Thursday, May 31, 2012

carrying the mission

you know what's hard to understand. the way i remember and carry my mission with me. i loved my mission. all six months of it. i came home exactly one year earlier than i was supposed to.
it's caused a lot of growth and a lot of questions and discussion with God.
i try/tried not to ask "why's?" but more like "help me cope and understand and deal!"
it doesn't make sense that i came home by His will when I was doing His work and loving every minute. but i have a puny human mind. a lot of legit things that are of God don't make sense to me because I am not God.
i decided to let go of my pride. letting go of pride means you trust in His will more than your own.
i've just been reflecting recently on how i share my story with others and how i truly feel inwardly about the mission.
i love talking about it.... with a select few.
some (less than more) of the sisters, my family, chase, some of my besties. that's fine. they get it. i'll talk about it with them. people who genuinely care or want to learn from the situation- they can be let in, too.
and also- it's fine if i just say i served a mission to someone i just met and that's the end of the conversation. i don't really like talking in depth about my mission to people who don't know how it all went down, people who don't know me that well, or even some sisters from the mission- even though they served with the same mission call- our missions were so different.
the temple square mission is a tight group. all the sisters are home and best buds and when we get together, they love to talk about the mission. i feel that the mission is still their life. i used to be like that- but i'm not so much that way anymore. i love the mission. but i love not being on the mission, too. and sometimes there is a still a sting for me in talking about the year that happened after i got sent home. it's too much to tell and i don't really prefer to focus on the fact that i went home early. but it's always there- especially when they remind me so much of it. time has helped. time and the atonement really can heal all wounds.
i've been thinking about this recently because my fbook has been overwhelmed with tsquare happenings, sisters, and newsfeeds. that's great, but it's been strange for me at the same time.
when i got married, i did a fbook clean up (aka deleted hundreds). i changed my name. started over. but all will work itself out. i'm just rambling. chase is at work. i'm sitting here thinking about too much! that's what happens when you're a girl- your mind never turns off. you are never in a "nothing" box. reference some comedian that dallin told me about.
serving a mission is the best. all the heartache is totally outweighed by the joy i have for the opportunity i did have to serve for those six months. if i let myself, the bitterness can cloud the gratitude. but that's the way it is for lots of aspects of our life. i choose to focus on the blessings of serving. i choose to focus on the good reminders.

the 10 best blessings of serving
1. truly saw selfless service and the message of the gospel bless complete strangers that became loved ones
2. came closer to my Savior and Heavenly Father
3. became a gospel scholar and have kept that fire alive in studying and learning
4. the ripple effects and small blessings i STILL find in my everyday life. it hasn't stopped and it never will. 
5. kept me safe and in love with chase
6. i can relate to chase, taylor, and other missionaries more. i know it's a commandment of God for every worthy, eligible young man to serve a full-time mission. it's important to back up what you say by what you do and did.
7. the temple has become an even bigger part of my heart and life. i loved serving at temple square and i love serving at the temple today!
8. i know and remember that the plan of salvation is all that matters
9. i made great friends in great sisters and companions
10. living my life as an RM makes me double check and re-think what i'm about to do and stop those almost mistakes. it helps me remember who i was, who i am, and what i should be doing!

the happiest 9 acres in the world

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

snakes and four-wheelin

unfortunately, i didn't do anything too grand for the soldiers that were honored this long three day weekend.... but i am so grateful for them and memorial day! so chase got off this memorial day so that was exciting and now just wanna recap the mini-camping trip. my fav type of camping- in a camper with sewage and heat! i need to invenst in one of those in the future.
 i love the smell of campfires and being in the fresh mountain air! utah does it right! best state for camping. ex. camping in texas is a death sentence sauna trip. anyways. so just some quick stories.

we went down to a close golf course to find some golf balls in the trees- i was praying i didn't get hit in the head with current golfers golfing around. we didn't find many golf balls because it's the beginning of thawed-ground, golfing season. but we did find this HUGE dead snake! it took us a couple minutes of freaking out to be convinced it was actually dead. carrying it back to camp- oh it was dead and reeking! luckily nathan and ciara weren't with kina, chad, char, bry, chase, and me on our golfing adventure- so of course an epic moment was planned!

