Saturday, June 16, 2012

thank you's!

i'm sitting here watching Center Stage- i love this movie and all it reminds me of- watching this way back when! love it today like i did yesterday! also- i'm taking a small break that is much needed from writing all these thank you's! but i'm glad i'm almost done and getting them done- everyone deserves BIG thanks you's for all the presents and help for our wedding and marriage. it's a beautiful thing!
had a great time this morning play volleytensocpong with 3 different couples and the brother pair! it was way fun and i got kissed by the sun a little bit! i love tanning/burning season! audrey and alison are from the mission and married. it's fun having married friends!
i'm headed off to audrey's to play some mariokart- yes i'm excited, too! i'm missing chase at work but glad we get to spend tomorrow together at church and celebrating father's day with his dad! it's been a great weekend and school starts monday- so i'm glad for my FUN last days of no school!!

i'll miss spending time with millie most when school takes over. i'll see her some but not like i have this week! she is seriously such a doll! yesterday she got out all my cutting boards. stacked them on top of each other and then ran and slid on them- almost cracking her head open- on purpose- over and over again! she cracks me and chase up all the time! we love her.
also in other good news! chase and i BOTH got grants! yay FAFSA. it saves us a ton and helps us get on our feet with school, contribute to society, and be amazing! everything is falling into place and has been so relaxing!
i'm actually kinda scared for what school could do to my perfect health these days but it's gotta be done! school is almost over FOR REALS!!! it's at my fingertips and if i get through this oral french test this fall- i'm home free! ahhhh i'm stoked!!!

so much to look forward to these next couple weeks! father's day. family pool party. reagan's birthday party. manti pageant. family dinner in draper! family reunion!!!
oh and my parents will be here in less than two weeks!!! and i found these old pics of me and taryn and i'll be seeing her with the parents, grant, and cay! i'm excited! the fam reunion at zion's is gonna be epic!

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