Tuesday, April 3, 2012

pic message moments

i'm just sitting at home (for once) and waiting for the bathrom to free up- oh hello melinda. shout out! awk! no one is judging. ps she's only been in there for 30 seconds. not too long. bahahah. anyways. just wanted to write a baby bit.

love this sisterly love and spending time with these princesses! 
a cute pic message chase sent me while he was boring in class
so i sent him this back :)
and then this pic message
chase thinks i always and only embarrass everyone else but myself on my blog. well duh- i write it! but i want to prove him wrong. hence this pic- it was a pic i sent chase in his boring history class..... saying i missed him. 
i really wanted to post this boss pic of chase wearing booty shorts and taking his tshirt and pulling it through the top collar ( you know how you used to make belly shirts in 3rd grade) hahahhah. so much pale, beautiful, flashy skin!!!! oh this beautiful pic is on my phone but i promised i wouldn't blog it..... so if u see it in person- ask me to show it to you! so blah blah blah my point is- i don't try to embarass him and i do respect his wishes. i embarass myself with pathetically sappy pics of myself! 

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Melinda said...

hhaha my bad! I'm glad I wasn't in there for too long! hahaha