we had this little box set up back at camp with a propped stick trying to catch gophers. so we placed this coiled snake under the box. when ciara and nathan came back, we told them to check under the box to see if we caught anything.... nathan picks up the box (but the box obstructs his view) and ciara sees the snake and flips out! starts screaming and crying. and runs around the picnic table. and behind the trailer and inside the trailer. hyperventilating. she would not come out till we cut off the snake's head. nathan just did a dance, picking his knees up high, jumping up and down in the same spot, he couldn't really see why ciara was screaming.... effective. and if only we got it on video. hahahaah highlight of the trip!
and then, chad challenged me to gut the snake! i said i would if he cut the head off so i'd be 100% sure it wasn't playing dead and wouldn't come around to venomously bite me. and kina found me gloves which was a grateful perk! the head was removed. i started gutting- it was tough to cut through! and smelled horrible. it's all on video. but it's me gagging and dry-heaving..... so that's not attractive and will not be shared. i got about 1/2 way done and maggots came out of the snake's innards..... so i opted out and chad stepped in. he saw that on man vs. wild you grab the meat and can rip the skin right off with one pull- so he did that and it was pretty awesome. except when juices flipped onto my hoodie. but the whole adventure was fun and exciting! my type of camping adventure!
oh you know- big spooning chatty session. aka normal
the next morning. how many andersons does it take to cook pancakes?? it was a whole family affair. we struggled.
then we went on an all-day four wheeling adventure. staring in midway, over the mountain, to cascade springs, to american fork side, and back! it was awesome. even if there was snow and near death experiences! and kina's back tire falling off at the end of the drive. i've never seen something like that but everyone was safe and sound! it was awesome! chase was a little too protective on me getting behind the wheel and going up crazy paths- but hey i don't have the best track record on four wheelers but i can't help it- i love wild rides!! the whole day was so enjoyable! the company, the food, the ride!! with tracy, troy, torree, tate, grandma sheryl, grandpa gary, chad, kina, charlotte, julie,dave, bryton, chase, and me! we had 7 four-wheelers and 2 ranger car things. idk what theyr'e called! i'm happy for this family tradition!  i'm loving the summer time already!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

police call..... again

this is technically my second police call this year- if we count byu police beat with the peeping tom incident. but this was my real police city call.

so let's set up the back scene.
i was driving home while on the phone with my mom (yeah that's not the safest, smartest driving idea but that's not relevant)
so i had just done a walgreens run and was pulling into my house. i got off the phone with my mom because my hands were full. i unlocked my door and walked in. heard a bang (the wind from me opening the door) at the rear of my house. i look up and see my back door just swinging back and forth WIDE open. i almost poop my pants and back up slowly (thinking to lock the door behind me- i don't know why i thought that was smart. i guess if they came running at me- they'd be locked in?? who knows? the mind in survival, panic mode is a strange place!) anyways- i slam my door and run to the middle of the street. i call my mom and ask her what to do. that makes sense since she is in texas. and chase was/is at work and normally i'd have him go in and save the day- but there's no way my out-of-shape, puny, weak, short, girl body was going in there to check things out. i ask my mom if i should call the police- neither of us had ever done something like that before but she decides i should- so i dial.

i had to give every little detail about myself and all my personal information before she even asked what was wrong- i felt like i was in good hands...... good system...... i guess if i was in real danger i'd be screaming or there'd by gunfire or an explosion or something.
i told the 911 operator what happened. she told me to get in my car. park on the curb. and lock myself in the car, and if anyone came outta the house i was too speed off and call her back immediately!
yes, it did take the police 12 minutes to get to my house. i was having a panic attack the whole time. i know i had dead bolted the door that day. but maybe chase had unbolted it- but why? he never went through the back door. i have nothing valuable. i had my computer, phone, and ipod with me in the car- literally they could steal everything and it could equal $1,000 maybe but all the little things individually are nothing..... so many thoughts were tornadoing through my head.
finally the police arrived. this is a picture of me snapping their cars, while i stayed in my car as they were in my house. i was terrified still all locked up in my car! when they pulled up, i shook the policeman's hand- that felt weird. but i did. he told me to get back in my car and another police car pulled up and they went inside. about 5 minutes later they told me to come inside.
i was kinda expecting a hoodlum to be handcuffed with them and for them to be showing off their police skills of catching him- but deep down i knew that if they're asking me to come in that means they found nothing.
so i go in and they say- the back door wasn't kicked in or anything, it was just open..... but the kitchen window was open.
i say, "it's 40 degrees today, i never opened the window." yes i exxagerated to the cop about the degree but they know what i meant. it was 48 this morning and has stayed in the low 50's all day. yeah welcome to utah in the early summer.
anyways- so they said- well maybe it was all just the wind (the window was slid open by the wind?)
or they said- well maybe you got home right when they entered and you scared them off (that's a lovely thought)
and then later on the phone my mom said- well maybe they looked around and saw it was all crap and left. hahahaahha that actually made me feel better.

