Monday, May 14, 2012

the texan open house!

Yes, we got some serious cash!
Chase got to meet a lot of people he didn't know!
We got to laugh a lot, eat a lot, and open a lot of presents!
I'm happy we did a Texan shindig and my parents were amazing to throw it for us! Thank you for all of you who came and helped us celebrate our marriage again!!
The house is clean again (my mom is relieved) and all is back to normal! We have two more days here and I'm loving every minute!
We've had adventures already!! Taryn's car flooded in galveston, she got a flat tire last night, we watched the Vow-obsessed, went for a walk along the bayou and saw a 10 ft alligator in our backyard, skyped with Taylor for Mother's Day, and my sick body is recovering!!! I am loving married life and loving Texas!


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