Monday, May 14, 2012

Marissa Anderson

I am happily married!!!
pic thanks to my dad's blackberry

The wedding day truly was the best day of my life! 
I wondered if it would top December 20th of Chase getting off that airplane- but it did. I will put a few posts up today but this one is about May 3, 2012!
The day started off at 4 am! I went over to Littlejohn's (aka Adamson's) and she did a fabulous job on my hair. 
Real pics to come- but I don't have those yet and am not worrying about it! They will be beautiful and worth the wait! My hair took a little longer than I had planned out (but when do my plans ever work out)- so anyways. I got back to my house in Provo and picked up four of my beautiful bridesmaids who had a slumber party with me the night before (after setting up the reception, luncheon, olive garden, and having a crazy wedding eve night) and we were off to Salt Lake. 
well i had hoped we would be..... but there was a horrible fatal accident- so i hate even whining about it but it put a hickup in my day, too. i was at thanksgiving point and the wreck had JUST happened at the point of the mountain (windy little place) it was about 7:45 am and i was at a dead stand still for 30 minutes! i was freaking out! Chase was already at the temple and calling me every five seconds and asking me where I was- in the same place, thanks! Chase told me that there was semi that had blown over and was blocking all four lanes of traffic and it was fatal and gonna be a long while of me stuck. And finally I got desperate. I rolled down my window and started yelling at the cars to my right (i was in the HOV lane) and yelling that I was getting married then pointed at my hair and pointed at my four matching bridesmaids. and they kinda let me over! They let me over, over again, and over again. I was hoping the next exit was closer but it wasn't- so I had to look like a tool and drive on the shoulder (yeah ppl that didn't know I was about to miss my own sealing were really peeved - i woulda been too- and tried to inch over into the shoulder and block me off but i just went on the grass and got going!) we had some scary rolling encounters but luckily were not another fatal accident that day!
i went the backroads (which were still backed up, too, but i still don't think as bad) an hour later i'm finally 100 yards past the accident and going 90 mph to get to the temple. i got there in time and all was well..... (except for 3 aunts, 2 cousins, 1 groomsmen, littlejohn who did my hair, and some others who didn't make it to the sealing in time because of that same accident!) but all in all- it worked out, they got to celebrate later, i got to be sealed forever to chase, and the day carried on. 
The sealing was so beautiful, our sealer was amazing, and the Holy Spirit was overflowing. When I first walked into the sealing room, I was overwhelmed with all the people there and all eyes on us. There was so much love and so many loved ones. I saw our dads and our moms at the head of the room and started to tear up- but I held it together and pushed away any tearful (the good kind) thoughts away and just decided to smile. During the sealing Chase had beautiful tears streaming down his perfect cheeeks and I was smiling ear to ear. I was so touched, felt my lip quiver a couple times, and just held my smile and took in all the importance and love around us! We both said YES and officially started the best marriage ever!
Taking the pictures and the videos on the grounds and enjoying that beautiful temple that is so dear to me was amazing! 

Pointe Digital (Davey Orgill) and Lindsey Orton (photographer) were and are amazing! I am so happy with their work!
I'm excited to see the temple pics and the reception video! It's gonna be amazing!

So after the temple session and photo session we went to the hospital to see Grandma Hanks. It was fun being called a princess by little girls in the hospital and getting attention from all the staff! It was the best to see Grandma Hanks light up and get to enjoy our special day with us in her own special way! I'm so glad she could be with us in person if only for an hour that day!
she thinks he's good lookin' too :)

then it was off to the luncheon and that was amazing! we had good food! good toasts by dave, kelly, lauryn, matt, ciara, and my dad! we had a nervous but succesful musical number by me and my backup singers kina and annie. chase surprised me with this hilarious, amazing video!
and we got a fantasy suite key (bachelor reference- ps PREMIER tonight!!!!) and a note from chris harrison aka chad, kina, and charlotte- we accepted the night together! and other lovely intimate gifts from chase's mom in front of a room of people- that made me blush but i prolly shoulda just let loose more. hahahah. 
the luncheon was perfect! minus the fact that on the way to the luncheon some idiot rear-ended chase's parents and the paramedics insisted on taking julie to the hospital but she told them to stick it and wheelchaired it till after the reception then went to the ER. oh what would a wedding day be like without good stories :) i was so grateful to have loved ones with us and partying on our day!!! 