anyways- i can feel a little baby bit like kirsten now- but her story was more legit with actual voices, silhouettes, and shadows. but still!!! i had no attack dog with me! or gun! anyways. i do live in a less than privileged part of provo- but i think i'm over the whole situation. my heart rate is back to normal. AND i can't wait to tell chase as soon as he gets off work- i wanted to tell him asap but my mom told me that'd would freak him out at work and he wouldn't want me going home. well good thing my mom tells me how to think!! seriously- i didn't do so well in an emergency- i had to call my mother!! oh what a lovely adventure to brighten up my blog!

next thought:
some pictures from yesterday, too. i went over yesterday to see garrett (a little early birthday celebration) and me and millie had a ball! she kept mimicking me when i would rock my baby doll, burp it, put it to sleep, or make it fake cry! she is a sweetheart! and then we were trying to get her to do a smiley face, a mean face, and a sleepy face. this is her "sleeping" but it just looks like she has a headache. hahahahahahaha.

alos, she loves "ring-around-the-rosie" and this is us ringing around with her babies in the circle, too! precious mills!

Friday, May 25, 2012

cupcake face

yesterday, this sweet little darling came over to see our homey crib again- with all our wedding presents moved in and settled! getting money and presents was/is awesome! and i am loving the married life. it's so much better than planning the wedding! i am so happy as Mrs. Anderson and love living, kissing, and being with Chase! i love our home, our time together, and our lives completely one now!!!  i'm going to post house pictures after i get my wedding and reception picture back and hung up! then all the final touches will be in place and ready to be shared! 
anways- lauryn came over and we chit chatted, played twilight scene-it (chase was thrilled), and then baked cupcakes. mmmm......mmmm.... what a delicious snack!
i have this problem called weak ankles. they are disproportionally small compared to my legs and so i can be standing perfectly vertical and not moving and my ankles can give out. it's a real condition. see Kronk on emperor's new groove for proof. 
hence. i'm standing by the table and my ankles give out. i reach out for the table to catch my fall- my hand lands on this poor innocent, needed-for-baking egg. that's nice!

smelling good! tasting good!!!!

this is from laur's phone! high quality. i love my time spent with this beam of glory!
after chase got off work- dallin, her, me, and chase went to red robin! it was a blast. the boys are both obsessed with entrepreneurship and shark tank and they have big dreams, plans, and ideas! i'm happy to come along for the ride and see them both get so ambitious and hard-working. i love that they love each other! what fun! 

also, earlier, laur, d, and i went for a walk around the back neighborhood while waiting for chase to get off work! And oh boy we saw a lot of interesting things! The most disturbing and interesting..... we found a forest, went in and checked it out, and then found a pull out couch in the middle of the trees- all broken in and grotty...... um....... just a frightening ready-to-use-station for any bypassing, solitary victims! horrifying!!!

oh one last story from yesterday- i tried to take cupcakes to people all along my street. you know this is utah so when i try to get to know my neighbors, i'm also getting to know my ward members. two birds with one stone. 
hardly anybody was home. but i did meet one nice latino lady in my ward. of COURSE i forgot to ask her name or tell her mine..... but i'm sure i'll recognize her on sunday. 
and when i got home..... lauryn pointed out so lovingly that i had a huge glob of icing on my face...... that's nice! what a first impression. my neighbor prolly thought i was licking her cupcakes on my walk over. 
and i'll prolly never get my plate back. classic. 

this is also from lauryn's phone and it's one of my favorites and only pictures with my sister. millie looks precious, too!!! i miss my sister, today especially, sometimes it hits me more than normal. hope to see her this summer again. and p.s. happy birthday tomorrow, garrett :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

is this allowed?

i told kina via comment that her blog was better than mine AND she has legit pictures AND she obviously proofreads so her writing is better. so i copy and pasted. is that allowed? idk but i'm making this baby into a book soon and i want this post. copyright 

i'm gonna text her once i'm done blog-catching-up (16 blogs later) for the past two weeks!!!

