Tuesday, June 12, 2012

summer snapshots!

just some pics to recap this fun summer we're having. yes, my summer term does start monday- but i still have this week!!

i was taken aback! this was in the bed of a police truck. i thought the policeman went hunting but chase had a more plausible explanation- aka it was roadkill he cleaned up! if you can't tell what it is- zoom in please. dead dear. good thing i had my phone handy while driving!

going to a late night show of snow white and the huntsman. haven't been to the movies in forever. and i was very impressed! loved the quality and quantity. idk if that makes sense.

yes with some tsquare sisters. bryers (visiting all the way from melbourne, australia!!!) and crandell (no longer crandell but mckenna)! volltennsocpong! it's amazing. byu club of it coming soon!

yes, we are a family. we have fhe. and we follow these cartoon versions of ourselves on how to follow through with the night! notice the physical qualities i tried to emphasize. 
chase: prominent brow, piercing blue eyes, frazzled hair, big white teeth!!!! 
me: big cheeks, round face, big bottom lip, impeccable eyebrows. 
yes, i did put that much thought into our replicas!

having a fun day with nathan and ciara! seven peaks!! having a pass of all pass is the best! and getting it for 19.99 in january is the best. i will continue this new anderson tradition!! this day was the best. and we found this cute little drive up diner called Ripples (i think) off Canyon Rd in the middle of a neighborhood in Provo. good price. delicious food! what a find!

we also watched a good, new scary movie. played volltennsocpong. went to ihop. and had a blast!

back in the swing of things at work is nice! i love that i have the morning shift and it makes me up and productive at a decent hour! i love those i work with, what i do, and being surrounded by byu football :)

a little father's day preparation for lance at color-me-mine with my fav brunsons! minus the "s" aka reagan. i get to pick up my final product tomorrow!! OH OH OH and my wedding dress is done getting cleaned tomorrow from the dry cleaners!! thanks, kelly! (for the pottery not the dress)

having some free food at the chuck-a-grandma or upchuck-a-rama (aka apparantely this is what co-workers say) is a nice summer treat! i have an in: i know their leader.

yes i did finish changing all my names the first week i was back :) but now it's  all finally come in the mail.

and back in provo with this beauty is a big plus! oh i love summer. 
summers in utah really are so delightful!

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