Thursday, June 21, 2012

great lines!

some great moments to share and remember.
i asked chase what he thought of the final episode of gilmore girls he watched while i was at work.
"it was good. i'm just left wanting more though" hahahahahahahah YES! a true convert!
one comment i have- even after watching the whole series 30 times. SAY YES TO LOGAN!!!

and this morning when kell sent me a cute picture of reagan on her birthday morning.... and i did this.
yes, iphones replying to mass text DO send the reply to all. and i did know that. but apparently had a brain lapse! that's nice. and i'll see all of them at her birthday party tonight! awk! good thing most of them know me pretty well at this point anyways! classic!

Yeah I live for little moments
When she (he) steals my heart again and doesn't even know it [applicable to both reagan and chase]
Yeah I live for little moments like that

also- i swear ryan even almost convinced emily to give him that rose. oh boy! i'll have a bachelorette analysis post soon! have a good day! gotta get focused on work and school!

added the next day for rea's bday :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

car troubles

This is a lovely picture of a cop car parked behind me. He had just turned his lights off.... but yes. We got pulled over Sunday night. I had four people (one too many) of the andersons in a three person area in the backseat. We had just emerged from a haunted house (so I'm sure that is violation #1: trespassing) and why did the cop pull us over in the middle of a dirt road right beside the state prison? because Chase had forgotten to turn the headlights on. The suzuki automatically has lights on all the time (so it's easy to forget to fully turn the lights on at night). i'm grateful he just pulled us over to say that but..... let's be honest: this po-po ain't very good at his job. he saw us trespassing at a haunted house ( well everyone trespassing minus me- i stayed in the car because i wasn't in the mood to pee my pantoloons and be freaked out. this haunted place was legit) and the cop must have seen that not everyone had their own seat-belt..... yet he reminded us of the lights and let us free. well i count my blessings for others' ignorance!

chase got this lovely treasure for outside our front steps..... from the haunted house. 
that's nice. and ghetto! adds some spice to our already prestigious neighborhood! hahaha

it's been such a great week so far! even if we got a fun surprise monday morning at 7:30 AM getting in the car to take me to work- our battery was dead. that was a surprise! but it's fixed and brand new now! 
i've been exhausted  this week because we stayed up late sunday night and last night WITH starting school. not time for naps! but my classes are amazing this semester. a business marketing class and a french civilization 1715-present history class! they seem interesting and the teachers are funny!! 
i love being busy and being sore from being so active! i love summer! i always get a little more tone and feel a little more healthy! volleytensocpong is a big hit and teaching it to the anderson clan on father's day was a hoot. chad and dave picked it up especially quick! we love introducing this game to everyone we know! perhaps we shall get crazy tonight with a game tonight avec laur and dall since it's wayyyyy too cold to do the raging waters thing today. the only day it's under 90 degrees this whole week is the day we are available to go. classic! 61 degrees right now outside. it's nice but inconvenient :)
last night was so amazing (sans pictures- crap! just too busy partying and therefore my phone was left behind)! it was a rave at my aunt jeanna and uncle steve's house! a big ross family get together! the best was tether-ball, ping pong, and playing with millie in the pool!! it's just fun being together as family, big laughs, and having a blast!

this pic added later. thanks via laur's phone!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today is a great reminder! I love holidays because they help remind the whole world of so much: Christ, freedom, mother's, father's, sweethearts, soldiers, your country, little irish men, and scary candy eaters!! And today is the great Father's day!
I have a great dad!
Today in Relief Society we were learning about how to share the gospel enthusiastically and i was reminded of a great story I heard in a letter from the parents while I was on the mish. My dad (and parents and family) has always been so amazing at missionary work. Implementing people into our family prayer, scripture study, game nights, gospel discussions, and service projects! Well my mom (my dad picked a good woman) had a good idea! When Tay had just left the MTC and I was just entering the MTC, my parents threw a little neighborhood party. It was to do their part for missionary work! Of course parents ask other parents about their kids! Well where were my parents kids? what a GREAT "in" for the gospel to be discussed! and it was an amazing effort by the parents! There are reprecussions and now people know religion is up for discussion in their col-de-sac :) I love remembering memories like this! I was so touched when they wrote that to me on my mission and I'm feeling that grattitude again! The gospel is so amazing and we love it! That's the greatest thing my dad has blessed me with- a strong foundation in our Savior!

so I got an easy pass this year of getting something for my dad! I knew he'd want some wedding pics! one for his office and one for the house :) parfait!! and it got there in the mail on time! what a triumph!

and here is an attachment of the VERY personal letter i wrote my dad. if you don't want tmi- scroll past it quickly! i was inspired to write my dad all the personal sacrifices I am grateful he has made for me! What a superstar!

