strangers and sleep for at least four hours straight. i am tired! but i am almost able to take naps whenever i want (minus the work schedule)!!!!

so let's play some catch up! ketchup! catch up!
disclaimer: i did steal some of these pics from people's blogs! aka kell and laur. i wish i had remembered to take a big group pic at my bridal shower but i did not!
i did take a pic of all my "presents" and sent them to taryn via phone pic message...... so i guess i could post those and that could represent the people who gave them to me..... or i'll just list their names so i'll remember who came :) kelly, lance, reagan, lauryn, ciara, alison, audrey, bj, mary, sarah, melissa, becca, christine, emma, amy, kendra, lisa, and myself! and lots of buns in the oven (pun!) well not really because we didn't use the oven- just waffle makers were cooking...... it was a delicious party!!

this is me answering questions that chase already answered (hence his face on the computer screen) i had to eat a lot of bubble gum!!! but i got majority of the q's right. we know each other well and we play the newlywed game all the time when we're commuting back and forth! ps no more commuting!

this is a cleaning up pic post party! yes i did wash my face before this pic!! the beautiful flowers kelly gave me that are livening up my house right now :) they're lasting a long time- I love them!!

yesterday, laur, chase, and i went to the Bijou market! it was adorable- if i hadn't thrown so much cash at things lately- i woulda picked up a few things. but i'm learning to not spend more than you earn!! it's an interesting concept!  i've never been in debt in my life and it actually does terrify me that it could sneak up on you. so i'm not allowing it to sneak- i am staying far away from that ledge!

yes i may or may not have forgotten to send wedding invites to TWO of the most important ppl. so these are late and handwritten. more personal that way- they should feel lucky! two of my very own bridesmaids. oh freak nasty!

these are daily pic messages me and chase send when we don't see each other the whole day! NO MORE! he is officially a provo resident!that makes me the most happy of anything this whole week!
and some sneak peaks of our new abode!! i don't wanna post too much till it's complete, decorated, officially both of ours, and all cute! 

some pics we've hung!!! i love this home! 

p.s. final story! my fiancĂ© can finally see! yesterday he had to go to the eye doctor and they dilated his eyes- i wish i woulda taken a pic right away because he literally looked like a vampire that had just feasted on animal blood! he had no iris! pure black!!! and since his eyes are blue it was a big contrast!!! this is a pic of his pupil shrinking but look how large that pupil still is! poor guy! i drug him all over and he wore sunglasses all day because he was blind and everything hurt his eyes. the best was when we were stocking up at the grocery store and i needed help with reading labels and finding things- psh useless! but he was such a trooper and so cute to just come along and try to give his two-cents! i love this blue-eyed man so much!!! 2.5 weeks! cannot wait to celebrate and party on May 3!!!! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 rays of sunshine

3 things I need to dote on!
Today I have had more than 3 things damage, hurt, and/or make me cry.......... but I've had even more things make me smile, bless me, and be underservingly great!
These are 3 of those things :)

i got a BIG chunk of my invites out today! 
exhale! i feel blessed and relieved!!
little lauryn loo helped me yesterday so lovingly stuff, seal, and organize these invites!
thank you friends, 16 and pregnant, and ellen for helping the time pass so quickly!
and then annie helped me stamp them all today!
4 paper cuts later, one exciting hand off to the post lady, and voila- c'est fini!

i cannot express the joy this little angel gives me. she is a smarty cutie bootie! i love watching her through the window at daycare before I go in to get her (not in a creeper way- but in an admiring way) and see her interacting so cute with the other little toddlers and just looking like a mini-me all cute and blissful!

and this came in the mail today! yes it is amazing! 
yes i chose this picture specifically (notice the stern face and the book of mormon in his hand) 
i'm going to leav a stack of book of mormons for-the-taking on a table by him at the reception! he's doing missionary work all over the place!! it breaks my heart that he can't be there in person but hey- at least i have this awesome relic!
along with this picture i need to talk about the other stud in it!! i need to say how amazing chase has been. 
imagine being engaged to an irrational, birth-control-ruled, daily-sick, wedding-stressed whiney baby??? yeah it doesn't sound so pleasant. it is not.  
yet, this hero of mine STILL acts like he is the most blessed soul on the planet to be engaged to me, a raging lunatic. he has been so good. 
he is never slow to say sorry. never hesitant to kiss it better. never annoyed to shower me with words of affirmation. never unwilling to lend a helping hand!!! 
thank you so much, chase! i feel blessed to be loved by you and to have you to love :) love you.

polic beat!

i never thought this day would come! i hoped it would and now it has :)

 it's been a life goal. i love being a victorious winner!!!! my life is almost complete!!