then it was off to the reception- with a LOT of hiccups but by the time most of the guests arrived it was all well! esp because of chad- i cannot say how grateful, impressed, and in need of saying how vital chad was at the reception. we had some idiot employees screw up the bouncy castle and gladiator center (and throw out all of the power in the whole reception building when they used the plugs when their generators broke) which the hotdog machine, cotton candy machine, popcorn machine, music, lights, etc was all needing that power. OH MY! i was seconds away from having mental breakdownS (yes plural!!) but my aunt becky really helped me remove myself and hold it together! 
i got a lot of compliments that night (esp from suzzi williams- who ran the best photobooth sign-in book ever) about how composed i was even with everything falling apart. well it wasn't without some serious help from the wedding party, my aunt, chad taking charge, my loved ones, an eternal perspective, and my groom by my side!! chad handled business, put the bonehead employees in their place, got me refunds, and still got everything working to the best quality!!!! 
i was wondering if all the stress and drama leading up to the wedding day would be worth the actual enjoyment on the wedding day- but now i have to say yes! it was! the wedding day was worth all the tears, heartbreak, fights, and turmoil beforehand! everyone pulled together, everything worked out, and it was the most amazing day ever!
also our stake president- i've written down his amazing words of counsel- helped me a lot through the engagement! thanks president howell!

highlights of the reception:
the wedding video
being in line saying hello to the guests wasn't as bad as i had anticipated
dancing with my dad to "i loved her first"
being handed off to chase for "this kind of love"
dancing to "i'm sexy and i know it" and "walk it out" ......doing the worm in my wedding dress (which is completely destroyed- but i bought it to party in- not to stand and just look pretty) i'll restore it and dry clean it and it should be as good as new...... i hope!
bouncing in the bouncy castle
getting anihilated by chase on the gladiotor bouncing arena
shoving (no exxageration) cake in chase's mouth
having annie (she got engaged 3 days later) catch the bouquet- appropriate
having ciara's arm candy (16 years old- nathan) catch the garter- not as appropriate! go on a mission first!
and taking pictures with taylor's cardboard self!!!
everything about the day was great! i loved the temple, the hospital, the luncheon, the reception, and driving off to Little America with Chase! best night ever ;)

ok well that's all i'm gonna write about for now for the reception, wedding day, wedding night- eh eh eh!!!! i'll catch up more when i have some bomb pictures!!! but here are some pictures of the week before the wedding- loved having my sister(s) and mom in town that whole week and my dad and bros later!!! :)
me feeding andrew with millie closely curious!! at their hotel!
love these beauties in town!
being creeps with taylor! hand check!
we played a game where we would put taylor right outside the bathroom, in the silhouette of the doorway, above you sleeping in bed, in the kitchen right when you rounded the corner, and etc- we scared the poo outta each other all week. 
taryn, chase, and i!!!! taylor is intimidating! even his cardboard self makes me surrender in fear! 
all snuggled in bed..... with chase's tips from the night before at chuck-a-rama. clarification! 
here is a pic 2 days before :)
nothing like a wedding to bring in the family! 
the cutest picture ever of caleb and aubrey (she is caleb's shadow) hiking the Y! the day before the wedding! happy wedding eve!
loving granddaughter-time! so happy we all made it to the tip top of the Y! it's always intense and harder than i remember. i need to hit the gym! 
bonding. almost lost my groom the day before. classic.
at the top! the kiddos!
 it was a good stress reliever- i'd recommend doing a fun, strenuous, outdoor, family activity the day before! it was a good idea even though it made me a baby bit sore! it was great for us!


Kelly said...

hahahahaha using taylor to scare people. hilarious. that would freak me out!!

taryn said...

clarification! you didn't say a single word to the cars driving! i had to you little punk!

i love everything about this post except for all of the crediting to the videographer and other photographer, besides on the video IIIIIII made. i will sue you.

hahhaah love you and happy for you and what's his name.