June 12, 2012
Dear Dad,
Today is Father's day for 2012. A little over a month ago I got married to a man who will be a great father, husband, and best friend, just as you have shown me a man can be- p.s. I am not pregnant. Take it easy!
I feel so blessed to be surrounded by great men! Thank you for raising me in a home that is sealed, has Christ as the center of our home, and always supported and taught me how to return to my Heavenly Father. The atonement of Jesus Christ and the plan of happiness are the two best things I have learned in the walls of our home! They helped me on my mission- they are the greatest gifts of knowledge that have been restored- in my humble opinion! Thank you for supporting me to go on a mission and especially in supporting and helping me when I returned!!!
I was thinking the other day of all the ways you've sacrificed for me specifically. You have done unlimited, impossible-to-count sacrifices for our family. And now, I want to share some of the sacrifices you have made just for me as your daughter . These are some sacrifices that I am so grateful for, will never forget, and can credit to for shaping me into who I am.
The first one that comes to mind is you moving to Texas before my senior year by your lonesome. You moved ahead so that I didn't have to be the new kid in a new high school again. You did it so I wouldn't have to go to a different high school than Taylor. You did it so I could have my varsity soccer season. You did it because you prayed about it. You did it because you are humble. Thank you so much for that, Dad. It helped me a lot. Helped me find closure, helped me graduate and work full-time some before BYU, helped me mature, helped me enjoy Texas, and helped me try to be more selfless, like you! All the repercussions of you as a valiant Father cannot be known in this life; but I've seen some pretty great ones already!
I was also thinking of the two times you saved my life- well the two times that come to mind. One, when we were in Hawaii and I was the only brave soul to jump in that watering-hole aka it connected to the ocean by an underground tunnel. The tide went out and I was scrambling to stay above water, not be pulled out to sea, and not be smashed against the cliffed-edge. You didn't hesitate. You jumped in and thought only of saving your precious daughter. The other life-saving event: when we went to the Uintah Basin on my 16th birthday. I didn't want Colby to be the guinea pig, so I decided to walk over the river across the slippery log first. Bad idea. I slipped into the river. I got caught under another log and my nostril was also caught on a branch! Attractive! Once again- in the process of drowning, you saved me. Classic!
These two stories of saving me are great but the really important saving you did was that rough summer working at Logan's. You would hold me when I was hurting, even though I know you were hurting just as much, if not more. I’m sure you didn’t’ wanna be around me because I was a reminder, but you never left my side. Your strength, unwavering faith, and unconditional love really saved me. God sent me angels. You, mom, Chase, Taylor, and Kelly. It wasn't easy for you- you probably wanted to punish me. But you didn't- you never closed your door. You were always there. I needed that. You and Grandpa gave me a blessing right after Phil and Lacey's sealing. I was a mess thinking about you returning to Texas in a few minutes and me being alone in Utah. When you exercised your priesthood, I felt God's love and knew He and you weren't leaving me alone- ever. And you were always a phone call, email, skype, etc. away- and I always knew Taylor would help me when you weren't physically there. This is what I am most grateful to you and mom for. Out of all the blessings, besides my mortal life- this is the greatest sacrifice and blessing. I know most parents can't deal with heartache like that while showing sincere support- you did and I needed that and love that. I'm sure I'll have some hellians and will remember your Christ-like love on how to be a heavenly parent.
These are all great examples. These are the biggest ones in my mind. But the little, funny, random sacrifices matter, too! Always working hard for Exxon. Always putting family first even when it wasn't what the culture, work environment, or world would do. It was great when you wrote Kids R Kids on my behalf and gave them the smack down. You have always given me the best health care and made my doctors' appointments a priority and never made me feel guilty or feel like a burden. You also stayed a couple nights in the swampy jungles of Malaysia during youth conference with me- no spare clothes, no toothbrush, no supplies! Once again- you put others before yourself. And the lessons I've learned in that youth conference are still with me. I'm glad I stayed- because of you. I can still remember Brother Tidwell's lesson about the galaxy, universe, number of stars, etc and yet how we all matter and we are  all individually and immeasurably important to our Father in Heaven.
I am now sealed to my sweetheart, happy with my schooling and life-experiences, and a blessed daughter of God with an amazing mortal father. Our relationship has helped me understand my relationship with God. Thanks for all you do- I am full of joy and in such a good place in my life because I was raised by an amazing, strong father in the full, true gospel of Jesus Christ! I love you, Dad!
Thanks for all your words, walks, family trips, hard working days, organized household, Sundays to church, and loving memories! You are the best dad and I am excited to see you be a grandfather as Chase steps into Dad role, too! The future is bright! I'm excited and grateful!
I love you!
This summer will be great: family reunion, Roosevelt, Mt. Timp, Fourth of July, etc! I love you! Thanks for all you do! Happy Father's Day!
Marissa Anderson
always and forever a Schroedter