March 27 – A male was reported taking picture of females from a low angle. When approached by officers, he said he was taking video for a film class and offered to show them the footage. Officers viewed the footage and did not find any offensive material. They also verified his enrollment in the film class.

it was justified. i promise you that!!!

thanks to chase's lookout and my dialing skills!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

pic message moments

i'm just sitting at home (for once) and waiting for the bathrom to free up- oh hello melinda. shout out! awk! no one is judging. ps she's only been in there for 30 seconds. not too long. bahahah. anyways. just wanted to write a baby bit.

love this sisterly love and spending time with these princesses! 
a cute pic message chase sent me while he was boring in class
so i sent him this back :)
and then this pic message
chase thinks i always and only embarrass everyone else but myself on my blog. well duh- i write it! but i want to prove him wrong. hence this pic- it was a pic i sent chase in his boring history class..... saying i missed him. 
i really wanted to post this boss pic of chase wearing booty shorts and taking his tshirt and pulling it through the top collar ( you know how you used to make belly shirts in 3rd grade) hahahhah. so much pale, beautiful, flashy skin!!!! oh this beautiful pic is on my phone but i promised i wouldn't blog it..... so if u see it in person- ask me to show it to you! so blah blah blah my point is- i don't try to embarass him and i do respect his wishes. i embarass myself with pathetically sappy pics of myself! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

lagoon goons!

Sidenote: we could not get any lazier. Ok well maybe we can. Soon we'll have machines bathing, wiping, shaving, and brushing our hair for us- hands free! i cannot believe this!!!

Anyways just got in from playing some football in the front yard! Boy is it cold...... again! This fickle weather. However, it was glorious this weekend!! especially on Lagoon day!!!!

it was this beautiful girl's birthday! happy birthday kelly!!! i love you befriever! (yeah that kinda sounds like beiber!! but i combined best friend forever)

before lagoon- we babysat this little angel the night before while the birthday couple went to hunger games and tucanos! she was such a doll! hence! proof! ta da.

she'll be walking in no time! entertaining herself while we're doing homework!
the only problem we encountered was her spitting her peas. not just dribbling down her chin but full on hacking 'em out with force!

i just want this on my blog to capture this precious moment. i love my brother and my neice!

ok back to lagoon.

soaked after we kissed under the waterfall for raging rapids. we had to. we rode it once with us all standing and running away from water. then we rode it again and promised to not move or get up no matter what. oh boy! we also got soaked on the log ride. 

great part about theme parks and unusual events- we can splurge on extra delicious treats!!

excited for the day!

the love birds in back- ticked that the ride kept getting stopped every two seconds. obese ppl getting on and off can be dangerous!

the train ride to see the well-kept animals. oh good.

enjoying our skyride!!

the birthday girl with her fav man!

i love lagoon! wicked is my fav. with a close second for colossul!! the best was after blast off and re-entry and the samarai.... i puked. then the ferris wheel. then puked some more. nasty puking. splattering on the shoes, puking up old medicine, orange juice burning kinda puking! but after that passed..... i went back to the rides and enjoyed the day! it was the best! thanks for having a birthday kelly and treating chase and i with y'all's presence and the beautiful day! 

me and chase finally did a live session at the salt lake temple. love that temple more most things in life!!!!! sacred place!  
p.s. conference was awesome. i have some catching up to do and it's a good way to get ready every morning with conference playing and starting your day off right!

driving from bdale to provo early in the mornings to get to work on time- beautiful sunrises greet me!

and to leave you with more randomness: here