Sunday, June 17, 2012


Today is a great reminder! I love holidays because they help remind the whole world of so much: Christ, freedom, mother's, father's, sweethearts, soldiers, your country, little irish men, and scary candy eaters!! And today is the great Father's day!
I have a great dad!
Today in Relief Society we were learning about how to share the gospel enthusiastically and i was reminded of a great story I heard in a letter from the parents while I was on the mish. My dad (and parents and family) has always been so amazing at missionary work. Implementing people into our family prayer, scripture study, game nights, gospel discussions, and service projects! Well my mom (my dad picked a good woman) had a good idea! When Tay had just left the MTC and I was just entering the MTC, my parents threw a little neighborhood party. It was to do their part for missionary work! Of course parents ask other parents about their kids! Well where were my parents kids? what a GREAT "in" for the gospel to be discussed! and it was an amazing effort by the parents! There are reprecussions and now people know religion is up for discussion in their col-de-sac :) I love remembering memories like this! I was so touched when they wrote that to me on my mission and I'm feeling that grattitude again! The gospel is so amazing and we love it! That's the greatest thing my dad has blessed me with- a strong foundation in our Savior!

so I got an easy pass this year of getting something for my dad! I knew he'd want some wedding pics! one for his office and one for the house :) parfait!! and it got there in the mail on time! what a triumph!

and here is an attachment of the VERY personal letter i wrote my dad. if you don't want tmi- scroll past it quickly! i was inspired to write my dad all the personal sacrifices I am grateful he has made for me! What a superstar!

June 12, 2012
Dear Dad,
Today is Father's day for 2012. A little over a month ago I got married to a man who will be a great father, husband, and best friend, just as you have shown me a man can be- p.s. I am not pregnant. Take it easy!
I feel so blessed to be surrounded by great men! Thank you for raising me in a home that is sealed, has Christ as the center of our home, and always supported and taught me how to return to my Heavenly Father. The atonement of Jesus Christ and the plan of happiness are the two best things I have learned in the walls of our home! They helped me on my mission- they are the greatest gifts of knowledge that have been restored- in my humble opinion! Thank you for supporting me to go on a mission and especially in supporting and helping me when I returned!!!
I was thinking the other day of all the ways you've sacrificed for me specifically. You have done unlimited, impossible-to-count sacrifices for our family. And now, I want to share some of the sacrifices you have made just for me as your daughter . These are some sacrifices that I am so grateful for, will never forget, and can credit to for shaping me into who I am.
The first one that comes to mind is you moving to Texas before my senior year by your lonesome. You moved ahead so that I didn't have to be the new kid in a new high school again. You did it so I wouldn't have to go to a different high school than Taylor. You did it so I could have my varsity soccer season. You did it because you prayed about it. You did it because you are humble. Thank you so much for that, Dad. It helped me a lot. Helped me find closure, helped me graduate and work full-time some before BYU, helped me mature, helped me enjoy Texas, and helped me try to be more selfless, like you! All the repercussions of you as a valiant Father cannot be known in this life; but I've seen some pretty great ones already!
I was also thinking of the two times you saved my life- well the two times that come to mind. One, when we were in Hawaii and I was the only brave soul to jump in that watering-hole aka it connected to the ocean by an underground tunnel. The tide went out and I was scrambling to stay above water, not be pulled out to sea, and not be smashed against the cliffed-edge. You didn't hesitate. You jumped in and thought only of saving your precious daughter. The other life-saving event: when we went to the Uintah Basin on my 16th birthday. I didn't want Colby to be the guinea pig, so I decided to walk over the river across the slippery log first. Bad idea. I slipped into the river. I got caught under another log and my nostril was also caught on a branch! Attractive! Once again- in the process of drowning, you saved me. Classic!
These two stories of saving me are great but the really important saving you did was that rough summer working at Logan's. You would hold me when I was hurting, even though I know you were hurting just as much, if not more. I’m sure you didn’t’ wanna be around me because I was a reminder, but you never left my side. Your strength, unwavering faith, and unconditional love really saved me. God sent me angels. You, mom, Chase, Taylor, and Kelly. It wasn't easy for you- you probably wanted to punish me. But you didn't- you never closed your door. You were always there. I needed that. You and Grandpa gave me a blessing right after Phil and Lacey's sealing. I was a mess thinking about you returning to Texas in a few minutes and me being alone in Utah. When you exercised your priesthood, I felt God's love and knew He and you weren't leaving me alone- ever. And you were always a phone call, email, skype, etc. away- and I always knew Taylor would help me when you weren't physically there. This is what I am most grateful to you and mom for. Out of all the blessings, besides my mortal life- this is the greatest sacrifice and blessing. I know most parents can't deal with heartache like that while showing sincere support- you did and I needed that and love that. I'm sure I'll have some hellians and will remember your Christ-like love on how to be a heavenly parent.
These are all great examples. These are the biggest ones in my mind. But the little, funny, random sacrifices matter, too! Always working hard for Exxon. Always putting family first even when it wasn't what the culture, work environment, or world would do. It was great when you wrote Kids R Kids on my behalf and gave them the smack down. You have always given me the best health care and made my doctors' appointments a priority and never made me feel guilty or feel like a burden. You also stayed a couple nights in the swampy jungles of Malaysia during youth conference with me- no spare clothes, no toothbrush, no supplies! Once again- you put others before yourself. And the lessons I've learned in that youth conference are still with me. I'm glad I stayed- because of you. I can still remember Brother Tidwell's lesson about the galaxy, universe, number of stars, etc and yet how we all matter and we are  all individually and immeasurably important to our Father in Heaven.
I am now sealed to my sweetheart, happy with my schooling and life-experiences, and a blessed daughter of God with an amazing mortal father. Our relationship has helped me understand my relationship with God. Thanks for all you do- I am full of joy and in such a good place in my life because I was raised by an amazing, strong father in the full, true gospel of Jesus Christ! I love you, Dad!
Thanks for all your words, walks, family trips, hard working days, organized household, Sundays to church, and loving memories! You are the best dad and I am excited to see you be a grandfather as Chase steps into Dad role, too! The future is bright! I'm excited and grateful!
I love you!
This summer will be great: family reunion, Roosevelt, Mt. Timp, Fourth of July, etc! I love you! Thanks for all you do! Happy Father's Day!
Marissa Anderson
always and forever a Schroedter

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