Monday, April 2, 2012

lagoon goons!

Sidenote: we could not get any lazier. Ok well maybe we can. Soon we'll have machines bathing, wiping, shaving, and brushing our hair for us- hands free! i cannot believe this!!!

Anyways just got in from playing some football in the front yard! Boy is it cold...... again! This fickle weather. However, it was glorious this weekend!! especially on Lagoon day!!!!

it was this beautiful girl's birthday! happy birthday kelly!!! i love you befriever! (yeah that kinda sounds like beiber!! but i combined best friend forever)

before lagoon- we babysat this little angel the night before while the birthday couple went to hunger games and tucanos! she was such a doll! hence! proof! ta da.

she'll be walking in no time! entertaining herself while we're doing homework!
the only problem we encountered was her spitting her peas. not just dribbling down her chin but full on hacking 'em out with force!

i just want this on my blog to capture this precious moment. i love my brother and my neice!

ok back to lagoon.

soaked after we kissed under the waterfall for raging rapids. we had to. we rode it once with us all standing and running away from water. then we rode it again and promised to not move or get up no matter what. oh boy! we also got soaked on the log ride. 

great part about theme parks and unusual events- we can splurge on extra delicious treats!!

excited for the day!

the love birds in back- ticked that the ride kept getting stopped every two seconds. obese ppl getting on and off can be dangerous!

the train ride to see the well-kept animals. oh good.

enjoying our skyride!!

the birthday girl with her fav man!

i love lagoon! wicked is my fav. with a close second for colossul!! the best was after blast off and re-entry and the samarai.... i puked. then the ferris wheel. then puked some more. nasty puking. splattering on the shoes, puking up old medicine, orange juice burning kinda puking! but after that passed..... i went back to the rides and enjoyed the day! it was the best! thanks for having a birthday kelly and treating chase and i with y'all's presence and the beautiful day! 

me and chase finally did a live session at the salt lake temple. love that temple more most things in life!!!!! sacred place!  
p.s. conference was awesome. i have some catching up to do and it's a good way to get ready every morning with conference playing and starting your day off right!

driving from bdale to provo early in the mornings to get to work on time- beautiful sunrises greet me!

and to leave you with more randomness: here


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