Friday, April 27, 2012

last friday night

last friday night (not the song) but the phrase I'm saying..... this is the last friday night before i am Mrs. Anderson!!
Here I am missin' the heck outta this big guy!!!!

He is working hard while I'm babysitting hard. I'm up in Ltown babysitting Reagan and missing Chase. Reagan is sleeping peacefully and I'm "watching" aka reciting Gilmore Girls and missing Chase. I am so happy I'm marrying him in 6 days. I know people say being engaged is hard for a lot of different reasons- sexy time isn't our problem- it's more of all the stress and tension and us always being in the spotlight that is driving me crazy! i'm so ready to enjoy the wedding and start married life. quite, secluded, private, lovely married life!! there is so much to look forward to! my family bridal shower is tomorrow and i'm so stoked for that! then we're meeting with the stake pres for our sealing recommend sunday. my mom, taryn, and shelbs are coming in town monday.  i have a beautifying day. bridals shoot. my dad and brothers fly in. hiking the y. more of the wedding party fly in! setting up the reception and the WEDDING day!!!! man oh man i cannot wait!! 
 i love family!
speaking of family- pls keep chase's grandma hanks in your prayers. she is in the hospital, having surgery, and doing her best. the andersons have had a funeral right before a wedding before but not this time! grandma hanks is gonna be lovin may 3 and looking beautiful! pls keep her in your prayers.

charlotte and millie bonding and loving the hospital and the big windows
angel baby sleeping beauty
i miss her, too, now. all alone with my gilmore girls. eh who am i kidding- that's a great night!

p.s. chase and i have been having a lot of "discussions" of how intense, organized, "controlling" (his words not mine), planned, anticipationer, efficient, and productive woman i am and 
then he says, "you're like hitler! stalin! and clinton! all rolled into one!" 
he's such a sweetheart to me, that one! i get to be with him forever! i love him so much!!!
poor clinton- he's categorized with them. oh chase is a loyal republican.  

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Kelly said...

and now you are slumbering peacefully in our guest bedroom. thank you for taking such good care of our most precious possession.