Saturday, May 26, 2012

police call..... again

this is technically my second police call this year- if we count byu police beat with the peeping tom incident. but this was my real police city call.

so let's set up the back scene.
i was driving home while on the phone with my mom (yeah that's not the safest, smartest driving idea but that's not relevant)
so i had just done a walgreens run and was pulling into my house. i got off the phone with my mom because my hands were full. i unlocked my door and walked in. heard a bang (the wind from me opening the door) at the rear of my house. i look up and see my back door just swinging back and forth WIDE open. i almost poop my pants and back up slowly (thinking to lock the door behind me- i don't know why i thought that was smart. i guess if they came running at me- they'd be locked in?? who knows? the mind in survival, panic mode is a strange place!) anyways- i slam my door and run to the middle of the street. i call my mom and ask her what to do. that makes sense since she is in texas. and chase was/is at work and normally i'd have him go in and save the day- but there's no way my out-of-shape, puny, weak, short, girl body was going in there to check things out. i ask my mom if i should call the police- neither of us had ever done something like that before but she decides i should- so i dial.

i had to give every little detail about myself and all my personal information before she even asked what was wrong- i felt like i was in good hands...... good system...... i guess if i was in real danger i'd be screaming or there'd by gunfire or an explosion or something.
i told the 911 operator what happened. she told me to get in my car. park on the curb. and lock myself in the car, and if anyone came outta the house i was too speed off and call her back immediately!
yes, it did take the police 12 minutes to get to my house. i was having a panic attack the whole time. i know i had dead bolted the door that day. but maybe chase had unbolted it- but why? he never went through the back door. i have nothing valuable. i had my computer, phone, and ipod with me in the car- literally they could steal everything and it could equal $1,000 maybe but all the little things individually are nothing..... so many thoughts were tornadoing through my head.
finally the police arrived. this is a picture of me snapping their cars, while i stayed in my car as they were in my house. i was terrified still all locked up in my car! when they pulled up, i shook the policeman's hand- that felt weird. but i did. he told me to get back in my car and another police car pulled up and they went inside. about 5 minutes later they told me to come inside.
i was kinda expecting a hoodlum to be handcuffed with them and for them to be showing off their police skills of catching him- but deep down i knew that if they're asking me to come in that means they found nothing.
so i go in and they say- the back door wasn't kicked in or anything, it was just open..... but the kitchen window was open.
i say, "it's 40 degrees today, i never opened the window." yes i exxagerated to the cop about the degree but they know what i meant. it was 48 this morning and has stayed in the low 50's all day. yeah welcome to utah in the early summer.
anyways- so they said- well maybe it was all just the wind (the window was slid open by the wind?)
or they said- well maybe you got home right when they entered and you scared them off (that's a lovely thought)
and then later on the phone my mom said- well maybe they looked around and saw it was all crap and left. hahahaahha that actually made me feel better.

anyways- i can feel a little baby bit like kirsten now- but her story was more legit with actual voices, silhouettes, and shadows. but still!!! i had no attack dog with me! or gun! anyways. i do live in a less than privileged part of provo- but i think i'm over the whole situation. my heart rate is back to normal. AND i can't wait to tell chase as soon as he gets off work- i wanted to tell him asap but my mom told me that'd would freak him out at work and he wouldn't want me going home. well good thing my mom tells me how to think!! seriously- i didn't do so well in an emergency- i had to call my mother!! oh what a lovely adventure to brighten up my blog!

next thought:
some pictures from yesterday, too. i went over yesterday to see garrett (a little early birthday celebration) and me and millie had a ball! she kept mimicking me when i would rock my baby doll, burp it, put it to sleep, or make it fake cry! she is a sweetheart! and then we were trying to get her to do a smiley face, a mean face, and a sleepy face. this is her "sleeping" but it just looks like she has a headache. hahahahahahaha.

alos, she loves "ring-around-the-rosie" and this is us ringing around with her babies in the circle, too! precious mills!


Mom said...

I didn't say your stuff was crap....

Kirsten said...

Ah! That story is terrifying! I would be freaking out.