Tuesday, June 19, 2012

car troubles

This is a lovely picture of a cop car parked behind me. He had just turned his lights off.... but yes. We got pulled over Sunday night. I had four people (one too many) of the andersons in a three person area in the backseat. We had just emerged from a haunted house (so I'm sure that is violation #1: trespassing) and why did the cop pull us over in the middle of a dirt road right beside the state prison? because Chase had forgotten to turn the headlights on. The suzuki automatically has lights on all the time (so it's easy to forget to fully turn the lights on at night). i'm grateful he just pulled us over to say that but..... let's be honest: this po-po ain't very good at his job. he saw us trespassing at a haunted house ( well everyone trespassing minus me- i stayed in the car because i wasn't in the mood to pee my pantoloons and be freaked out. this haunted place was legit) and the cop must have seen that not everyone had their own seat-belt..... yet he reminded us of the lights and let us free. well i count my blessings for others' ignorance!

chase got this lovely treasure for outside our front steps..... from the haunted house. 
that's nice. and ghetto! adds some spice to our already prestigious neighborhood! hahaha

it's been such a great week so far! even if we got a fun surprise monday morning at 7:30 AM getting in the car to take me to work- our battery was dead. that was a surprise! but it's fixed and brand new now! 
i've been exhausted  this week because we stayed up late sunday night and last night WITH starting school. not time for naps! but my classes are amazing this semester. a business marketing class and a french civilization 1715-present history class! they seem interesting and the teachers are funny!! 
i love being busy and being sore from being so active! i love summer! i always get a little more tone and feel a little more healthy! volleytensocpong is a big hit and teaching it to the anderson clan on father's day was a hoot. chad and dave picked it up especially quick! we love introducing this game to everyone we know! perhaps we shall get crazy tonight with a game tonight avec laur and dall since it's wayyyyy too cold to do the raging waters thing today. the only day it's under 90 degrees this whole week is the day we are available to go. classic! 61 degrees right now outside. it's nice but inconvenient :)
last night was so amazing (sans pictures- crap! just too busy partying and therefore my phone was left behind)! it was a rave at my aunt jeanna and uncle steve's house! a big ross family get together! the best was tether-ball, ping pong, and playing with millie in the pool!! it's just fun being together as family, big laughs, and having a blast!

this pic added later. thanks via laur's phone!!!

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