Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 rays of sunshine

3 things I need to dote on!
Today I have had more than 3 things damage, hurt, and/or make me cry.......... but I've had even more things make me smile, bless me, and be underservingly great!
These are 3 of those things :)

i got a BIG chunk of my invites out today! 
exhale! i feel blessed and relieved!!
little lauryn loo helped me yesterday so lovingly stuff, seal, and organize these invites!
thank you friends, 16 and pregnant, and ellen for helping the time pass so quickly!
and then annie helped me stamp them all today!
4 paper cuts later, one exciting hand off to the post lady, and voila- c'est fini!

i cannot express the joy this little angel gives me. she is a smarty cutie bootie! i love watching her through the window at daycare before I go in to get her (not in a creeper way- but in an admiring way) and see her interacting so cute with the other little toddlers and just looking like a mini-me all cute and blissful!

and this came in the mail today! yes it is amazing! 
yes i chose this picture specifically (notice the stern face and the book of mormon in his hand) 
i'm going to leav a stack of book of mormons for-the-taking on a table by him at the reception! he's doing missionary work all over the place!! it breaks my heart that he can't be there in person but hey- at least i have this awesome relic!
along with this picture i need to talk about the other stud in it!! i need to say how amazing chase has been. 
imagine being engaged to an irrational, birth-control-ruled, daily-sick, wedding-stressed whiney baby??? yeah it doesn't sound so pleasant. it is not.  
yet, this hero of mine STILL acts like he is the most blessed soul on the planet to be engaged to me, a raging lunatic. he has been so good. 
he is never slow to say sorry. never hesitant to kiss it better. never annoyed to shower me with words of affirmation. never unwilling to lend a helping hand!!! 
thank you so much, chase! i feel blessed to be loved by you and to have you to love :) love you.

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