Friday, May 25, 2012

cupcake face

yesterday, this sweet little darling came over to see our homey crib again- with all our wedding presents moved in and settled! getting money and presents was/is awesome! and i am loving the married life. it's so much better than planning the wedding! i am so happy as Mrs. Anderson and love living, kissing, and being with Chase! i love our home, our time together, and our lives completely one now!!!  i'm going to post house pictures after i get my wedding and reception picture back and hung up! then all the final touches will be in place and ready to be shared! 
anways- lauryn came over and we chit chatted, played twilight scene-it (chase was thrilled), and then baked cupcakes. mmmm......mmmm.... what a delicious snack!
i have this problem called weak ankles. they are disproportionally small compared to my legs and so i can be standing perfectly vertical and not moving and my ankles can give out. it's a real condition. see Kronk on emperor's new groove for proof. 
hence. i'm standing by the table and my ankles give out. i reach out for the table to catch my fall- my hand lands on this poor innocent, needed-for-baking egg. that's nice!

smelling good! tasting good!!!!

this is from laur's phone! high quality. i love my time spent with this beam of glory!
after chase got off work- dallin, her, me, and chase went to red robin! it was a blast. the boys are both obsessed with entrepreneurship and shark tank and they have big dreams, plans, and ideas! i'm happy to come along for the ride and see them both get so ambitious and hard-working. i love that they love each other! what fun! 

also, earlier, laur, d, and i went for a walk around the back neighborhood while waiting for chase to get off work! And oh boy we saw a lot of interesting things! The most disturbing and interesting..... we found a forest, went in and checked it out, and then found a pull out couch in the middle of the trees- all broken in and grotty...... um....... just a frightening ready-to-use-station for any bypassing, solitary victims! horrifying!!!

oh one last story from yesterday- i tried to take cupcakes to people all along my street. you know this is utah so when i try to get to know my neighbors, i'm also getting to know my ward members. two birds with one stone. 
hardly anybody was home. but i did meet one nice latino lady in my ward. of COURSE i forgot to ask her name or tell her mine..... but i'm sure i'll recognize her on sunday. 
and when i got home..... lauryn pointed out so lovingly that i had a huge glob of icing on my face...... that's nice! what a first impression. my neighbor prolly thought i was licking her cupcakes on my walk over. 
and i'll prolly never get my plate back. classic. 

this is also from lauryn's phone and it's one of my favorites and only pictures with my sister. millie looks precious, too!!! i miss my sister, today especially, sometimes it hits me more than normal. hope to see her this summer again. and p.s. happy birthday tomorrow, garrett :)

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Lauryn said...

It was so fun spending the day with you! Thanks for having me over:)