A Sweet Dream, Or A Beautiful Nightmare?

Hopefully Chase and Marissa will forgive me for referring to their wedding as a "Nightmare", but I honestly don't think one more thing could have gone wrong. The day was a blur of traffic, car accidents, hospitals, a leaning bouncy castle, a wrong address, cold hot dogs and the list goes on and on! And yet, with the help of everyone who absolutely love and adore Chase and Marissa, everything ended up coming together, and at the end of the day all I could think of was how absolutely beautiful the day turned out to be! How could it not turn out to be such a perfect day when it started out with such a sweet, special sealing of two people who are truly, deeply, madly in love with each other?!?!

The Anderson family is now one member stronger, although it feels like Marissa has already been a part of the family for several years now. She is the perfect match for Chase and the perfect fit for our family. Marissa is fun, energetic, sincere, open and honest and single handily is responsible for getting the Andersons to actually play boardgames - something I have failed to do for years! We wish Chase and Marissa the best of luck in their future, and hope they don't wait too long to give us an adorable little niece or nephew - or both! :)
The kooky, goofy, weird, but always impressionable Anderson family! And couldn't be more proud to be part of such a "Special" bunch of people! :)

The much bigger, but "Special" in their own way, Schroedter family. I can't say enough about Marissa's family. Her parents are truly humble and amazing people. Welcome!!!

The best bridal party ever!!! I'd list everyone's names, but I know I'd get some wrong. You know us ladies must love Marissa because we suffered all day long in those miserably tight skirts!!! :)

Love this picture because Charlotte had to stand next to her boyfriend, Bryton, and apparently she's very proud of her Cinderella pull-ups! What can you do? :)

The Anderson family with the other Anderson family. How cool is that?

Charlotte spent a lot of time with her Grandpa Pearson. Not quite sure what they were talking about, but I think she made a friend for life!

Chad spending some quality male-bonding time with his nephew, Preston. We don't get to see him anywhere near enough, which resulted in the poor kid being held 24-7!

Charlotte absolutely loved her dress. Thank you again to the Clothes Fairy (a.k.a  Grandma Anderson).

I'm always the one taking the pictures, so I had to post this rare pix of Mommy and Char.

This should give you an idea of what a fun reception they had, and Cody doesn't look half-bad either!

Where's Charlotte? Oh, yeah, eating herself stupid! The girl was so hopped-up on cotton-candy, cupcakes, popcorn and lollipops that she didn't go to bed until 1 AM!!!

I think Chad could officially be called the "Master of Ceremonies" because he kept everything running in tip-top shape. I hate to brag about my husband, but he was pretty much a sexy stud!

Hmmm... did I say sexy stud??? Thank you Chase and Marissa for surprising us all with a special rendition of "Sexy and I Know It" - It was a blast!!!

Hilarious? Absolutely!

In the beginning everything was perfect...

And then things got ugly...

But the end was simply sweet!

Congratulations to the cutest couple in the world!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

the texan open house!

Yes, we got some serious cash!
Chase got to meet a lot of people he didn't know!
We got to laugh a lot, eat a lot, and open a lot of presents!
I'm happy we did a Texan shindig and my parents were amazing to throw it for us! Thank you for all of you who came and helped us celebrate our marriage again!!
The house is clean again (my mom is relieved) and all is back to normal! We have two more days here and I'm loving every minute!
We've had adventures already!! Taryn's car flooded in galveston, she got a flat tire last night, we watched the Vow-obsessed, went for a walk along the bayou and saw a 10 ft alligator in our backyard, skyped with Taylor for Mother's Day, and my sick body is recovering!!! I am loving married life and loving Texas!