Monday, May 14, 2012

the honeymoon with my honeybuns!

on the plane! 
flying in to 
HOUSTON!!!! till our cruise left galveston a couple days later :) 
driving to Brazon's Bend :) alligator park 
snake on the trail. almost stepped on it and pooped my pants!
just enjoying our walking, talking, and spotting the gators! they were huge! we saw at least 30!!
can you spot the alligators in these two pics?
with a baby alligator. they can grow 13 feet!! yes this 8 year old worked at the park!  
later that day went to see the Avengers. It was fantastic. even if i fell asleep for 5 minutes in the middle! i've been kept up at night and been kept very active ;) eh eh! hahahah honeymoon joke for you :) but i'm serious!


Carnival Triumph!
yes, most of the photos are like this! we only had each other to take our pics!!! i love my husband! enjoying the open sea with the wind in our hair! yes, i was seasick the whole time! but i have motion problems. amen! HOWEVER, it still was an amazing honeymoon and i do believe cruises are a genius way to travel! whoever invented them and priced them were smarties!   
1st day of formal wear for dinner :) room 2204 with our romanian room cleaner! loved it! 

Progresso, Yucatan
Uxmal Mayan Ruins!!!!
My first time to Mexico- loved it!

hiking some of the temples and ruins! cover photo! 

the view down. doesn't give it justice for how steep it was!

just chilling with some other Mormon newlyweds who snapped this pic! Mormons find each other!
such great history! 
my lil hiker! 
more kisses! it's our honeymoon :) get over it! enjoying the view of the world on top of the temple pyramid!! 
a mayan arch aka not round!
we love each other!
    and being together in Mexico!
finally getting some real Mexican grub! so excited to eat and drink water- so famished and dehydrated!
then i tasted it and it was sooooooooo spicy. seriously spicy! burned my dehydrated mouth! still good but too spicy!
chase ate it for the both of us!   
back on the cruise ship! carnival triumph!

that night we wore our mexican souvenir outfits for dinner! and took pics with out little towel animal!

we got attention! also on the cruise, we got to be on stage for the "coupe challenge" and it played on tv 24/7 the rest of the cruise- so we were kinda like celebrities! everyone loved our engagement story!

beach fun!
taxi'ing to the Ocean Beach Bar!
It was fun seeing Chase use his Spanish (aka Portuguese based Spanish) and he took care of us quite well in Mexico!
lovin' the time on the land and beach!

swings at the bar! 
he teaches me a thing or two about jumping pics!

he towers over me! 
we loved banana boating and jet skiing!!!!!!
about to banana boat it up!
everyday all day! 
chase doesn't like to tan or the sun. so sometimes i laid under the umbrella with him. seemed like a waste of perfectly good tanning weather! but i was with him and that was nice :)
back to the cruise after some succesful shopping!   

and one time i went up for Super Star Live (aka karoaking with a live band- i thought i was gonna upchuck all over the front row! but i'm glad i'm not a coward) yes, i did sing love story by taylor swift. yes, everyone probably thought i was a newlywed of 16 years old! oh wonderful!  
sometimes at night we'd play animal hand puppet shows! 

the cruise was so amazing! my time alone with chase with no cell phone service was the best!!! i am a lucky wifey! i love you, chase! thanks for an amazing honeymoon!  


Allison said...

This looks like so much fun Marissa!! Congrats :) And I LOVE your Mexican souvenir dress!

taryn said...

you little cuties! i can't get enough!

Lauryn said...

I love this. Looks like you had a great time! And I agree. Your dress is so beautiful.