Saturday, April 14, 2012

almost final free!!!!

i am almost free!!! well i don't think i'll actually feel free until my mom and taryn are in town to carry my burden and the wedding is fully happening- it's a week long event :)!
but i am pretty much practically almost free! today has been a busy day. in fact this whole week has. studying for finals. moving chase into our house. moving 90% of my crap precious possessions to our new house. making big purchases to fund, settle, and stock a new house. oh boy oh boy!!! and this morning me and chase woke up at the crack of dawn and came to campus! chase has taken a final, wrote a 6 pg paper, and is on his 10 page paper. i have taken 2 finals and in 45 minutes am taking my last scheduled final and will be done done done with all 5- check!!! be excited because i am! i am almost free!!!!

but loads has happened since i last blogged- and i like it  that way. so much has happened that i am wiped out. i am in the wilk basement by the computer lab on my labtop and, i kid you not, i could probably lie down on this tile in the middle of passing strangers and sleep for at least four hours straight. i am tired! but i am almost able to take naps whenever i want (minus the work schedule)!!!!

so let's play some catch up! ketchup! catch up!
disclaimer: i did steal some of these pics from people's blogs! aka kell and laur. i wish i had remembered to take a big group pic at my bridal shower but i did not!
i did take a pic of all my "presents" and sent them to taryn via phone pic message...... so i guess i could post those and that could represent the people who gave them to me..... or i'll just list their names so i'll remember who came :) kelly, lance, reagan, lauryn, ciara, alison, audrey, bj, mary, sarah, melissa, becca, christine, emma, amy, kendra, lisa, and myself! and lots of buns in the oven (pun!) well not really because we didn't use the oven- just waffle makers were cooking...... it was a delicious party!!

this is me answering questions that chase already answered (hence his face on the computer screen) i had to eat a lot of bubble gum!!! but i got majority of the q's right. we know each other well and we play the newlywed game all the time when we're commuting back and forth! ps no more commuting!

this is a cleaning up pic post party! yes i did wash my face before this pic!! the beautiful flowers kelly gave me that are livening up my house right now :) they're lasting a long time- I love them!!

yesterday, laur, chase, and i went to the Bijou market! it was adorable- if i hadn't thrown so much cash at things lately- i woulda picked up a few things. but i'm learning to not spend more than you earn!! it's an interesting concept!  i've never been in debt in my life and it actually does terrify me that it could sneak up on you. so i'm not allowing it to sneak- i am staying far away from that ledge!

yes i may or may not have forgotten to send wedding invites to TWO of the most important ppl. so these are late and handwritten. more personal that way- they should feel lucky! two of my very own bridesmaids. oh freak nasty!

these are daily pic messages me and chase send when we don't see each other the whole day! NO MORE! he is officially a provo resident!that makes me the most happy of anything this whole week!
and some sneak peaks of our new abode!! i don't wanna post too much till it's complete, decorated, officially both of ours, and all cute! 

some pics we've hung!!! i love this home! 

p.s. final story! my fiancĂ© can finally see! yesterday he had to go to the eye doctor and they dilated his eyes- i wish i woulda taken a pic right away because he literally looked like a vampire that had just feasted on animal blood! he had no iris! pure black!!! and since his eyes are blue it was a big contrast!!! this is a pic of his pupil shrinking but look how large that pupil still is! poor guy! i drug him all over and he wore sunglasses all day because he was blind and everything hurt his eyes. the best was when we were stocking up at the grocery store and i needed help with reading labels and finding things- psh useless! but he was such a trooper and so cute to just come along and try to give his two-cents! i love this blue-eyed man so much!!! 2.5 weeks! cannot wait to celebrate and party on May 3!!!! 

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Kelly said...

remember when you forgot to send me an invite and i cried?