Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the bridesmaids


most of them will just be flattered because these are from their profile pics. aka they must think they look hott in the pic and why not? THEY ARE!!! smokin' hott wedding party coming your way!

This is Annie Clark. Annie not Anne. Oh hello beautiful RM that just got back from England and also is dating up a storm with her beau! She is a harp genius- hence the picture! She has great hair and a burning testimony. She is from California! We have been roommates/ besties since my very first minute on campus summer term of freshman year! She has been a big part of my BYU journey and has been with Chase and I from the beginning! She is classy and she is the kindest! Annie Clark!

the one and only sister of mine :) Shelby Loud! I couldn't find a single picture of her by herself- so hence! But these are two babes that I love!! She is a nurse living in California with her beautiful family! She is older and wiser than me and I have been blessed to have her as my older sister! She has gorgeous hair and the best smile! She looks like my beloved mom and I like that :) She is the best mom to her two babies and a very smart woman! She has been with me since I can remember and still sticking by me! We talk everyday on the phone almost and I love her to bits!! Shelby Loud!

this is Jessica Anderson! My future sister-in law! She is married to one of Chase's older twin brothers! She is beautiful and gives redheads a beautiful name! She is a hardworker and lives in Vegas! She has the most precious son. She has a great sense of movies and tv shows! We bond over mystery, homicide, thriller type shows! She helped me feel welcome to the Anderson family immediately. She is a Ute fan but I don't hold that against her! She has a rockin' bod and a rockin' soul, too!! Jessica Anderson!

this is Amanda Wilder. she is from Indiana! she's the best friend i needed and loved when I lived in Indiana. Imagine your favorite super hero.... then mix that with Jim Gaffigan and Bryan Reagan and a little bit of the controversial bad hardcore dixie chics..... and that will get Amanda! she is amazing and flying all the way out from Indi for the wedding :) Let me tell you a little bit about her. She is gorgeous, works at my old Elementary school, has an equally smokin' hott bf, has a great huge wonderful family that is like my second family, and loves adventure! Amanda Wilder, ladies and gents!

This is Kina Anderson. She is married to the other brother of Chase that's a twin. She is a babe! Kina was one of the best writers to me when I was on my mission. I'll never forget that! Kina is the most nice angel and really inspires me to be nicer! She is one of the strongest people I know and I truly feel unconditional love from her. She works for the church and has an awesome attitude and job! She works out like a body builder and has the prettiest face! She has a beautiful favored daughter and she loves the outdoors! I first met Kina when we all went camping and she helped me have such a good time and find my place with the Anderson fam! She is a great blogger and a beautiful friend. Kina Anderson!

This is Taryn Farrell! This picture says it all! Stylish sexy mamma! She is not a mamma yet but she will have gorgeous plump children that thin out beautifully! She is like a sister and another member of the Schroedter family. I met Taryn when she got baptized almost two years ago! She is from Texas and will soon be joining me in Utah for school! She is a talented photographer and also loves to read- she's introduced me to some of my favorite books! She took my engagements and will take pics for my bridals and wedding, too! Taryn and I have made so many memories in a compact time! She inspires me and has a strong diligent testimony! She has some pretty strong feelings for my cherished brother Taylor and I like that :) She will be the one kissing the cardboard cut out at the wedding! Taryn has great style and a great closet! She is great with children and she is someone everyone should get to know! Taryn Farrell.

This is Heidi Hansen! Soon to be Heidi Alatorre. She was my third companion at Temple Square and truly sent from God! She is a nurse and from California! She just got engaged and will be marrying her pre-mi lover too! He is in the army so she'll be a traveling machine! I cannot wait for her wedding at the end of the summer. She has a great family and a great sense of humor. She is a great missionary and a greater return missionary. She is selling in Texas this summer so she'll be fallin in love with Texas soon! She is beautiful with stems that touch the sky! I'm excited to see her next week! Heidi Hansen!

This is Kelly Brunson. She has been my best friend since freshman year at BYU! She has taught me what an unconditional, hilarious friend is! She, too, was an anchor during, before, and after my mission. Her letters and jokes always made for a great read and boost of happiness! She has a great extended family and a great new-ish (happy 2 year soon) family! Great husband and perfect daughter! Kelly is a great mom and domestic provider. I aspire to be as wonderful of a wife and mother as her. She is one of the smartest people I know, but very humble and downplays all her knowledge! I like that! She has helped me a lot prepare for the wedding, find good deals, and be organized with starting my life with Chase! She is always a text and phone call or hour drive away! I need that! She is always there for me and doing a great job at being a bridesmaid. She threw me a wonderful bridal shower and already let it slip what wedding present she bought me! She is beautiful, constant in the gospel, and loving life always! Kelly Brunson.

This is Ciara! My favorite sister of Chase! She is absolutely hilarious. When she tries to be funny, she succeeds. When she doesn't try to be funny, she succeeds in being funny! She is a great friend and sister. She is beautiful! We have so many memories together and so many pictures! Being with her while Chase couldn't be with me was vital!!! We snuggle. We laugh. We dance. We jazzy. We rock! She has a great sense of style, hair, and make up! She has many boys and I like that! She works hard and plays hard! She does great in school and is a BYU fan! She has a great life and is a grateful person! I am so happy to be sealed to her in 9 days! I love Ciara! Ciara Anderson!

This is Lauryn Koski. My cousin and best friend! This is the only pic that wasn't a profile pic of all these bunches!!!  but she had no single profile pics because she is so beloved and popular that everyone has to be in her profile pics. (well she did have one where she was fishing but i like this pic better) I love fishing with the Ross fam! Anyways- this is a picture of her engaged and happy. She now is married and she, too, has helped me prepare and head into marriage more confident and excited! I love her husband who now is also my cousin! She lives in Utah and I like that! She has always been a blessing in my life and I like that! We have been through it all. the woods! karaoking! four-wheeling! accidents! tanning! tacobell runs! dancing! roadtrips! rollercoasters! etc!! If you want to meet the nicest precious soul to walk the planet- find her at the wedding! We are a great pair and I'm sad I missed her wedding (4 week period of the MTC of course!) but I'm glad she is here for mine! She is a great game player and we dominate together! I love our date nights, movie nights, eating nights, and talking nights! She truly was a rock and let me be the crucial third wheel for those two years! I love her to pieces and am excited her finals are over tomorrow so we can play! Lauryn Koski.

This is Mary Moody! She is a rock! her testimony. her body. her friendship!! I love this girl! She is a beautiful mother, wife, and best friend! She became my other half when I moved to Singapore in 5th grade! She had history in Texas at the same time as me, too! She is a great dancer! A beautiful photographer. A poetic writer. and a BYU graduate smartie! She has so many talents and keeps developing new ones, too! Mary and her family are priceless to me and have been apart of my life the moment we met! There is something special about our friendship and nothing fades it! She made such a beautiful bride- as you see! and she will be a beautiful bridesmaid! Mary Moody!

Yes there are 11. But they are each vital, important, and cherished by me! I am so lucky to have such a beautiful bridesmaid clan! They will make my special day even more special and memorable! Thank you, babes, so much!


Kelly said...

i dont get credit for introducing you to chase kind of? also please do a post on the groomsmen now.

taryn said...

i might not being able to make it.

Kina Lambert-Anderson said...

K, you're adorable! Thanks for the kind words - I needed that today. :) Hugs.

Shelby Alisa said...

Congratulations Marissa! You look so happy with Chase and I know you all will have a blessed life! I cant believe you are getting married though. I cant wait to see the pictures of you and Chase from the big day as well as all those beautiful bridesmaids!