Wednesday, May 30, 2012

snakes and four-wheelin

unfortunately, i didn't do anything too grand for the soldiers that were honored this long three day weekend.... but i am so grateful for them and memorial day! so chase got off this memorial day so that was exciting and now just wanna recap the mini-camping trip. my fav type of camping- in a camper with sewage and heat! i need to invenst in one of those in the future.
 i love the smell of campfires and being in the fresh mountain air! utah does it right! best state for camping. ex. camping in texas is a death sentence sauna trip. anyways. so just some quick stories.

we went down to a close golf course to find some golf balls in the trees- i was praying i didn't get hit in the head with current golfers golfing around. we didn't find many golf balls because it's the beginning of thawed-ground, golfing season. but we did find this HUGE dead snake! it took us a couple minutes of freaking out to be convinced it was actually dead. carrying it back to camp- oh it was dead and reeking! luckily nathan and ciara weren't with kina, chad, char, bry, chase, and me on our golfing adventure- so of course an epic moment was planned!

we had this little box set up back at camp with a propped stick trying to catch gophers. so we placed this coiled snake under the box. when ciara and nathan came back, we told them to check under the box to see if we caught anything.... nathan picks up the box (but the box obstructs his view) and ciara sees the snake and flips out! starts screaming and crying. and runs around the picnic table. and behind the trailer and inside the trailer. hyperventilating. she would not come out till we cut off the snake's head. nathan just did a dance, picking his knees up high, jumping up and down in the same spot, he couldn't really see why ciara was screaming.... effective. and if only we got it on video. hahahaah highlight of the trip!
and then, chad challenged me to gut the snake! i said i would if he cut the head off so i'd be 100% sure it wasn't playing dead and wouldn't come around to venomously bite me. and kina found me gloves which was a grateful perk! the head was removed. i started gutting- it was tough to cut through! and smelled horrible. it's all on video. but it's me gagging and dry-heaving..... so that's not attractive and will not be shared. i got about 1/2 way done and maggots came out of the snake's innards..... so i opted out and chad stepped in. he saw that on man vs. wild you grab the meat and can rip the skin right off with one pull- so he did that and it was pretty awesome. except when juices flipped onto my hoodie. but the whole adventure was fun and exciting! my type of camping adventure!
oh you know- big spooning chatty session. aka normal
the next morning. how many andersons does it take to cook pancakes?? it was a whole family affair. we struggled.
then we went on an all-day four wheeling adventure. staring in midway, over the mountain, to cascade springs, to american fork side, and back! it was awesome. even if there was snow and near death experiences! and kina's back tire falling off at the end of the drive. i've never seen something like that but everyone was safe and sound! it was awesome! chase was a little too protective on me getting behind the wheel and going up crazy paths- but hey i don't have the best track record on four wheelers but i can't help it- i love wild rides!! the whole day was so enjoyable! the company, the food, the ride!! with tracy, troy, torree, tate, grandma sheryl, grandpa gary, chad, kina, charlotte, julie,dave, bryton, chase, and me! we had 7 four-wheelers and 2 ranger car things. idk what theyr'e called! i'm happy for this family tradition!  i'm loving the summer time already!!

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