Saturday, June 16, 2012

thank you's!

i'm sitting here watching Center Stage- i love this movie and all it reminds me of- watching this way back when! love it today like i did yesterday! also- i'm taking a small break that is much needed from writing all these thank you's! but i'm glad i'm almost done and getting them done- everyone deserves BIG thanks you's for all the presents and help for our wedding and marriage. it's a beautiful thing!
had a great time this morning play volleytensocpong with 3 different couples and the brother pair! it was way fun and i got kissed by the sun a little bit! i love tanning/burning season! audrey and alison are from the mission and married. it's fun having married friends!
i'm headed off to audrey's to play some mariokart- yes i'm excited, too! i'm missing chase at work but glad we get to spend tomorrow together at church and celebrating father's day with his dad! it's been a great weekend and school starts monday- so i'm glad for my FUN last days of no school!!

i'll miss spending time with millie most when school takes over. i'll see her some but not like i have this week! she is seriously such a doll! yesterday she got out all my cutting boards. stacked them on top of each other and then ran and slid on them- almost cracking her head open- on purpose- over and over again! she cracks me and chase up all the time! we love her.
also in other good news! chase and i BOTH got grants! yay FAFSA. it saves us a ton and helps us get on our feet with school, contribute to society, and be amazing! everything is falling into place and has been so relaxing!
i'm actually kinda scared for what school could do to my perfect health these days but it's gotta be done! school is almost over FOR REALS!!! it's at my fingertips and if i get through this oral french test this fall- i'm home free! ahhhh i'm stoked!!!

so much to look forward to these next couple weeks! father's day. family pool party. reagan's birthday party. manti pageant. family dinner in draper! family reunion!!!
oh and my parents will be here in less than two weeks!!! and i found these old pics of me and taryn and i'll be seeing her with the parents, grant, and cay! i'm excited! the fam reunion at zion's is gonna be epic!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a millie day

they are always the best days :) i got off work and went to pick up this angel!
today was chase's one day off work for this week! and we also got to enjoy it with millie :)
this was her lovin' on her babies
driving to seven peaks with precious cargo. the car was parked- don't worry or judge.  

we ran into friends :) i acted like millie was my baby- but jess called my bluff. jessica was my paris roommate! she's graduated now with her masters in accounting. yeah i'm on the fast forward track! congrats to jessie jess though! 

my little mirroring babe!

i love this neice of mine! a little mini-me!  

then it was off to the park! after a little sun-break, a diaper change, and some snacks at home! this was such a cute little park in this solitude nook!
she is getting quite good at smiling for the camera- this isn't an over-animated pose but she's becoming a serious photo glam girl! she has to be since she'll be a teenager in 2023. can you imagine what the world will be like then? help us all! and millie!

she is a little adventurer and entertains herself! what a good kid!

we had the whole park to ourselves with no one for miles around. gives me the time to try to finish this book i've been on for months! i have paused and read others in between because it's been slow.  alice i have been - it's good but takin' me forever. well it's kinda good. it's really weird and the jury is still out about it. i'm gonna wait till the very, final end to decide my opinion.  

this is millie's "oh no the air conditioning vent just made a weird noise when it turned on! i'm scared." face. and then she screams "owwwwwie! owwwwwie!!!" and starts pointing at a random body part- like the vent electrocuted it! hahahaha. it's hilarious. she is scared everytime and it's happend about 40 times to her over the past month! it's like she rediscovers the horror of the a/c everytime! hahahaha. she's so animated. just like her favorite auntie :)

millie fell asleep like an angel- we handed off to her real dad and not her mock-parents that we pretend to be! 
and that gave us some time to play tennis! i love the late summer nights and how light it stays outside! 
and i love how utah gets cooler and so pleasant in the evenings! 
it was an intense rally of sets! 7-5! it was always neck and neck! chase won!! i can't believe we (me specifically) didn't morph into a horrible sour puss of a bad sport loser.  
we had such a great time, we were very competitive, but we still finished with happy kiss over the net! we found our summer hobby. we're gonna make sure it sticks for a couple months before we invest more money on fancy tennis equipment.  

alright- what  day we've had today! i am content now- lying next to chase, watching gilmore girls, and folding laundry in between loads!

summer snapshots!

just some pics to recap this fun summer we're having. yes, my summer term does start monday- but i still have this week!!

