Tuesday, April 24, 2012


one of the best decisions i ever made was to not plan my wedding the day after finals were over. i now have had 2 full weeks to relax, go to work, and do whatever i need to prepare and de-stress! it's been glorious! and i have another week to do the same. i thought i might be anxious if i gave myself too much downtime before the wedding but that's just not the case! this great time has felt like a vacation. it has caused my eyes to lose the dark circles and bags. my spirit to have a lot of time to feast on the good word. my skin to get back to normal. my eating to get healthier. and time to primp and beautify! my sleep to get caught up and stocked up! it has been a good decision all around! it has caused for 2 things: no internet access at our new abode that we're moving in and settling in and also not much to actually blog about because my life has been so chilled out! oh glorious! but i am sooooooooooooooooo excited that in less than 9 days i will be getting married to that boy worth the wait!!! it's gonna be even better than the dreams and daydreams that bombard me! get excited with me!!! and don't forget- come may 3 :) if you didn't get an invite and want one- i'll see what i can do but they are all out and the ones that have come back- i've been able to fix and resend!!! oh the wedding. oh summertime. oh how wonderful it is to me!
get ready to be slapped with color! it's gonna be legit!

driving has become even better! always lifts my spirits :)

i love house guests!
yesteday garrett and becca were two that came over (@diff times) and kept me company while garrett was at work. i also walked to becca's- aka five seconds away! literally not even a block away! i can see her complex from my house!! 
and this lovely pic is from a while ago but needs to be recorded. i was talking about bowels and what not and lauryn conveniently caught a pic at this exact time! it is amazing!

as the relaxing has taken effect i've gotten into gilmore girls....again! started with episode one season one! now on season two and i'm loving it. i'm reminded why i've been such a gg fan all these years!

this was just a little mock set up for the reception in the kitchen i was trying out- but i actually think i might make it a permanent set up in the kitchen. i like it :) one of the perks of waiting for two years- lots of proof of love letters :) worth it!

some vainness! everyday i do this- and send it to chase when he's at work. it's normal. 

and he send me gorgeous ones like this! he wins!

this lovely game carried on over three days. there were real fights and pouting that occured but plain and simple- chase won. i was set up to win but he's more strategic, mean, and better. 

and a triple date that happened friday night! it was suh-weet! then the next night nick's bday shindig at buffola wild wings. delish! i love ufc fighters and how the guy knocked out wins.....

and i can't get this to flip but we love croquet. and so will our wedding guests :) shelbs had it at her wedding, too!

ok well that's enough blogging. better get back to relaxing!!!


Kelly said...

isnt it hard to swing the mallet from that high?

Michael and Christi Clayton said...

So excited for you!! We didn't send our address to you for a wedding invite, but we'd still love to come and support!! Could you let me know when/where it is?? Thanks!!!