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i told kina via comment that her blog was better than mine AND she has legit pictures AND she obviously proofreads so her writing is better. so i copy and pasted. is that allowed? idk but i'm making this baby into a book soon and i want this post. copyright http://divingintofun.blogspot.com/ 

i'm gonna text her once i'm done blog-catching-up (16 blogs later) for the past two weeks!!!

A Sweet Dream, Or A Beautiful Nightmare?

Hopefully Chase and Marissa will forgive me for referring to their wedding as a "Nightmare", but I honestly don't think one more thing could have gone wrong. The day was a blur of traffic, car accidents, hospitals, a leaning bouncy castle, a wrong address, cold hot dogs and the list goes on and on! And yet, with the help of everyone who absolutely love and adore Chase and Marissa, everything ended up coming together, and at the end of the day all I could think of was how absolutely beautiful the day turned out to be! How could it not turn out to be such a perfect day when it started out with such a sweet, special sealing of two people who are truly, deeply, madly in love with each other?!?!

The Anderson family is now one member stronger, although it feels like Marissa has already been a part of the family for several years now. She is the perfect match for Chase and the perfect fit for our family. Marissa is fun, energetic, sincere, open and honest and single handily is responsible for getting the Andersons to actually play boardgames - something I have failed to do for years! We wish Chase and Marissa the best of luck in their future, and hope they don't wait too long to give us an adorable little niece or nephew - or both! :)
The kooky, goofy, weird, but always impressionable Anderson family! And couldn't be more proud to be part of such a "Special" bunch of people! :)

The much bigger, but "Special" in their own way, Schroedter family. I can't say enough about Marissa's family. Her parents are truly humble and amazing people. Welcome!!!

The best bridal party ever!!! I'd list everyone's names, but I know I'd get some wrong. You know us ladies must love Marissa because we suffered all day long in those miserably tight skirts!!! :)

Love this picture because Charlotte had to stand next to her boyfriend, Bryton, and apparently she's very proud of her Cinderella pull-ups! What can you do? :)

The Anderson family with the other Anderson family. How cool is that?

Charlotte spent a lot of time with her Grandpa Pearson. Not quite sure what they were talking about, but I think she made a friend for life!

Chad spending some quality male-bonding time with his nephew, Preston. We don't get to see him anywhere near enough, which resulted in the poor kid being held 24-7!

Charlotte absolutely loved her dress. Thank you again to the Clothes Fairy (a.k.a  Grandma Anderson).

I'm always the one taking the pictures, so I had to post this rare pix of Mommy and Char.

This should give you an idea of what a fun reception they had, and Cody doesn't look half-bad either!

Where's Charlotte? Oh, yeah, eating herself stupid! The girl was so hopped-up on cotton-candy, cupcakes, popcorn and lollipops that she didn't go to bed until 1 AM!!!

I think Chad could officially be called the "Master of Ceremonies" because he kept everything running in tip-top shape. I hate to brag about my husband, but he was pretty much a sexy stud!

Hmmm... did I say sexy stud??? Thank you Chase and Marissa for surprising us all with a special rendition of "Sexy and I Know It" - It was a blast!!!

Hilarious? Absolutely!

In the beginning everything was perfect...

And then things got ugly...

But the end was simply sweet!

Congratulations to the cutest couple in the world!!!

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