i was taken aback! this was in the bed of a police truck. i thought the policeman went hunting but chase had a more plausible explanation- aka it was roadkill he cleaned up! if you can't tell what it is- zoom in please. dead dear. good thing i had my phone handy while driving!

going to a late night show of snow white and the huntsman. haven't been to the movies in forever. and i was very impressed! loved the quality and quantity. idk if that makes sense.

yes with some tsquare sisters. bryers (visiting all the way from melbourne, australia!!!) and crandell (no longer crandell but mckenna)! volltennsocpong! it's amazing. byu club of it coming soon!

yes, we are a family. we have fhe. and we follow these cartoon versions of ourselves on how to follow through with the night! notice the physical qualities i tried to emphasize. 
chase: prominent brow, piercing blue eyes, frazzled hair, big white teeth!!!! 
me: big cheeks, round face, big bottom lip, impeccable eyebrows. 
yes, i did put that much thought into our replicas!

having a fun day with nathan and ciara! seven peaks!! having a pass of all pass is the best! and getting it for 19.99 in january is the best. i will continue this new anderson tradition!! this day was the best. and we found this cute little drive up diner called Ripples (i think) off Canyon Rd in the middle of a neighborhood in Provo. good price. delicious food! what a find!

we also watched a good, new scary movie. played volltennsocpong. went to ihop. and had a blast!

back in the swing of things at work is nice! i love that i have the morning shift and it makes me up and productive at a decent hour! i love those i work with, what i do, and being surrounded by byu football :)

a little father's day preparation for lance at color-me-mine with my fav brunsons! minus the "s" aka reagan. i get to pick up my final product tomorrow!! OH OH OH and my wedding dress is done getting cleaned tomorrow from the dry cleaners!! thanks, kelly! (for the pottery not the dress)

having some free food at the chuck-a-grandma or upchuck-a-rama (aka apparantely this is what co-workers say) is a nice summer treat! i have an in: i know their leader.

yes i did finish changing all my names the first week i was back :) but now it's  all finally come in the mail.

and back in provo with this beauty is a big plus! oh i love summer. 
summers in utah really are so delightful!

Friday, June 1, 2012

that creepy girl next door

last night, i had a weird idea. i was watching punk'd yesterday and it put me in a teasing mood. audrey the new mckenna dropped me off back home (we realized bother our husbands work till 10 or 11 at night! perfect! it was so great chatting about our weddings and playing the xbox kinect) and anyways chase was about to get home.... or so i thought...... so i hopped up in our tree in our front yard at 9:55 pm anticipating his arrival! i was going to scare the tarnation outta him! 
two things i did not anticipate
1. our house is right in front of the whole street's communal mailbox. well it was awkward when one person walked up to the mailbox and i'm monkeying around right above him. if he woulda looked slightly above eye level- i woulda scared him to death (not half to death but to death. how would i have explained this awkward situation? i wanted to clear my throat or make myself known somehow in case he did see me- you know beat him to the punch... but instead i just took my chances that he wouldn't notice me.) i didn't want our reputation in the neighborhood to be the weird girl in the tree...... luckily- he never looked up. and i purposefully tried not to look at him because i'm a firm believer that people can sense when other people are looking at them. so that was a close call. and then 10 minutes later (yes i was in the tree that long) another man drove up to the mailbox, got out, read every piece of mail (not even joking), then finally got back in his car. i was about to have an anxiety attack! i was hoping chase wouldn't come home when these people were so close by at the mailbox- i'd be too sheepish to scare him with them being onlookers and have wasted my whole time waiting in this dang tree. luckily- they left and were none the wiser. and chase still didn't show up for some time.
2. the second thing i didn't anticipate....... chase didn't come home at his usual 10:00-10:05..... he came home at 10:26!!!! i was in that tree for THIRTY-ONE minutes!!! mother of pearl! i had no shoes on and my feet were really starting to hurt from the bark after all that time. but it was worth it! chase doesn't have a high pitched girlie scream in this video.... but he said i got him good!!! you can always count on me to keep it youthful and spicy!
my view for 30 minutes. a pretty full moon though!


oh yes.... earlier that same day....  which was yesterday..... chase went out to go get the mail and when he came back he couldn't find me. he knew i was hiding. he looked all over. finally i had to make little noises for him to find me. then i was stuck for a good 3 minutes of him trying to unwedge me! 
i'm so random it's becoming predictable! 
sometimes we are so weird (yes believe it or not... it's not JUST me who is weird) that i'm so grateful we found each other and we keep most of our weirdness within the walls of our home.... and on my blog sometimes. hahaha. have a weird day!