Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a millie day

they are always the best days :) i got off work and went to pick up this angel!
today was chase's one day off work for this week! and we also got to enjoy it with millie :)
this was her lovin' on her babies
driving to seven peaks with precious cargo. the car was parked- don't worry or judge.  

we ran into friends :) i acted like millie was my baby- but jess called my bluff. jessica was my paris roommate! she's graduated now with her masters in accounting. yeah i'm on the fast forward track! congrats to jessie jess though! 

my little mirroring babe!

i love this neice of mine! a little mini-me!  

then it was off to the park! after a little sun-break, a diaper change, and some snacks at home! this was such a cute little park in this solitude nook!
she is getting quite good at smiling for the camera- this isn't an over-animated pose but she's becoming a serious photo glam girl! she has to be since she'll be a teenager in 2023. can you imagine what the world will be like then? help us all! and millie!

she is a little adventurer and entertains herself! what a good kid!

we had the whole park to ourselves with no one for miles around. gives me the time to try to finish this book i've been on for months! i have paused and read others in between because it's been slow.  alice i have been - it's good but takin' me forever. well it's kinda good. it's really weird and the jury is still out about it. i'm gonna wait till the very, final end to decide my opinion.  

this is millie's "oh no the air conditioning vent just made a weird noise when it turned on! i'm scared." face. and then she screams "owwwwwie! owwwwwie!!!" and starts pointing at a random body part- like the vent electrocuted it! hahahaha. it's hilarious. she is scared everytime and it's happend about 40 times to her over the past month! it's like she rediscovers the horror of the a/c everytime! hahahaha. she's so animated. just like her favorite auntie :)

millie fell asleep like an angel- we handed off to her real dad and not her mock-parents that we pretend to be! 
and that gave us some time to play tennis! i love the late summer nights and how light it stays outside! 
and i love how utah gets cooler and so pleasant in the evenings! 
it was an intense rally of sets! 7-5! it was always neck and neck! chase won!! i can't believe we (me specifically) didn't morph into a horrible sour puss of a bad sport loser.  
we had such a great time, we were very competitive, but we still finished with happy kiss over the net! we found our summer hobby. we're gonna make sure it sticks for a couple months before we invest more money on fancy tennis equipment.  

alright- what  day we've had today! i am content now- lying next to chase, watching gilmore girls, and folding laundry in between loads!

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